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Toughest question of our times is how to maintain world order and is it possible at all? The kind of turmoil,middle east is in,Syrian crisis,emergence of ISIS and the controversial role of US,Russia,Europe in all this mess.

Currently more than 1 million refugees from Syrian and Iraq crisis are entering Europe and U.S and how they will be accommodated,that is a big issue,because there are differences within these countries about allowing them to enter.Right wing political parties and their followers are deadly against allowing them to enter in these countries.But on the other side are liberal,secular,democratic sections who want to help these refugees whole heartedly.So there is a war like situation all over the world.Overall the west is secular and secularism is accepted all over the world,as a way of life. politically There is a right wing strategy to target muslims as disturbing elements.Terrorism is cited as the cause for not allowing muslims to enter in their countries.ISIS is the result of communal right wing politicians who discriminate on the basis of religion.There is poverty and misery all over the world which is not addressed properly by these right wing politicians because of which unemloyment and poverty is more among muslim youth,which is being exploited by ISIS.Those who are claiming that they will destroy ISIS completely may be heading for a big confrontation,because now muslim countries also possess nuclear weapons.China has emerged as an Asian super power and it seems that,China is inclined towards muslim nations.Money wise also muslim nations have an edge over Europe and America.India’s present regime is consisted of RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal which are hard core right wing organizations and their anti muslim stand is well known all over the world.So now one side is U.S,Europe,India,Japan and other side is China,Russia,Iran,Pakistan and entire sunni section of middle east.Although there are differences between Saudi Arab and Iran about their Sunni and Shia beliefs but ultimately both are followers of quran and for the larger cause,they will consider west as their enemy.Fundamentalism prevails among muslims,hindus,christians,Buddhists everywhere and organized religion is the cause of this.Organized religion depends upon money,status,force and all want to be superior than the other.So a confrontation seems to be inevitable among the militant right wing sections of these various religions,to establish superiority and we are heading for a big war among various organized religions.The famous philosopher Hagel wrote about Dialectic which was about war between two countries,but now what we are going to see is something like Multilectic.

The western capitalist system provided a luxurious lifestyle to europeans and americans after the two world wars.But living a rich comfortable life brings an added responsibility that the other poorer sections of the world are also human beings and deserve the same comforts and if they dont get them then there is going to be chaos in the world.So now we can say that America and Europe failed to take care of the poverty of the world and the result of which we are witnessing today.Modern terrorism is the result of failure of capitalism to address the issues of poverty.China’s leaders had been addressing these issues in front of the world but America the super power had been ignoring these warnings.American films are full with romanticism and heroism which solve the problems in the film only.In reality romanticism does not solve the problems of the world.Philosophers have already written about the fascist nature of romanticism.So China seems to be more grounded to earth.China and Russia now represent the poorer section of the world and America and Europe represent the richer section.Europe is failing economically,militarily.It is not the super power as it was during world war.China has emerged as the super power of Asia and can pose a serious challenge to America in case of a world war.And we are heading towards a war between poors and rich,and poors have to win this war if poverty is to go from the world.Muslim nations are drifting from America day by day and they have started suspecting the intentions of America.America calls all these sections militants or terrorists,but the fact is that wrong policies of America in Iraq and Syria are responsible for so much violence in middle east.America has failed in middle east due to its right wing politicians communal agenda.Now they have to pay for it.When one is ethically wrong then however mighty it may be it can’t defeat the truth.Ultimately truth will prevail and the truth is that poverty and miseries have to go from the world.All human beings have to enjoy the basic amenities like a home,food,clothing and if they don’t get them then there is something terribly wrong with the world order,which has to be corrected by force.

I was reading a book titled”World Order” written by Henry Kissinger the ex secretary of state during American President Richard Nixon.When we read an American book then America is the hero of that book and all other countries are fringe elements,and the same is with this book also.China is given some prominence,but the central power is America and its contribution to the world order or we can say Disorder.Actually it is more of a disorder and responsibility lies with America for this disorder.The book only glorifies the American presidents for their efforts to bring world order.Poverty is never mentioned as the main reason for so much disturbances in the world.Africa has no reference in the entire book.So it is quite clear that Mr Kissinger lives in his own make believe world in which America is central and oil rich middle east,Europe,China,Russia are mentioned,and wars are mentioned in detail,and how America fought these wars.How to fight the poverty of the world Mr Kissinger?You have never thought over this it seems.Third world war is about poverty versus riches and the rich will be defeated and poor will win.If humanity has to survive then all humans have to be at par.There can’t be any difference among them.Differences are man made and they have to go.There is poverty and misery in Africa,South America,India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Srilanka and many countries and it has to go.United Nations pays only lip sympathy to poverty of these nations.World Bank,IMF have not been able to raise the living standards of poor.So this can not continue for ever.If war is the solution then let it be,but poverty has to go.

Iran has stated that ‘West is their enemy and nothing good they are expecting from west for themselves’and Mr Hassan Rouhani has praised China for being sympathetic to them.I thought America is a better secular democratic nation than other democracies of the world,when Barack Obama was elected as president for two consecutive terms,but things are back to square one again.Blacks are not liked again,as we have seen in recent Oscar nominations that not a single black is nominated for oscars.Blacks have contributed so much in American music and films but it seems they have all forgotten now and it is only white world existing in Hollywood at the moment.All muslims,sikhs are suspected as terrorists.The picture is very bad all over the world and the world order is in total shambles.Every country is talking about crushing terrorism,but nobody is ready to talk about the root cause of terrorism and lack of humanity among all of us.How intolerance can be eliminated with intolerance.This is absurd.If we apply brute force to crush dissent then dissent is going to increase further.
American president Abraham Lincoln was deadly against slavery and differences between blacks and whites.He fought for equality of blacks and whites,but today America is again influenced by right wing politicians.All over the world,this picture is visible that there is a right wing section with extreme views of maintaining old traditions of white supremacy and bent to suppress dissent of poors,blacks,muslims,resulting in a war like situation.China is clearly not with America in this tussle although chinese are white people but because of their faith in marxist philosophy and Buddhism they don’t discriminate between human beings whether they are black or white,rich or poor,muslim or christian.

The west is under threat,and its end will impact India as well,Anne Applebaum,Washington Post columnist on foreign affairs and Pulitzer prize winning author raised this issue recently in an article.”Is this the end of the West as we know it?”Her article is being widely debated and argued that the liberal world order sustained on western military alliances and shared values is under severe threat.She said that west is two or three elections away from the end of the liberal world order,with the possibility of Donald Trump’s victory in the US polls,the likelihood of Britain’s exit from the European union and Marie Le Pen’s victory in the 2017 elections in France.Marie Le Pen has promised to leave both EU and the NATO,and opposes free trade and supports protectionism.It sounds like a doomsday scenario.If the US withdraws and becomes more isolationalist,then there will be no block on Chinese domination of Southeast Asia.Nepal was a 100% Hindu Rashtra ruled by Hindu kings till very recently,but today the scenario is changed altogether and there is total Chinese domination and leftists are having a major say in political affairs of Nepal.So China and Pakistan together can definitely influence the affairs of India sooner than later.It is not just the US,right wing politics is on the rise across large parts of Europe and India as well.

So Anne Applebaum has proved right in forecsting Britain’s exit from the European union after the referendum results going in favour of exit by a magin of 4%.David Cameron,the prime minister of Britain who wanted to remain with EU,asked for referendum,miscalculating and confident that majority of Britain wants to be with EU,got the jolt of his life time and had to resign after his defeat in the referendum.The second hurdle in the way of the end of the liberal world,according to Ms Anne Applebaum is US polls and Donald Trump’s victory in the elections will clear that hurdle.Here also she is proving right,since the ongoing surveys of US polls are showing Donald Trump leading the campaign and is ahead of his democratic rival Ms Clinton.So the last hurdle is Marie Le Pen’s victory in the elections in France,and if she wins then she will leave EU as well as NATO.So the picture in America and Europe is quite gloomy and Ms Anne’s prophesies are coming true one by one.In such gloomy scenerio Chinese domination of south east Asia is a sure sort eventuality.As it is China has very good relations with Pakistan and recently when there were lot of killings in Kashmir by Indian forces during the funeral procession of a commander of Hizbul Mujahideen named Burhan Wani,China took note of the incident.That means China is keeping an eye on the border areas of India and Pakistan and if there is a flare up between the two countries then China will be at the side of Pakistan,there should not be even 1% doubt about it.And in such scenerio US and Europe are not going to take sides because of the new leaders who are not interested in a liberal world and want to confine themselves to their own individual interests only.So this end of the liberal world is going to prove costliest for India,such indications are crystal clear whether our leaders are taking note of it or not.

Kashmir is not at peace and there is curfew in many parts of valley from 53 days,which is a damn serious issue but the prime minister of India Mr Modi is not much bothered and is currently on a foreign trip as usual.So many lives are lost and much more are blinded by pellet guns by security forces.There was so much hue and cry by opposition parties in both the houses of Indian parliament during the monsoon session,to stop the use of pellet guns by security forces on citizens of Kashmir who are also Indians,but all these cries fell on deaf ears of Government and till now security forces are continuing to blind Kashmiri protesters and even non protesters with their bloody pellet guns.If there are protests in other parts of India then these very forces never use pellet guns on them then why on Kashmiris?And then blaming Pakistan for all the trouble which is actually the creation of our security forces and wrong advises of our defence ministry and central government,is actually a travesty of truth.Our foreign policy about Pakistan and border areas is lacking vision and wisdom.There was a terror attack in Pathankot and we suspected Pakistan’s hand in this attack then what was the need to invite Pakistan for a joint investigation of this attack?It was a foolish act by our agencies and defence ministry.Now our PrimeMinister himself is blaming Pakistan for human rights violation in POK and Baluchistan which is again a foolish act because if our own house is not in order then how can we blame others for similar acts.Specially now when China is building a CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) joining POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir),Baluchistan and Chinese border towns.It seems that our government was sleeping all along and suddenly woken up after disturbances in our Kashmir and now tryng to salvage the situation by desparate measures which can actually worsen the situation.The developments at our borders are such that they have the potential of disturbing the world order.China has already threatened us that if we have interfered in CPEC then confrontation may be in the offing.It is as volatile as middle east is currently and situation is getting out of our control.We can only hope for the best.

What is going on in Kashmir is dangerous.Seperatist leaders with whom our government was not ready to talk till yesterday,today are not ready to talk with anybody,neither with government nor with any opposition party,as if they are boldened by the protests of Kashmiris.Ofcourse Pakistan is behind them but if all the Kashmiris turn their back towards India and shout that they want Azadi then our bogey of shouting against Pakistan is futile.Kashmiris have to be with us if we want to justify our stand that Pakistan is behind all the trouble.We just can not join the right wing section of the world and sing the chorus of anti-muslim.That will not solve our problems.Kashmiris have to be taken into confidence otherwise the game is over.Even mosques are addressing the kashmiris for protesting against India and shouting for azadi from India.This has never happened before.The world has to be convinced that majority of Kashmiris are with us,otherwise nobody will take our side as far as human rights violations are concerned.Things are getting out of control very fast and China is also in now.There has to be an Indian leader whom Kashmiris can trust.There is a huge trust deficit,no doubt about it.

Swift developments are taking place in Jammu and Kashmir region of India.4 suicide bombers have entered Army Headquarters of Uri sector of our Kashmir and killed 18 soldiers and injured 25 soldiers on sunday morning,18/09/2016.Where was our Army,nobody knows.They entered inside army base,locked our soldiers from outside and thrown grenades on buildings and burnt our soldiers alive while they were sleeping inside.So flimsy but a true narrative of what happened.Now there is outrage in the country that we should attack Pakistan,as every time a terrorist attack is done,for a few days this euphoria is there,then things calm down till the next terrorist attack.Most vocal and dramatic is TV programme Newshour on TimesNow channel.It has become a laughing stuff and sort of an entertainment programme.Yesterday i heard them shouting menacingly,Arnab Goswami and Seshadri Chari saying Pakistan will be wiped out from the world map and they will not celebrate their next independence day.Too much of rhetorics,indicating that nothing is going to happen.They win the war in studio and go home and sleep.

Heard the speech of Nawaz Sharif,Prime Minister of Pakistan at UNGA(United Nations General Assembly)yesterday night,which was focused on Kashmir and he emphasised that there are human rights violations in kashmir and extrajudicious killings of women children and UN should interfere in the issue for self determintion rights given to Kashmiri people whether they want to live with India or not.United Nations is a dummy body which is good for nothing and they can’t help anybody.United states does not care for UN and whatever it has to do it does on its own without caring for UN.But our country is not US,although our leaders always claim that we are the super most country in the world.Nawaz Sharif now has become a hero for Pakistan after his speech.All Pakis are praising him that he so daringly raised the cause of Kashmir in UN,for his muslim brothers.He claimed Burhan Wani,a member of terrorist organization,Hizbul Mujahidin,as a martyr who was murdered by Indian forces.This approach may get sympathy among our side of Kashmir also since there is unrest in the region from 70 days and youngsters are sort of fighting a battle with police and BSF.our side is abusing Nawaz Sharif that why he has not talked about terrorist attack on our Army Headquarters in Uri Sector of Kashmir.Expecting this from Pakistan is sheer foolishness,how can we do that.He is not our person.Our Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy specially with regard to Pakistan is a total failure.He goes to Lahore unscheduled,shakes hand with Pak PM and believes that Paki PM is his friend now,which is nothing but a self deception.Far far away from truth.Unsteady approach of our PM is the cause of dangerous situation we are in today,when we are left with only option of a war with Pakistan.If we can’t attack Pak and teach them a lesson then we are losers and Pak is going to gain a lot.No doubt that China is in the picture,because it has invested 46 billion dollars in China Pak Economic Corridor(CPEC),and it will like to safeguard its developed areas if there is a flare up.So in a way we have to fight with Pak as well as China.

Our government looks confused over the issue of avenging Uri killings of our Army personnel by terrorists.Our Prime Minister’s all bravado against Pakistan is evaporated it seems.Mr Narendra Modi has taken a complete U turn as regards his Pakistan policy.He used to critisize the earstwhile Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for not attacking Pakistan whenever there was a terrorist attack on our soil.Now he is behaving like a frightened person making himself a laughing stuff for the public.Already he has earned the reputation of a liar because of non-fulfilment of several promises he made during the elections.Now after Uri attack by terrorists and even his ministers reacting so angrily that we must attack Pakistan,Narendra Modi’s address to Pakistan to join his fight with poverty is the cruelest joke anybody can think of.He is fast losing his reputation of a brave man who was boasting of his 56″ chest during election campaigns,and promising to finish terrorism,arrest Hafiz Sayeed and teaching pakistan lessons.Today he is talking hopelessly of reconciliation which will disappoint all including his blind bhakt followers.

Donald Trump has won the American Presidency against all opinion polls declaring him a sure loser.Finally America has shown its true colour,of being a greedy,racist,characterless nation.Today i refer Anne Applebaum,the Washington Post columnist again as she said sometime back that we are 2 or 3 elections away from the end of liberal west.First among these 2-3 was Brexit,the referendum in Britain to leave European Union,in which she proved right and Britain opted for seperating fron EU.Second of her requirements was Donal Trump’s victory in US,which is also fulfilled today.Trump is the President Of America now.Her third requirement for the end of western liberal world as we know it is Marie Le Pen’s victory in 2017 elections of France.So we are almost surely heading towards that situation when China is going to dominate Asia and may claim for Super Power status by challenging America.Americans rejecting blacks,muslims and even females,are literally asking for their downfall.So be it.China and Russia together can definitely play havoc with this weak America.So we have to wait and watch as the things unfold.World order is definitely in shambles after Donald Trump’s victory.Specially i see dangerous developments in our Indian side which is already facing a war like situation with Pakistan.Kashmir is still not normal after about 4 months of bloody disturbances.They are burning schools,soldiers are dying daily in cross border firing.More unrest and disturbance is in the offing,that much is sure.

First ‘Brexit’,then ‘Itexit’,the trend is continuing as if there is a an anti-muslim and right wing wave going on.Euro,European Union and consequently World Order is in shambles after voters decisively rejected constitutional changes in Italy.Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned after “The ‘no’ won in an incredibly clear way”.Next is France in line and there is going to be sure sort ‘Frexit’.So they can not hold Europe together,leave aside the world.Soviet Union already disintegrated,now Europe disintegrating,India still reeling under the monumental mismanagement and open loot and thugery of Modi government in the garb of ‘Demonetisation’.China helping Pakistan through CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor) and taking advantage of current Indian government’s anti-muslim and anti-pakistan image.China is clearly emerging as the next super power and savior of poors and muslims all over the world.United States is fast losing its super power status due to right wing trends in Europe and inside America due to which a characterless person like Donald Trump is President of US today,a shame for the world.Where we are heading from here,God only knows.

An executive order by Trump will suspend the entry of any immigrants from muslim majority countries Syria,Sudan,Somalia,Iraq,Iran,Libya and Yemen.
The star of Iran’s Oscar nominated movie”The Salesman” Taraneh Alidoosti slammed Trump’s proposed ban on immigrants from muslim nations.She said that she would not attend the Academy Awards ceremonny in Hollywood because Trump’s move was racist and in protest against this she will boycott the event.Politically also there is lot of tension between America and Iran,since Trump has again imposed economic sanctions on Iran and Iran does not care about America and considers China its ally.China is constantly increasing its defence and attacking capacities as if challenging America.China is in a way challenging the advent of right wing politics in west.Are we heading for third world war due to rise of right wing aggressiveness in the west?God only knows.

Now elections in France are due and Trump effect is clearly visible in the campaign.The tide of french voters for the National Front and its candidate Marine Le Pen is surely linked with upsurge for Trump which surprised even the Republican establishment.With the largest percentage of Muslims of all EU countries except Bulgaria,the prospect of another wave of Muslim newcomers,combined with an immediate threat of terror attack,has tipped public opinion against immigration.

The real political crux is that it is hard to find someone as different from Donald Trump as Marine Le Pen.The family business she inherited is a political party.While Trump admires entrepreneurs and business people,naming more billionaires to cabinet positions than any of his predecessors.Marine Le Pen instead,has an economic programme that seems a resurrection of the old 70s French Communist Platform with systematic opposition to bankers,Europe and any economic reform.Whatever superficial similarty there might be between the movements of Trump and Le Pen,their rise in power would produce very different results.But Right wing politics is on the rise,that is proved again with Le Pen’s popularity,although this is also a fact that all these Right Wingers are having policy differences and are not united.

French far right National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen cancelled a meeting with Lebanon’s grand mufti after refusing to wear a headscarf for the encounter.Le Pen is among the front runners for the presidency and is using this visit to bolster her foreign policy credentials nine weeks from the April 23 first round,and may be partly targeting potential Franco-Labanese votes.The cleric’s press office said Le Pen’s aids had been informed beforehand that a headscarf was required for the meeting and had been “surprised by her refusal”.

Coming back to US and world order,George Bush junior declared a “New World Order”after third Gulf war in which he finished entire family of Saddam Hussein including Saddam,destroyed Iraq,imposed a puppet Shia regime and announced a Bush Doctrine which said,”The 20th century ended with a single surviving model of human progress,based on non-negotiable demands of human dignity”.Chief among those demands was”the rule of law,limits on the power of the state,respect for women and private property,free speech,equal justice and religious tolerance”.The president emphasised that the requirements of freedom apply fully to all people everywhere,to include”the entire Islamic world”.So while committed to eliminating threats before they emerge,the United States was no less committed to enforcing the non negotiable demands of human dignity.Bush expressed confidence that preventive war to change the way they live was going to work to the benefit of all.

Among the many perverse effects of the American cult of the presidency is the conviction that the outcome of any presidential election signifies something profound.This notion persists even though the average american votes for candidate A over candidate B not because A looks to be the next Abraham lincoln but because B seemd to be lesser alternative.Certainly that was the case of Jr Bush reelection in the 2004 balloting.But Bush chose to interpret his reelection as a divine mandate.He committed the US to the “goal of ending tyranny in our world”.He said in his presidential inaugural address-

From the day of our founding,we have proclaimed that every man and woman on this earth has rights,dignity,and matchless value,because they bear the image of the maker of Heaven and earth.Across the generations we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government,because no one is fit to be a master,and no one deserves to be a slave.Advancing these details is the mission that created our Nation.It is the honourable achievement of our fathers.Now it is the urgent requirement of our nation’s security,and the calling of our time.

In reality,as the course of the festering war in Iraq had amply demonstrated,indulging the conceit that America is history’s chosen instrument of liberation is more likely to produce grief than glory.And it produced Al-Qaida and ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

To be sure,Bush’s second inaugural qualifies as a thoroughly American text,the president reiterating sentiments voiced by more than a few of his predecessors.Yet the speech also bears the unmistakable imprint of self indulgent fantasy,of sobriety overtaken by fanaticism.Bush’s expectations of ending tyranny by spreading American ideals mirrored Osama Bin Laden’s dream of establishing a new caliphate based on Islamic principles.When put to the test,the president’s vision of peace gained by waging preventive war had proven to be just as fanciful as Bin Laden’s and hardly less pernicious.As adversaries,truly they were made for each other.

In the autumn of 2015,no one could say with certainty how the fight with ISIS was going to turn out.But victory if achieved,was likely to come at the expense of Iraqis and Syrians.Iran was going to end up the beneficiary,with the United states ill positioned to do much more than protests.This Obama appeared to recognise even if his more bellicose critics did not.

Would defeating ISIS actually solve anything?No,since the conditions that gave rise to ISIS would still persist.It was like foreign drug cartels and the American epidemic of drug abuse and addiction.You can pretend that attacking the former will reduce the latter,but you are kidding yourself.

In Washington,one subject in particular remained off limits;the overall progress of the US military project in Islamic world.35 years after Carter issued the Carter Doctrine,that project appeared further removed from completion than when it had begun.By almost any measure,the region was in greater disarray than it had been in 1980.Not only were American purposes unfulfilled,they were becoming increasingly difficult to define with any sort of specificity.

“It’s a generational problem”,”It was the chaos caused by ‘loosely connected groups’ that run from’Afghanistan across the Arabian peninsula into Yemen to the Horn of Africa and into North and West Africa’.The fact was that the United States by 2015 found itself mired in something much nastier than simply another Gulf War.The problem was bigger than Iraq and extended far beyond the Gulf itself.

Worse still,the issues under dispute were beyond the merely political.It was not just about oil or territory or the perpetuation of some dynasty but about ideology and religion.Thwarting the network of groups,”most of which are local,some of which are regional,and some of which are global”,was going to entail a very long contest,General Dempsey told members of a senate committee in july 2015.How long?How much longer than it has already run?The general did not hazard a guess.No one had a clue.

First round of French Presidential polls is over and gave a pleasant surprise in the form of Emmanuel Macron a left of the centre candidate leading Marine Le Pen,the Right Wing candidate who wants Frexit and who does not believe in unity.This is a positive developement and opinion polls are predicting an easy victory for Macron in 7th May election between him and Marine Le Pen.It is a set back for Donald Trump also whose anti-muslim rhetorics are causing more disturbance in the world.The impression before French elections was that there is a Right Wing anti-muslim wave going on in the world and due to which Marine Le Pen also will win the French Presidency,but now it is clear that a wrong impression was being created by Pro-Trump anti-muslim lobby which is exposed with Emmanuel Macron’s lead and certainty of his becoming French President.Donald Trump’s headache is increasing more day by day with North Korea challenging him to nuke US if he dared to attack it.Trump said yesterday,28th April 2017,that a major,major conflict is possible with North Korea.China and Russia have cautioned Trump about the possible consequences of this conflict.Russia is already up in arms after US missile attack on Syria and throwing MOAB(Mother Of All Bombs) at Afghanistan,even threatened US that they possess FOAB(Father Of All Bombs).

Emmanuel Macron is the new President of France for 5 years.A liberal,who believes in inclusiveness,united Europe,follower of Fidel Castro,having leftist leanings,all these qualities of Macron are more than enough to upset Donald Trump,the American President,a Right Winger,muslim Hater,a disgrace for the world.Not lagging behind is Prime Minister of India,another Right Wing Nationalist,anti-muslim,sanghi,who has unleashed a campaign against muslims who are killed on flimsy reasons of eating beef or carrying beef.Narendra Modi has appointed a religious head of some Mathh who is known for his anti-muslim character,as the chief Minister of the biggest state,Uttar Pradesh.He has unleashed many religious fanatics against muslims and instructed them to shut their slaughter houses on flimsy reasons.Soon there is going to be a civil war like situation between hindus and muslims.The effect of this muslim hate atmosphere can be clearly seen in Kashmir where majority of muslims in the valley are now on the roads and pelting stones and opposing the presence of army tooth and nail.They are asking for liberation from Indian army as if they are forcibly occupied whereas the fact is that the Kashmir valley is an Indian territory,but due to Modi government’s anti-muslim activities,Kashmiris have developed this anti-hindu feeling.They need a healing touch from hindus,a feeling that we are their own bretheren,but till this anti-muslim Right Wing fanatic government of modi is there,that healing touch for muslims of valley is not possible at all.So the situation in the valley is quite grim and Pakistan is taking the advantage,since China has also come out openly in support of Kashmir and Pakistan.A situation for conflict is clearly developing in this region which is not good for the world order,specially knowing that all the countries involved are equipped with nuclear weapons.

China-India stand off from more than one month is a very serious issue threatning the world order.The stand off is due to Doklam which China claims as its own territory and asking India to remove its forces from there immediately as a precondition for a dialogue.India’s stand on the issue is not clear at all because all along our line was that it is Bhutan’s land and India has a treaty with Bhutan to protect it.China says that if Bhutan has any issue with China,it can directly talk to them and why India should interfere in this bilateral matter and if India did not stop it and remove its Army from Doklam then China can very well enter Pakistan Occupied or Indian Kashmir and interfere as well in that bilateral dispute.Now Sushma Swaraj,our foreign minister has further confused and complicated the matter by saying that China’s road construction in Doklam is a risk to our security.If that land is not ours then why should we give such statements.China is right in saying that if Doklam is Bhutan’s land then Bhutanese army should be there,not Indian Army,which can at the most back up Bhutanese army,but if not a single soldier of Bhutan is in the front then China’s objections look logical.In hindi they say”muddai sust gawah chust”,Bhutan is not saying a word from one month and we are confronting China which is nothing but asking for trouble.If the reason is that we want to project Modi as a bigger leader than Xi Ping in front of America and Europe,or in the eyes of Modi followers and RSS then the situation chosen by BJP is totally unconvincing and full with danger of wrath of China,a totally confrontational approach which is neither good for domestic consumption and nor good for international consumption.It is a foolish approach which gives liberty to a far bigger power to side with Pakistan and inflict lethal damages on us.A war like situation is prevailing on Indo-Pak-Chinese border which definitely threatens the world-order.

The stand off continues and getting more serious day by day.If we read Chinese news People’s Daily and Global Times then it seems there can be a war between China and India any time now.But if we watch Indian TV channels then it is only Modi Modi and internal politics.Personally i think Indian media not taking it seriously is foolishness.China has a scientific base and Mao-tse-Tung was a Marxist and Marxist philosophy has some scientific base which eminent philosopher Bertrand Russel also recognised,but Fascism has no scientific base and is based on the belief that only some particular races deserve to rule.India currently is passing through a phase when the ruling party is encouraging fascism.So in a way we are seeing a confrontation between Communism and fascism.China represents communism and India represents fascism.A sort of History repeating itself.20th century Germany was under Nazi regime of Hitler who is the hero of RSS,an organization currently behind the problems of India,which believes in Fascism and wants to drag India towards this inhuman,unscientific system.RSS backed BJP government confronting China,if looked in this context has dangerous consequences and like Germany if God wants India to get rid of Fascism then China has to be taken as seriously as Russia for Germany during the second world war.Russia played most important role in destroying Nazi Germany and Hitler and became a super power consequently.China is an Asian giant and wants to become a super power and has the capacity to achieve that.So what India has to do is improve itself taking inspiration from China,cooprating like a good Asian partner instead of confronting and challenging like Hitler which can bring destruction in Asia.Statistics say that China is a bigger power than India at present and we have to accept this fact.But God also has designs which we can’t understand,so we have to keep our fingers crossed and see the unfolding saga of Asia in coming days and months.Let us hope for the best.

Donald Trump threatens Kim-Jong Un of North Korea of Fire n Fury the world has never seen before if he dared to any misadventure in any part of America.Kim Jong does not seem to fear from this and retaliates verbally to hit with 4 nuclear headed ballistic missiles a few kilometrs from Guam an American territory.China cautions America to observe restraint.United Nations imposes economic sanctions on North Korea.North Korea angry and blames America for this and vows to retaliate with nuclear attack on America.Both Trump and Kim are war mongering and do not have a good image as leaders,so they are creatning a frightning atmosphere in the world and something dangerous can happen in the near future.World order is in jeopardy due to leaders like Modi,Trump,Kim Jon and either the people should remove these leaders from their respective countries or they should make themselves prepared for World War3.They have to make a choice and that too without wasting time.Nuclear weapons in the wrong hands are a most dangerous proposition and a threat to the world.

So Trump’s threat of fire and fury went in vain it seems,because North Korea has dared to launch a ballistic missile of 2700 KM range and flying over Japanese territory and falling in Japanese waters.This proves that North Korea neither cares for Trump nor the economic sanctions.Japan has reacted calling this action as”Unprecedented Threat”.Currently US,Japan and South Korea are consulting each other for a fitting punitive action against North Korea,but China and Russia are cautioning them to observe restraint because if they attacked North Korea then there may be a World War3 in the offing.China seems to be the beneficiary in all this scenario.North Korea will certainly react wildly if its nuclear facilities are attacked and it can damage American cities in retaliation.China and Russia have veto power in UN which they can use against US also if it is too unreasonable.America destroyed Iraq just because George Bush did not like Saddam Hussein and similar situation we are witnessing today between America and North Korea.Donald Trump does not like Kim-Jong Un and therefore he wants to destroy North Korea.Personal enemities are becoming the reason for destroying a nation.Therefore Russia’s suggestion to US is quite convincing but will Donald Trump heed it?That is a billion dollar question and we have to wait and watch for a while to know how Mr Trump will react.

There is no stopping of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un who has now successfully tested a hydrogen Bomb said to be much more powerful than Nuclear Bomb,so much so that there was an earth quake of 6.3 magnitude as a result of this test.This bomb can be loaded in a long range Ballistic missile,which is the next coarse of action by Kim,as per the North Korean news agencies.Donald Trump’s Fire n Fury which the world has never seen before is not visible now also.In fact Donald Trump himself is dumbstuck after the long range missile launch passing over Japan and immediately after that this successful Thermo-Nuclear test.He is not able to decide about which option on his table is suitable.Earlier he said dialogue is no more the option with this rogue nation.Now he is not saying anything at all.The tried and tested formulae of economic sanctions have failed like in Iraq.Now the next option is to attack and destroy North Korea like Iraq destroyed.But the danger here is South Korean population of millions adjoining North Korean boundary which will be endangered if North Korea hits them.Another problem is American population in Korean cities which is in tens of thousands which will have to be evacuated.So big dilemma for US,but North Korea has no such qualms.It can hit wherever it wants.So Mr Trump after raising the bar so much,is now not in a position to maintain that fury.This actually exposes Trump further and shows his inexperience in handling such dangerous issues.China and Russia are taking full advantage of the situation,and now we understand the reason behind Russia’s role in getting Donald Trump elected as POTUS.

Verbal duel between Donald Trump and Kim-Jong Un is continuing and it can be said that Kim is a clear cut winner in this.Trump’s speech in United Nations had reference to Kim as “Rocket Man”on a suicidal mission and America will destroy North Korea in defence to its allies also.Kim branded these threats of Trump as Dog Bark and that Trump due to his old age was mentally deranged.Kim has emerged as a bold young man who can challenge America,the super power so vigourously.Trump’s reputation is already in doldrums in his own country and it seems that Kim is very well aware of Trump’s position at home and is taking full advantage of the situation.Trump is a confused man who is sometimes blaming China,sometimes South Korea for Kim’s ambitions,but i think Russia is correctly assesing North Korea that they will eat grass but never abandon their thermo-nuclear ambitions.If United Nations is the world body to look after the affairs of all nations then who gave United States the rights to interfere in the affairs of other nations,specially when US itself posseses the deadliest weapons of mass destruction.US is fast losing the status of super power due to Donald Trump’s reputation and the hegmonist policies of the nation.

We thought George Bush junior was unfair and hegemonist when he attacked Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein and his family,and the action looked like a settling personal enmity rather than a just action for world order.Now Donald Trump wants to further disturb the world order by doing what even Bill Clinton and George Bush did not do fearing the backlash.He has declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.This is the height of idiocy and anti-muslim tirade and the result is for everyone to see,there are rocket attacks,missiles attacks and violent reactions.Even the biggest ally of US,Saudi Arabia has expressed its anger against Trump.It seems that World War3 is not far off now.Donald Trump is not able to handle the current issues of the world because of his inexperience and lack of sincerity,whether is is North Korea,Middle East or Russia.He knows only confrontation it seems and because of his old age he confronts wrongly most of the times.China is taking full advantage of Trump’s idiosyncrasies and acting like the new super power of the world. World order is definitely in shambles due to Trump’s idiotic moves.Already war is going on in the middle East and Russia has started preparing for the world war,North Korea is threatening to attack US,Japan with nuclear headed ICBM.What is this going on and where we are headed for? God only knows.

Turkey,an important European NATO ally is the new entrant in Middle East crisis,which is disturbing the world order more than any other region.Syria is using chemical weapons to eliminate the rebels,a Russian fighter jet downed and pilot killed by Al-Qaida,7 Turkish soldiers killed.So the war in middle east has escalated and Trump is threatening everybody from Russia to Iran to Turkey.As it is Trump’s relations with entire Europe are not at all harmonious.China is observing all this and criticizing America from time to time.Cold war has started again and America looks like a weaker side.Technology has advanced and it is available to all countries small or big,so taking pride and boasting about one’s strength like Trump is doing is over reacting and can have little or no impact over even North Korea.Money is also not a criteria to be proud of since China has more money today than America.China Russia Turkey Iran nexus can be Fatal for America,Trump has to understand this.If he does not understand then he will be made to understand which of course will disturb the world order,for which this time Trump will be held responsible in place of Hitler.

An 8 year old girl child kidnapped by hindu brahmins of Jammu region of India,held captive for many days inside the store of a hindu temple,drugged and gangraped by a purohit and policemen,then murdered,can there be anything more inhuman than this?This girl child is from muslim community and now hindus of the locality are up against the lawyers who want to book the culprits and get them punished.The hindu bar association wants to protect the rapist and murderer purohit.The same hindus who came out in support of Nirbhaya in large numbers are not interested to punish the rapists of this 8 year child.Modi government has miserably failed to give justice to muslims,dalits,farmers,students,poors.Upper caste rich and powerful hindus seem to be the only beneficiaries of this government.Election in India are in 2019 and largely people may not vote for the incumbent government but the torturous conduct of central government and the state governments ruled by BJP is playing havoc with the lives of ordinary persons which is unbearable for them.Those who are vocal opponents of Modi government are not feeling safe at all because they are attacked by Modi supporters.It is a very bad state of affairs.there is no rule of law.It is like a Jungle law,Powerful and mighty will eat the weak.This kind of regime is not good for world order.It is not good for even one day.Jammu and Kashmir region is a totally disturbed area today and this brutal rape and murder of an innocent muslim child will further alienate the muslims of Kashmir who are already alienated by army and police brutalities there.War clouds are hovering over in Syria,Israel,J&K which are capable of turning it into a full fledged World War3.

Donald Trump,POTUS,famous for his idiosyncrasies has done it again.He has cancelled the nuclear deal with Iran which was executed by Barack Obama,the earlier President of US.Europe has totally disliked this move of Trump.Not only this but Trump has proposed more economic sanctions against Iran.Attacks on Syria are increased by US and Israel both inspite of warning from Russia that these may lead to World War.The pretext is same which was used against Iraq by George Bush,that Syria is using chemical weapons against its own persons.Iraq was destroyed and now Syria is being destroyed.No inspectors have visited Syria and it is not verified whether Syria actually possesses these weapons.How long Iran and Russia will keep mum on these attacks on Syria and Palestinians?There will be retaliation and then China also will have to support Iran and Russia.With Europe disliking the cancellation of Nuclear deal with Iran,US is getting isolated day by day.Only England seems to be siding with US apart from Saudi Arab and other tiny Sunni Arab nations which are actually not a force to reckon with.So why is Trump showing so much muscles and pride to weaker nations,which may prove very costly to him now.He does not understand actually that today US is not the only super power of the world as was the case during Iraq destruction .

Now Benjamin Nethanyahu,Israeli head has threatened to kill Bashar Al Assad of Syria exactly in the same manner as George Bush threatened Saddam Hussein,ofcourse with the backing of Trump.Trump is threatening Iran and Israel threatening Syria as if Iran and Syria are plum cakes which US and Israel will eat and relish without any hindrance from other nations.UN is already objecting to US on its declaration of Jeruselam as Israel capital.Europe is objecting but US and Israel are pushing their agenda of finishing Palestinians by hook or crook.This is a very dangerous game they are playing endangering the world order.Today Syria,Palestine and Kashmir are the regions which can any time trigger a world war.Russia is well aware of this and so Putin has cautioned Russians to be well prepared and take care of the inevitable world war in the offing.

The signatories for Nuclear Deal between U.S and Iran are European Countries also but Donald Trump unilaterlly severd the deal without caring for Europe’s views which are clearly against Trump’s decision.Economic sanctions against Iran also are not liked by Europe.There is Economic War going on between China and America which is also a bad developement. Trump is almost acting like a dictator and coercing all nations to toe his line to severe economic relations with Iran.India is also pressed by America to severe economic ties with Iran and stop buying oil from Iran.Modi,the current PM of India has agreed to toe Trump’s line which is a very bad move because we are buying oil from Iran from long time.This way India will be completely isolated in Asia,since Hasan Rouhani,the president of Iran has made it clear that if India will not buy oil from Iran then Chabhar port project which currently India is doing,will be taken back from India and will be given to China.This can have dangerous consequences for India since China will succeed in circling India strategically.China is already helping SriLanka,Pakistan,BanglaDesh,Nepal in developing their infrastructure and port facilities and now Iran also in China’s Kitty will be a golden opportunity for China due to the blunders of Modi Regime.India will be in grave danger from China in such circumstances.China has territorial claims in our areas like Arunachal Pradesh,Laddakh etc and once China is convinced that India is much weaker then together with Pakistan it will force its claims on India which may be dangerous for world order and may be beneficial to China and Pakistan.

Iran has now threatened America and Israel that it will retaliate if attacked by the two countries.Economic sanctions on Iran are being strengthened by Trump and this will have its repercussions. This is not a uni-polar world now when US was the superpower and was doing whatever it wanted.Now China is challenging US and emerging as another superpower and Russia and Iran are clearly backing China as at par with America.So the world has become bipolar as during US and Soviet Union days.So US has to get used to this new bipolar world order and if Trump attempts some adventures in such situation,then these may prove costly for America.

Trump has threatened Saudi Arab that it can’t survive for 15 days if America removes it’s Army from Saudi Arab.This is high time muslims ,whether Sunni or Shia,should come together otherwise America will go on exploiting them,divide and rule is the policy of America.Iraq and Iran fought for 8 years with no result,and America strengthened Saddam Hussein,the then president of Iraq,just to fight with Iran.Once the Iran Iraq war was over,Saddam Hussein was useless for America and the entire world knows how Saddam Hussein and his entire family was brutally killed by America.So America is capable of finishing Saudi Arab or any other muslim nation individually.But if all muslim nations are united,including Saudi Arab and Iran,then America will find it difficult to challenge them.

A significant threat for world order in Asia is bitter relations between India and Pakistan,and the bone of contention is of course Kashmir.India alleges that Pakistan is breeding terrorism in Kashmir through terror outfits like Jaish-e-mohammed,Lashkar-e-taiba etc,and Pakistan’s stand is that there are human rights violations in the Kashmir valley by Indian Government and therefore Pakistan is duty bound to give moral support to their Kashmiri brotheren.On 14th february’19 there was a terrorist attack in Pulwama by a suicide bomber who rammed an explosive loaded vehicle in an army covoy of some 2500 CRPF personnel,resulting in an explosion of a bus full with CRPF personnel,killing 40 personnel instantly.In the valley this was an improvised kind of terror attack and Jaish-e-mohammed took the responsibility of this operation.The attack has outraged us Indians immensely and there was a cry for revenge from Pakistan.

As always Modi government has tried to politicize the situation.IAF went inside Pakistan border and bombed some areas in Balakot of Pakistan which naturally was an aggression of Pak territory for which Pak vowed to retaliate.Modi and Amit Shah instigated their followers to spread lies that India has killed 300 to 400 terrorists of JeM in the air strikes which Modi government has not been able to prove till today.International media which is more reliable than our Indian media never agreed to this much damage by Air Strikes.Now the families of martyrs of Pulwama also are questioning about the claim of modi government.Nobody believes about their claim of killing 300+ terrorists in Balakot,even our Airforce statement also defied this and said that they have no idea about the casualities in Balakot.So as usual this was also a white lie of Modi cabal to gain political advantage of the situation.

America sent inspectors in Iraq to search for WMD(weapons of mass destruction)and they could find none.That was the time when America was behind Iraq and Saddam Hussein and both were destroyed by America.Now America is behind Iran and wants to destroy it,so first to cripple Iran economically it imposed economic sanctions on Iran,pressurising countries for not buying oil from Iran.Now the news is that oil tankers and ships carrying oil passing from Strait of Hormuz are being destroyed by unknown forces and America is confidently saying that this is the handiwork of Iran,with the same confidence with which they used to claim that Iraq is possessing weapons of mass destruction.So America wants to destroy Iran,that is very clear,but will it succeed this time,because China has emerged as a super power now and challenging America now.China being an Asian super power has to see to it that no Asian country is harmed unduly and unfairly by western powers.So this is a direct confrontation between China and America now and if America will flex its muscles too much then it will have to challenge China backed by Russia.It is going to be hell for America this time.

America and Iran continue to confront each other.America was on the verge of attacking Iran and backed out at the last moment.Then British Navy seized oil tanker of Iran containing 2 million barrels of oil,considering the cost at 70 dollars/barrel,the total cost will amount to 140 million dollars,which is not a small amount.Donald Trump said that he backed out from attacking Iran because 150 Iranians would have died in that attack.Now he has connived with British Navy and seized their oil,which will kill thousands of Iranians.what is this madness.Iran is pushed to the wall and it has no option except to retaliate.Now Iran has threatened that if its oil tanker is not returned then it will not allow other oil tankers to pass from strait of Hormuz.So it is a war like situation in middle east waters and America is solely responsible for that.British Ambassador reacted over this situation and called Trump “incompetent” in his letters which angered Trump and now the news is that British envoy had to resign.World order is in shambles due to the idiosyncrasies of Donald Trump,which is objected by democrats and even some republican,because they do not want a war with Iran but Trump does not know anything else except to bully other nations and if they don’t toe then attack them.It is going to cost him heavily this time.

Now there are dangerous developments in India which threaten the world order.The government of India under the veil of secrecy cancelled the Amarnath yatra in the midway and asked all the yatris and other tourists staying in Kashmir to immediately leave the valley and return home.Two ex chief ministers Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah are arrested ,40000 CRPF personnel more are brought to valley,internet services in valley are stopped,curfew is imposed,as if entire Kashmir valley is under house arrest.No body knew why all these panicky moves were made,for two days,and suddenly a bombshell is thrown by Home Minister,Amit Shah in upper house at 11 AM yesterday,05/08/2019 that a bill is introduced which abrogates articles 370 and 35A about special status of Kashmir and J&K is bifurcated in two Union territories,one Jammu&Kashmir with Lt.Governor and a Vidhan Sabha,and second Ladakh with Lt.Governor and no vidhan sabha.This is dangerous move capable enough to disturb the word order,but BJP government backed by RSS and intoxicated with money and power could not use the mind and think about its fatal consequences.Pakistan has already reacted and said thay are totally with Kashmiris and do not accept this bill and are even ready for a war.Dangerous days ahead surely for both India and Pakistan,It is literally Modi vs Imran Khan,and an imminent war is in the offing which may turn out into a world war.China will no doubt back Pakistan and may grab some more territory of Ladakh.World order is in shambles surely.

Finally Imran Khan has convinced OIC(Organization Of Islamic Cooperation)to convene a meeting of its members and discuss excesses of Government of India on Kashmiris ,like cutting off their Internet connection from 5 months and deploying additional forces and arresting leaders of all political parties except BJP.If OIC passes a resolution against India,then this will be a serious set back for our foreign policy.Situation in Kashmir is very bad and China has already declared that in the eventuality of a war between India and Pakistan,China will side with Pakistan undoubtedly.

Another serious development which threatens the world order is at the border area of Iraq and Syria.US airstrikes against a pro-Iran group called Kataib Hezbollah Militia,which hit three locations in Iraq and two in neigh-boring Syria,killed 25 and wounded 51,including commanders and fighters,and the toll could yet rise.This has triggered anger in Iraq caught up in mounting tension between Tehran and Washington.Thousands of Iraqi and Iranian Shiites  have gathered around US embassy in Iraq and smashed the windows and doors of the embassy and gate crashed inside.American staff was seen fleeing from the embassy.Iran and Iraq are calling for Americans to withdraw from Iraq.

The American presence has become a burden for the Iraqi state and a source of threat against our forces,said Lebanese Shiite outfit Hezbollah which is separate from the targeted faction Kataib Hezbollah.This is a dangerous situation which can escalate the already going on conflict in the region.

There are very serious further developments in Iraq lately,senior Iranian commander Qasim Soleimani and Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis are killed in American air strike on a convoy in Baghdad airport. Iran has vowed to take severe revenge.Mourning of 3 days have been announced in Iran.Funeral procession of commander Soleimani will be taken out in Iran as well as Iraq.He was revered in both the countries as a hero,since he finished ISIS and Al-quaida who were holding half of Iraq some time back.He fought terrorism in Iraq and defeated it.By killing him America actually sided with terrorists,like it is helping terrorist outfits in Syria.Donald Trump is putting America in danger by doing these foolish acts.Now whatever will happen in the region,only America will be held responsible,and a lot,a dengerous lot is going to happen.World War3 seems in the offing.Iran is not alone,but it has powerful friends like China and Russia.

So Iran has retaliated and attacked American air bases in Iraq by 22 ballistic missiles,and according to American military sources 11 American soldiers are injured and severe damages to air bases occurred. Ali- Khamenie , the spiritual leader of Iran said that this attack was a slap on the face of America and an appropriate revenge of the killing of their commander Qasim  Suleimani .Another diplomatic victory achieved by Iran is that Iraqi government pursued by Iran has passed a resolution that American military should immediately leave Iraq.Donald Trump has threatened Iraq to impose sanctions if Iraq forced its military to go from Iraqi soil.This is nothing but highhandedness.If a country does not want your presence on its soil,you have to get out of there.It seems that Iran has a better say in the affairs of Iraq compared to America,may be because of Shia presence in Iraq as well as Iran.Iran has influence in other surrounding countries,as Lebanon,Syria,Yemen etc.So Iran poses a serious challenge to America in this region,and the limited American forces can be in danger if Donald Trump behaves adamantly and does not withdraw his forces in this region.

Now America says that 34 Americans were injured in missile attack by Iran on American bases in Iraq.There are continuous missile attacks on American embassy and American Air bases in Iraq.There are protest marches in Baghdad by Iraqis asking for withdrawal of American forces from Iraqi soil.Considering this development it is clear that Iran has achieved a moral victory over America in Iraq and Trump must have realized that killing of Suleimaani and Muhandis was a blunder for which America is paying a heavy price.It was a self goal by Donald Trump and now America will have to withdraw its forces from Iraq asap,otherwise it will be endangering their life for sure.

There were deadly rocket attacks on an Iraqi military base hosting American forces,killing two Americans and one British soldier and injuring 12 others. The attack was on wednesday,11/03/2020,evening.Iran-Iraq are asking for immediate withdrawal of American forces from Iraqi soil and this attack is in line with the demand of pro-Iranian militia groups and Iraqi pro-shia groups as well.Within hours of this attack, suspected US led coalition air strikes by three planes targeted Iran aligned Iraqi fighters in Syria,killing 26 fighters. This will escalate the war in the region where Iran led forces have an edge,since Lebnon and Syria and Iran are all neighboring countries where Iran is in a position to fight. America should seriously rethink to withdraw its forces if the entire region is not interested in their presence.If they can withdraw from Afghanistan,then why not from Iraq? After all Iraqi oil is not American property, so following democratic norms,it should peacefully go instead of flexing its muscles inside other’s property,and endangering world order .

The latest information is that 16000 Americans are dead and 300000 Americans are infected with deadly Corona virus called Covid-19.Not only that but total number of deaths are 100000 due to this virus,which include thousands of Italians,French,Germans,Spanish,British,almost the total composition of American allies who fought together in Iraq war.The total number of infections consisting of these American led countries are said to be 1,600,000 due to this virus which originated from China’s Wuhan city in November 2019.China sealed this city and dealt with the virus on war footing and controlled it from spreading in other cities.But it spread like a wildfire all over the world.But surprisingly the friends of China like Iran,Russia,Korea,Pakistan,Bangladesh etc are less infected than American allies,as if a war is going on and China led forces are winning the war as far as number of infections and fatalities are concerned.Coming to our nation India,7000 infections and 200 deaths are reported so far due to covid-19.The less number is attributed to less number of tests conducted,and experts opine that this number will increase multifold as soon as the tests are increased.Total tests done so far are 100000 in a country of 1,350,000000 people.Maharashtra has reported 1500 infections out of 30000 tests conducted. The government here has delayed action due to overconfidence,and suddenly announced a complete lockdown of India for 21 days from 25th march,without giving a preparation time to unorganised sector,due to which millions of migrant workers with their families were seen walking on the roads going to their villages without food for days. Many of them must be infected with the virus.WHO has warned India that mere lock down will not be enough and more n more tests will have to be conducted. But many days were wasted by our government and only in April they have ordered rapid test kits from other countries,so the fast track tests may start only in the third or fourth week of April 2020,and only after that we will get to know the actual number of infections which would have spread more due to the delays. This virus has changed the nature of world order and what would remain will be known only when the virus is contained all over the world.

Covid-19 is continuing and spreading its tentacles all over the world and now India is also fast catching up with other nations as the latest figures show that she has already outnumbered China in number of infections.Total number of positive corona cases in India is now 86000 and China 82000,so India is 4000 cases more than China as on 16/05/2020.

Covid-19 onslaught is on and  latest figure of +ve infected patients in India is 192,000 as on 01/06/2020 and she has outnumbered European countries Turkey,Germany and France and is currently number 7 in the world in corona infections. The daily rise of new infections in India is now 8500 per day. With this speed the number of infections may rise to 300000 in 15 days and we may beat Spain,UK and Italy by 15th June 2020 and the funniest part is that Government has announced easing of lock down from 1st June 2020, even opening malls,parlours,gyms etc in many cities, which can actually harm and infections can further rise, so India is now hottest spot as far as corona is concerned and her only competitor seems to be Brazil right now, let us see who will win the race ultimately. The manufacture of a corona vaccine still seems quite far and the total infections all over the world have crossed 6 millions and fatalities more than 300,000. A new world order is in the offing, Donald Trump has declared that America has nothing to do with WHO and the reason he gave is that WHO is being controlled by China. We can ask him a question that who was controlling UN when Iraq was completely destroyed by US without even getting prior sanction of UN for attacking Iraq? Germany and even European union have already expressed their displeasure over Trump’s move. They were not happy even when Trump broke the nuclear deal with Iran. So clearly Trump is isolating himself only by these idiosyncrasies and giving China a leverage in this new world order.

Covid-19 cases in India are now 413000, and we have beaten France,Spain,UK and fast catching up with Russia,as our daily rise of corona positive patients is now more than 15000 and that of Russia is 7to 8000,the total number of cases in Russia are 567000. So we will outnumber Russia in another 3 weeks. We Indians are at present number 4 corona carrier in the world and soon will become number 3,most likely by middle of july 2020. This is very serious situation in India and as if this was not enough, China has started provoking us by entering into our borders in Galwan valley of Ladakh. From ancient times Galwan river and valley are well known Indian territory and suddenly China has started erecting its structures here and claims that this area belongs to China. When Indian Army objected to this blatent intrusion in our borders and tried to remove their tents Chinese attacked them and killed 20 of Indian soldiers incuding one colonel and injured more than hundred of our soldiers,and taken hostages more than 20 of our soldiers. So the situation at Ladakh is very grave and our soldiers fought bravely but Chinese were about 10 times more than Indian soldiers so ultimately they overpowered. This violent incident has disturbed us Indians as well as the world order, as the world is already fighting an epidemic which has spread like wildfire.The total number of corona cases in the world are now 8.4 million and they go on increasing,the hottest spots being Brazil and India. This border issue is now an additional burden which India may find very difficult to bear and perhaps China has calculated all this before entering into our borders. Has China discussed this with Pakistan and Nepal also before embarking on this intrusion, if so then a dangerous game is designed against India,since Pakistan and Nepal also have border issues with India. Where this all is leading to? Certainly not good days ahead….

Today is 05/07/2020 and we Indians have beaten Russia and are world number 3 corona carriers,as positive covid-19 cases of India are now 675000 and that of Russia are 673000. Now only Brazil and United States are ahead of India. Rate of daily growth of cases now in India is more than 24000 whereas that of Brazil is 6 to 7000, so with this rate we will catch up with Brazil also in the first week of August 2020.

As expected India has beaten Brazil and is now number 2 corona carrier in the world.The total case load of India has now crossed 4 millions and daily growth rate of corona +ve cases in India is now more than 80000 daily which is highest in the world.At the moment America is number one in the world with more than 6 million cases,but considering the fastest growth rate of India on daily basis India is going to beat US also very soon and will achieve the distinction of world number one corona carrier in a few months time.So its actually Trump versus Modi and Indians can take pride in the fact that Modi is going to beat Trump and become corona champion of the world. Will this affect the world order? China and Pakistan having their agendas at J&K and Laddakh borders are keenly watching India battling covid pandemic so badly and both the neighbours almost covid free can think of some adventures at the borders,and if that happens then India may find the developments difficult to handle. Let us hope for the best, truth shall always prevail.

So Americans proved that they are far more intelligent,secular and democratic than Indians, in presidency elections and rejected Donald Trump,who fought for his second term in White House. They elected Joe Biden,a Democratic party candidate. The politics of Trump and Modi is similar,both of them play divisive politics,divide people racially and communally. Indians elected Modi as their prime minister in 2014 for five years,and his term ended in 2019 and he fought again for second term in 2019 and by this time Indians saw his disastrous works in economy, and communally exploiting hindu sentiments for electoral gains,so i was damn sure that they will reject him,given the opportunity in 2019 parliamentry elections, but i was deeply hurt when i saw the election results in which Indians proved their foolishness compared to Americans, they gave him a second term to ruin us economically and socially. That is why i consider Americans as more intelligent,more secular and more democratic than Indians, at least they realised their mistake in four years,but Indians repeated the mistake. How can God also help such species. Secularism can be seen only in our constitution books in India nowadays, but the current government defies the constitution in practice almost on daily basis. Hindu-muslim divide seems to be the agenda of the government. Muslims are being reduced to second class citizens. This can prove dangerous for the world order in coming days and months.

Corona second wave in India is spreading more than US and Brazil as the latest data show 68000/day corona positive cases which are number one in the world.

Today is 11/04/2021 and daily caseload of corona positive in India is now 152000/day which is highest in the world, and India is maintaining this position of number one corona carrier in the world now from more than one week. There are reports of vaccine shortage from many states in India but central government is always in denial mode. There are two vaccines being injected in India currently, Covishield and Covaxin ,and it is a fact that distribution of both these vaccines is controlled by Modi government. Modi has distributed these vaccines to many third world countries due to which local hospitals are running short of vaccines. There are other vaccines from Pfizer,Moderna, Johnson&Johnson, Sputnik, but Modi government has not approved them for use in India in emergency, why? Total mishandling of corona from the beginning, be it lockdown, migrant workers, this government has made a mess of everything.They are unfit for governance like Donald Trump. Americans removed Trump and they are back on track now. India is suffering because Modi was given a second term even after he failed miserably in handling economy, foreign affairs, unemployment, poverty, farming, you name it,he messed up everything.

Total case load reported for India in last 24 hours is 233000, whereas US and Brazil reported about 80000 cases in last 24 hours, so India’s daily cases are now more than US and Brazil combined together, which is most alarming and PM of India is busy campaigning in West Bengal for assembly elections. Remdesivir ,which is quite effective in developing anti-bodies in Covid patients is not available in many Covid- Centres treating the patients. Dead bodies are piling up in Cremetoriums and hospitals . Ambulances are piling up outside the hospitals and there are no beds in hospitals. Reporters are saying that seeing the dead bodies it is clear that fatalities in India are grossly under reported. States are reporting 50-60 deaths but hundreds of dead bodies are piled up in all states. They say that the fatalities are at least five times more than what are reported. A very grim situation which clearly is the result of mishandling and casual approach of the administration. There is Kumbh festival going on in Haridwar which is in the state of Uttarakhand in India. Millions of Hindu devotees have gathered there and they take dip in river Ganges without caring for Covid protocol resulting in thousands of devotees and saints getting infected, but chief minister of the state is not bothered at all, on the contrary he encouraged devotees to take a dip in the holy river which will get them rid of Covid.

Today is 21/04/2021 and the case load in India in last 24 hrs is 295000 and there is shortage of Oxygen, Remdesivir, vaccine, ICU beds, ventilators, you name it, everything is short, but the government is busy patting itself for best handling of the pandemic. This is pathetic and shameful. Every Indian has some relative,friend as covid patient who is dead or serious, that is the situation. America, Britain, Australia, Newzealand ,Singapore have imposed travel restrictions on India and advised their citizens to avoid travelling India and those who are already in India will not be allowed to enter these countries.

Today is 12/05/2021 and the conflict between Israel and Gaza is escalated to the extent of turning into a full fledged war. It is quite disturbing, airstrikes by Israel have resulted into collapse of a 13 storeyed residential tower killing several residents including children. Another disturbing developement is seen in Indian rivers that so many human dead bodies are seen floating in Indian rivers, which are said to be of covid patients living in villages who are never tested and treated and are dying without being reported and attended. Total cases of pendemic reported in India in last 24 hours are 348000, and deaths are reported as 4200 and the government and media are trying to present a rosy picture and saying that cases have started reducing. Whereas the fact is that cases in villages have increased multifold which are not reported at all, since no tests are conducted and there are no hospitals to treat them. Media is dishonest in India because all these villagers infected and dying due to Covid-19 should be counted and reported correctly, which Indian media is not doing at all. How many villagers are infected and how many died , nobody knows. They can be hundreds of thousands. Total deaths reported due to pendemic in India are 250000, which are grossly underreported according to international media and the actual figure can be more than a million . Indian government and Indian media have lost all credibility while reporting about Covid-19 and nobody believes them.

Today is 27/05/2021 and New York Times reports that the figures presented by Indian Government and Indian media about Covid-19 infections and related deaths which are 20200000 and 300000 respectively are grossly underreported and there can be 4 million deaths in India due to Covid ,which seems quite possible. Under reporting of deaths in many states is reported by some Indian TV channels also. NDTV is reporting that deaths in Gujrat and UP are grossly under reported. There are about 100000 villages in UP and there are reports of at least 15-20 deaths from every village and if we sum up all this then the death count only in UP can be 1.5 to 2 million . Similarly in Gujrat the deaths reported are only 4000 but death certificates issued are more than 60000 and crematoriums are full with dead bodies and tokens are issued to the relatives of dead who are standing in queues. So the report of NYT seems believable.

Today is 03/06/2021 and the biggest issue in India today is the vaccination of Indians for Covid-19. Government Of India is totally failed in formulating a uniform policy to vaccinate all Indians. There was a hearing regarding this issue in Supreme Court Of India yesterday and the highest court was angry over the attitude of Government and asked several pointed questions for which SG representing the government had no answer. There are three different prices fixed for vaccines in India,one for central government,one for state government and one for private hospitals which the SCI objected and asked why one price is not fixed for all and said that it is the duty of central government to vaccinate all Indians. 35000 crores were allocated in union budget for Covid-19 related expences and SCI asked the government about what it has done in this regard because this amount is enough to vaccinate all Indians then why state governments were forced to invite global tenders for vaccines which were not entertained by vaccine manufacturers and the whole process has made India a laughing stuff in the world. SCI further asked that when 45+ age were vaccinated free of cost then why 18-44 age group was being charged for vaccination, which is arbitrary and illogical. Then SCI asked why registration is being done through internet portal when we know that internet reach of India is only 25%. What about hundreds of thousands of poor villages where there is no internet ? Government Of India has no policy to vaccinate all Indians but its ministers are claiming that all Indians will be vaccinated by the end of 2021. this is just a bogus claim and therefore SCI is not convinced at all and asked for the details of policy to be submitted to SCI.

American forces which were a security cover for Afghanistan government have finally left the country and Taliban militia were waiting for just this opportunity it seems. Because Taliban have started advancing and attacking government forces and the latest news as on 14/07/2021, today is that they have captured almost 85% of the country and are advancing towards Kandhar Airport , which is the number2 city of Afghanistan after Kabul . The news is that Indian Embassy there is closed and about 50 staff members of the embassy have gone back to India . So the situation is quite grim and volatile for Indian Borders also . Afghan Ambassador in India has requested Indian Government to help Afghan government in combating Taliban forces which India is unlikely to do knowing the nature of Indian Prime Minister because it will be direct confrontation with Taliban which modi will avoid , That is the difference between ex Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi. Indira Gandhi fought with Pakistan and liberated Bangla Desh when Sheikh Mujibur Rehman requested her . Same can be said about Rajiv Gandhi who helped Shri Lankan Government to fight with terrorist organization LTTE for which he lost his life when LTTE suicide squad attacked him . Mrs Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were brave soldiers of India , which unfortunately can not be said about the current PM Narendra Modi . Nobody knows how the events will unfold in Afghanistan , but surely they are not good for world order and specially bad for India. Pakistan can use militant forces of Taliban against Indian borders, which threat is always there and China being their side is biggest danger , so let us keep our fingers crossed and see how the events unfold in coming days and months.

Today is 16/08/2021 and the latest news about Afghanistan is that the president of the country Mr Ashraf Ghani has fled to Oman and from there he is going to US , and Taliban are in total control of entire Afghanistan and they have renamed the nation as ” Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan “. They have entered the presidential palace and Mullah Biradar is the new president declared by Taliban . There is news of gunshots at Kabul Airport and thousands of Afghanis want to leave the nation and for that they have accumulated at the airport but the airport is shut down for commercial flights and only military flights by American forces are operating to give safe passage to Americans stranded there. There are many Indians also stranded in Afghanistan but so far Indian government has not come up with any plan to bring them back to India safely . There is an atmosphere of chaos and fear in Afghanistan because there is no government although Taliban have captured complete nation but they have not yet formed a government . So there is no clarity among locals since the elected government has completely surrendered and the elected representatives have run away . It may take some days till a clear picture emerges . The developments are clearly not good for India because Taliban are in touch with Pakistan and Chinese embassy is still functioning in Kabul whereas all other embassies including Indian have left or leaving Kabul . China ,Russia ,Turkey , Iran , Pakistan seem to be tacitly supporting the Taliban and they may recognize the new Taliban government . For India , China and Pakistan with Taliban can be a dangerous force specially because there is a mess in Jammu, Kashmir and Laddakh region created by passing laws against the will of local people. All in all these are dangerous developments for the world order.

Today is 01/03/2022 and the 6th day of a bloody war going on between Russia and Ukraine . This seems to be the beginning of a new world order emerging . Russia is today the number one nuclear armed nation in the world and US is number two but number two is still behaving as the super power of the world who can bully anyone and arm twist anyone but the president of Russia is not ready to accept these tactics of US. and rightly so because Russia is not Iraq which can be destroyed at the whims and fancies of George Bush , and if Russia is cornered too much by financial tactics of US then all should be ready for a world war . Ukraine is nowhere near Russia as far as weaponry and army is concerned but US along with NATO is supplying it arms and ammunition heavily to prolong the war which will only irritate Russia and destroy Ukraine completely . Another collateral damage of this war is 15 to 20000 Indians stranded in Ukraine who are being used as hostages by Ukrainian guards and are not allowed to cross the borders since all airports of Ukraine are taken over by Russia and are not operational . Of course only current Indian government can be blamed for this so horrible and painful condition of Indians , because this war was inevitable and the world knew it well in advance but as always our Modi government was busy in campaigning in UP for assembly elections .

World is constantly evolving and so are we. My views about Vladimir Putin , the Russian president are changing now , after the 13th day of a bloody war between Russia and Ukraine. Till yesterday Putin for me was a hero who was challenging the western powers to restore balance and a just world order . but as this war prolongs i see him as a fundamentalist taking pride in false nationhood like our own current Indian PM . Both have strong similarities , one wants a Roosi Rashtra and the other wants a Hindu Rashtra and both can go to any extent to achieve their objective , like Russia is ready to destroy a nation and Modi is ready to destroy a community ( Muslims) to achieve their goal . World can’t tolerate their misdeeds in the name of nationalism and so perhaps we are heading for a World War3 , a dangerous option considering nuclear bombs with main players , but clearly we are heading towards that option .

Now three weeks since the Russia-Ukraine war started but there is no end in sight of this bloody war . Russia is constantly ravaging the Ukrainian city after city , about 3 million Ukrainians have fled from their houses and are now refugees in many European nations . The latest development is that Iran has fired 12 missiles targeting American embassy and American bases in Iraq and Israel has now vowed to attack Tehran . NATO has started military drills in border areas of Ukraine. America is also now flexing its mussels and threatening Russia of retaliation if any NATO member is harmed . America and Europe are already supplying weaponry and cash to Ukraine in abundance to prolong the war but they are refusing to send their soldiers in the war . Russia considers the help to Ukraine and economic sanctions on it as direct war with Russia. So there is difference in perceptions between different nations which can be a cause of spreading this war in other areas heading towards World War . World order is definitely in shambles .

Today is 23/03/2022 and 29th day of Russia Ukraine war and there is no sign of stopping of this war and on the contrary there are chances of this war spreading in surrounding NATO nations. Ukraine is abusing NATO nations that they fear from Russia and are not at all helping Ukraine even after so much destruction of their country . Vladimir Putin is also very angry with the attitude of America , with economic sanctions on Russia and helping Ukraine with money and weaponry . Overall the situation is very critical and Russia is even threatening of using Nuclear weapons if NATO joins the war with Ukraine . Nobody knows what is going to happen . Now about 8 million Ukrainians are refugees in various countries and Ukraine is totally devastated . America and NATO are clearly using Ukraine , but how long they can do it . Either they accept Russia as a Super power or help Ukraine with man power . They have to act fast now.

Today is 04/04/2022 and 40th day of Russia Ukraine war and still not clear as to when this will stop. It is very clear that Ukraine is destroyed by Russia but there is no damage done to any structure inside Russia, so what is it which Ukraine is boasting about , the war is being fought inside Ukraine and whatever bombs and missiles are thrown are falling in Ukraine . So all this crap by NATO and America that Ukraine is fighting this battle so bravely and for so long is pure non sense because Ukraine is at a total loss in this war every day and those forces behind prolonging this war are totally responsible for all the destruction in Ukraine. The war can be said on equal basis if Russia is also suffering equal material losses which is not the case , So Ukrainian president is a foolish person in my opinion who has allowed NATO and America to play this game behind his shoulders at the cost of Ukrainians . Millions became refugees and several cities turned into rubble to make one person a hero out of a comedian . Ukraine reminds us of Iraq today which was destroyed by senior and junior Bushes , then Afghanistan , Yemen etc. The difference is that they were muslim nations so no such hue n cry as now for Ukraine being a christian nation . So Islamophobia of west is quite clear here , but god does not differentiate that way , all are humans and equal for god. So world war3 also can be in the offing if only one religion is the target of western nations , let us keep our fingers crossed for the future events .

Today is 18/04/2022 and 54th day of Russia Ukraine war and President of Ukraine says that this war will last 2-3 weeks more and Ukraine will win this war . What we know is that Russia has the maximum number of nuclear weapons in the world and Ukraine has no such weapons , so if Russia wanted then it could have finished off Ukraine from the world map, but it has not used its nuclear arsenal so far , which proves that Russia is not a terrorist nation which Ukraine is trying to present it out with the help of America and Europe , but there is a limit to provocation . Economic sanctions and world media and the behavior of Ukraine is certainly getting on the nerves of Vladimir Putin ,who has got nuclear button also in his hands. Who can stop him from pushing that button ? Nobody , so i think America and Europe are using Ukraine and dragging the world towards a nuclear conflict . Russia has already declared that that it is WW3 going on and NATO and America are not at all trying to stop this so they are squarely responsible if this war turns into a nuclear conflict .

Today is 06/05/2022 , seventy second day of Russia- Ukraine war , which Vladimir Putin is threatening to turn into a nuclear war , as America and NATO are angering him more and more by stringent sanctions and helping Ukraine economically and militarily and declaring that Ukraine is going to win this war . Russia is saying that they had no option except to go for war since Ukraine was being used against Russia by western powers. So if we go by Russian logic then Russia will use nuclear weapons also if cornered too much by west . After all Russia is a vast nation having maximum nuclear weapons and it will not surrender to anybody , instead it would destroy the world completely before its own destruction . So perhaps we are heading for World War3 very soon and many western countries believe this including Britain and America.

Yesterday 09/05/2022 Russia celebrated Victory Day for victory in World War 2 in 1945 by Soviet forces over Nazi Germany led by Hitler. Putin in his speech said that Russians are protecting their motherland from Nazi powers of west and west is their enemy blaming NATO forces for helping Ukraine and Russia will fight with them and warned that if Finland is made NATO member then Russia will not sit idle and will not spare Finland. The war is on between Russia and Ukraine in its 76th day . In their victory day parade Russia displayed its nuclear power by parading nuclear warheads, missiles in substantial numbers and it is a well known fact that Russia has the maximum number of nuclear war heads compared to other nations .

Today is 10/07/2022 and Russia Ukraine war continues and Vladimir Putin continues to threaten US and NATO with dire consequences , nuclear attacks and WW3, and US and NATO continue helping Ukraine with weaponry and money , so no near end to this ongoing war. In the meantime many other tragic developments have taken place on the world scene . The prime minister of UK Mr Boris Johnson has resigned after about 60 members of his cabinet ditched him and he no longer enjoyed the majority in the parliament house . They blamed him of lying , cheating with the house . Another tragic incident happened in Japan when its ex prime minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated by a Japanese ex navy man with a home made gun while Mr Abe was campaigning for elections. Chinese media was found to be celebrating the death of Mr Abe . Third tragic incident took place in Sri-lanka , where the people of the country gate crashed the President house and the President Mr Rajpaksa was reported to have fled the place. Later the Srilankans have set the prime minister;s house on fire and forced him to resign. All these developments are very disturbing and signal a failure of system in these countries and ultimately in the world. United Nations office has become a mute and meek observer of these serious incidents. Are we really heading for a third world war, that is a billion dollar question in these circumstances .

Today is 03/08/2022 , Russia Ukraine war goes on after completing 150 days of war , and a bigger conflict between China-Taiwan seems in the offing, thanks to the visit of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of American government yesterday. after China’s strict warning to America that the visit will be taken as a provocation by china and a violation of one China policy. China is furious after her visit and threatened targeted attacks on Taiwan and already started military drills around Taiwan. 21 military aircrafts of China were seen in Taiwanese borders yesterday . America is provoking everybody in the world to prove that they are the superpower , what if the countries don’t accept you as the super power , you will provoke them to accept you. It is a wrong policy and not democratic at all.

Iraq is again burning after Muktada-Al-Sadr, the shiaite leader of Iraq announced his retirement from politics. Actually Iraq is never at peace after America destroyed Saddam Hussein and his family. There is a civil war going in Iraq and America is solely responsible for it. America made them fight between shia an sunni factions . Russia Ukraine war is going on after completing 6 months. Afghanistan is fighting with hunger and America is behind this misery. What does America want, money and power at the cost of misery all over. Not bothered about world order and blaming Russia and china for this mess. How long world can buy this lie?

Russia Ukraine war has now completed 7 months and the war is becoming more fierce now and Vladimir Putin has once again threatened the NATO that it can nuke Ukraine if the west will not stop bullying Russia. Russia wants to include Donesk region in its map and wants to do a referendum there . America says Russia is losing the war after Ukraine reoccupied parts of Kharkiev which were captured by Russia in the war. Russia calls it a tactical retreat. Russia is mobilizing 300000 more soldiers and does not rule out nuclear weapons if it is pushed to wall by America and Europe. There is war like situation in earlier Soviet regions ,between Azerbaijan and Armenia and Uzbekistan and Kirgistan. China Taiwan also are in war like situation. It seems that the world is heading for a third war. The world order is in shambles but no savior in sight . Keeping the fingers crossed.

Vladimir Putin has kept his word and organized referendum in four regions of Ukraine bordering Russia and declared that majority of these regions want to be with Russia and so these are Russian territories and any attack on these regions will be considered attack on Russia. These regions constitute about 18% of Ukraine and are now in control of Russia after the war. so Russia is a winner and not a loser as described by America and Europe. Zelinski has proved himself a fool who has destroyed entire Ukraine and lost 18% territory of Ukraine to Russia.

The four regions annexed by Russia from Ukraine are Donetsk and Luhansk from Eastern Ukraine and Zaporizhzhia and Kherson from southern Ukraine. America is the main culprit in all wars going on , be it China-Taiwan , Iran- Israel or Russia- ukraine , common thread is weapons of America being sold everywhere.

Putin is very angry since his favorite bridge between Crimea and Russia was blasted by Ukraine . Multiple missile attacks were made by Russia on Kharkiev in retaliation but Ukraine has recaptured some villages in the regions which Russia now claims as Russian territory, which is also a reason of Putin’s anger. The war has further flared up due to this and Putin is again threatening of nuclear options in case of Russia cornered by NATO. Putin says that if NATO interfered in the conflict then it is going to be a World War and Russia will not spare anybody , be it America or Europe. The situation is quite dangerous at present. All are keeping their fingers crossed, anything can happen.

War between Russia and Ukraine has now completed one year and no sign of end, on the contrary there are signals of war flaring up on bigger scale after Joe Biden visiting Kyiv and Xi visiting Moscow. China has made up its mind to help Russia with weapons it seems. America and NATO are already helping Ukraine. This war has the potential of turning in to a world war now.


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