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JP’s total revolution call in 1970s and subsequent victory of Janata party in elections,then government formation headed by late Morarji Desai,breaking of the party by fanatic hindu groups(led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani)who refused to surrender their RSS cards,was a bitter lesson for all Indians who participated in the revolutionary process initiated by Jaya Prakash Narayan.The lesson was that the fanatic hindu groups(RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal,Shiv Sena and BJP)can not be a part of any secular democratic movement in India and they can be only the part of their single point movement of anti-muslim Hindu Rashtra. Arvind Kejriwal,Manish Sisodia, Gopal Rai,the leaders of ‘Aam Aadmi Party’seem to have learnt this lesson and hence the situation is encouraging in the sense that,these leaders are apprehensive of BJP and its communal agenda.Moreover BJP is involved in so many corruption scandals also, and AAP is quite sensible to keep a distance from this rigid and militant political party.

Tomorrow 28/12/2013 is a historic day for us Indians that Aam Aadmi Party, is following the footsteps of JP’s total revolution,is forming the government of Delhi Assembly,setting example by chosing Ramlila Ground as the venue for Oath taking ceremony.And not only that but the AAP leaders refusing to accept the security cover offered to them,and announcing that they will reach the venue by travelling in metro.Congratulations to them by all of us Indians,for their heroic acts,and setting revolutionary, anti-corruption, secular, democratic standards in Indian politics.

Political situation in India is quite confusing at present.But the emergence of AAP is definitely an indicator of the mood of average Indians,which is totally against the system prevailing.They want to revolt and uproot this rotten system in which some individuals are presented by the media as national icons(few of them from corrupt political system,few from corrupt sporting industry,few from
corrupt film industry and few from corrupt corporate sector).We can count these individuals on fingers and they are literally the rulers of this vastly populated nation,and one hundred twenty crores persons are their subjects and Indian media is asking them to worship these individuals,as if these 1.2 billion have no identity and no existense at all.What kind of democracy we are living in?Even worse than that it can happen if the communal outfits of India are handed over the reins of power,they will convert the minorities areas(the areas where muslims,christians,sikhs etc are living)into whore houses.

When we talk of political scene in India,then we have to keep this fact in mind that our nation is part of the world at large and not a separate unit.So whatever is happening in the world currently,can’t be overlooked or neglected.The happenings taking place in all parts of the world will have a definite impact on our country,specially the political events all over the world.Only some years back, America was considered as the only super power of the world,and had almost a final say in the affairs of any other country of the world.But today this is not the case any more,after the miserable failure of America’s foreign policy in Syria.America wanted to remove Bashar Al-Assad,the president of Syria following its success in removal of Egypt’s Hoshni Mubarak and Libya’s Col.Gaddaffi.But the fact is that China and Russia have completely outmanoeuvred America in its latest game. Iran also is proving a difficult ball game for America and even in Pakistan, after getting so much financial aid from U.S,it is not able to contain its own public which is totally anti-America.On the other side China has emerged as the super power of Asia and is at par and even in some fields ahead of America. America’s middle east policy is proving to be a failure and exposes it as a greedy and corrupt nation. Osama bin laden was considered to be America’s enemy no 1,but today in Syria, America is seen to be helping Osama’s Al-quaeda for throwing out Syria’s current regime led by Assad.America’s envoy recently meeting with Narendra Modi, also should be seen in this backdrop, which definitely lowers the prestige of United States in our part of the world,that is Asia.

Political developements in India are quite swift and the latest is that Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) led by Arvind Kejriwal,has tendered its resignation alongwith all its ministers and MLAs after a chaotic session of Delhi Assambly,yesterday(14/02/2014), in which Congress and BJP jointly did not allow Kejriwal, to present his anti-corruption Jan Lokpal Bill.Immediately after the resignation,some news channels on television,showed that more than 80% of the public liked this move of Arvind Kejriwal.This clearly shows that the public in India is impressed by AAP’s crusade against corruption,and since the party has decided to contest the Lok Sabha elections which are due after two months,a very impressive performance can be expected from the party, like in Delhi Rajya Sabha elections earlier.

Indian media plays pro-active part in poltical moves and all the newspapers and TV channels are biased in this regard,although they always claim that they are merely reporting the political events without any bias. The selection of panellists during a TV debate,the time allotted to them for airing their views,and the reactions of the TV anchor make it amply clear that the particular channel has an agenda,so the conclusions can not be truthful and unbiased. One example here can be cited about Narendra Modi.Many TV channels inform about his various rallies going on,and they inform like this,”BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate….Modi”.Now all the channels must be knowing that this is a false and misleading information.It is right in America when they declare the names of individuals as the Presidential candidates,since they have a Presidential system there and the American public choses its President directly.In India we have a different Parliamentary system, in which during Loksabha elections public votes to chose the Member Of Parliament of various constituencies.Any member of parliament can become the Prime Minister Of India,if he has the majority of loksabha members supporting him.So Indian media is playing a fraud on the nation and Indian public,when they give such type of wrong information.Still the dates of loksabha elections are not declared by the election commission,and these elections will elect the loksabha members.People of India do not vote for the election of Prime Minister and in fact there is no such election in India,in which public has such choice.There is lack of education in many parts of India,specially in north India a vast section(more than 50%)is illiterate and politicians take advantage of this situation for their satanic designs.So the media’s role should be to educate this illiterate section of India,but what Indian media is doing is further misleading and fooling them for financial benefits from beneficiary political parties.So in a way media is also indulging in corrupt practices,being hand in glove with corrupt parties like BJP.Literate sections of India should not act as helpless bystanders in this situation.On the contrary they should educate the masses about these finer points with fearlessness.

Another example of media’s bias is broadcasting of opinion polls and surveys much before the elections,which are nothing but the exercises for influencing the public with their concocted datas.Major private TV channels are funded by either Congress or BJP or by the corporate houses who are donating heavily to both these parties.One recent case of this partiality in opinion polls is Assembly elections in Delhi,where a newly formed Aam Admi Party was also contesting alongwith major parties Congress and BJP.I was impressed by the conduct of this new party and was almost 100% sure that it is going to win many seats and even i forecasted that it is going to form the government,when i saw that voting was going on till 9 p.m.Honesty and truthfulness are most important when we are collecting datas and trying to reach out conclusions scientifically.I am not a psephologist but i could reach at correct conclusions,but many exit polls claimed to have been conducted scientifically, declared an outright victory for BJP and a poor showing by Aap,even forecasting that this newly formed party may not get a single seat in Delhi.The results of Delhi elections were as per my expectations,and Aap formed the government and BJP fell short of simple majority against the scientific(or socalled scientific) exit polls.Science in India is tainted with corruption.Again now the same biased opinion polls are in the market for Loksabha elections for which, even the dates of polling are not yet declared by the Election Commission of India.These opinion polls are not at all done scientifically,but they are done sinistically to influence the voters,as if they are bloody fools,which is not the case in reality.Significantly, again in these opinion polls(as in Delhi Assembly elections)Aap is being shown in poor light,not securing total seats even in double digit.My gut feeling is that these biased and unscientific polls are again going to be wrong,and Aam Admi Party(AAP) is again going to win much more number of seats(at least 10 times more that the latest opinion polls prediction).Ultimately truth shall prevail because Science and mathematics are also based on truth,which is a casualty in India,specially in psephology of Indian media.

Communalism is one of the biggest issue affecting the Indian politics,used by political parties as their vote bank,although when questioned these parties deny this truth vehemently.BJP and Shiv Sena take the cake in this regard using Hindu fundamentalism as their biggest asset(at par with Muslim fundamentalism in Pakistan)(I would request the readers of this blog to read my earlier blog”Fundamentalism In India”)and denying shamelessly about this blatent display of communalism.Thier various militant outfits like RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal etc constantly indulge in violent acts on the pretext of protecting Hindu religion,although Hindu religion is totally against violence and is most tolerant religion and actually does not need such cruel and violent protection.Mahatma Gandhi was and is the leading light as to how a Hindu can be a torch bearer for Truth, non-violence,love and peace(please read my blog titled”Truth,Non violence,Love and Peace Vs Destructive Forces”)and BJP and Shiv Sena have never stood for these ethical virtues.That’s exactly the reason as to why these communal parties have not been able to spread themselves beyond the fundamentalist sections of Hindus.Aam Admi Party has lately realised that Communalism is a big issue in India,even bigger than Corruption,and i welcome this realization by the party,although a bit late, but it is never too late. This mindset will actually help this party to understand other non-Congress and non-BJP secular parties and develop a bond with them.Because if they take the stand that corruption is the only issue in India and all political parties are corrupt,(as they took the stand earlier),then they were isolating themselves from the mainstream,but now they have made themselves quite clear that if there arises a crisis situation of seat adjustments,post elections,then they would undoubtedly put their weight behind the secular group of parties.So there is going to be a definite and very important role of Aam Admi Party in the coming LokSabha elections,that of cutting the votes of Congress and BJP,and winning a sizable number of seats and during the Government formation,to help non-Congress non-BJP secular group to form Government.As about the question of who is going to lead this Government as Prime Minister of India,since the politics has become all about numbers,whoever will win maximum number of seats,among the secular formation of parties,will lead the Government of of the serious contenders is Arvind Kejriwal also.As far as BJP and Shiv Sena are concerned,they always represent the Fundamentalism of India,and oppose tooth and nail the secular credentials of India established by Mahatma Gandhi,Jawahar Lal Nehru and Sardar Patel,which they will continue to do so till they are completely marginalised.

Rallies of BJP for Narendra Modi are another example of rampant corruption in India,but if somebody points this out to any party spokesperson,he or she denies it outright,because the party believes in hypocrisy,not democracy.So much is out in videos,news about how BJP is giving contracts of paying Indian Rs 500/- per person in Rallies,using trains, buses,trucks,cars to transport them to the venue of Rallies and providing these persons food,tea and even muslim scull caps to present thousands of them as muslims.Then Modi himself using private planes of Adani group for his personal use,and he does not think it necessary to answer querries about all this to anybody.In the process Narendra Modi and company are becoming the biggest symbol of corruption in the country.Arvind Kejriwal has written him letter inthis regard,asking for a reply to which he said in one of his rallies that he does not think it necessary to answer his opponents.This can not be the behaviour of a democrat,since democracy thrives on solving the issues by discussion,even with enemies.So it is not any surprise that day by day Aam Admi party is becoming more and more popular,and Arvind Kejriwal is becoming more and more aggressive in his crusade against corruption.Their road show in UP from 01/03/2014 can be said a success in which the local public responded positively and encouraged by this response,Sanjay Singh and Manish Sisodia,the two members of Aam Admi Party declared in their Kanpur meeting with local public that they would like Arvind Kejriwal to contest the Loksabha seat of Varanasi against Narendra Modi,if the public present there approves this choice of theirs.And the public in Kanpur wholeheartedly and roaringly approved this proposal of Aap.So now it can be said that if Narendra Modi decides to fight from Varanasi(which is still undecided because Murli Manohar Joshi another senior hindu leader of BJP is not ready to relinquish his Varanasi seat)then Arvind Kejriwal will challenge him and so the seat can not be safe for Modi.Now this much is 100% sure that no seat in UP is going to be safe for Modi if Arvind Kejriwal is his opponent,since Arvind’s name has become synonymous with honesty and crusade against corruption and communalism.There is definitely public anger in the air against corruption and communalism,and this anger will definitely show in the coming LokSabha elections.Prehaps he may opt for Bihar but there also Modi can not be safe since Sharad Yadav or some other fire brand leader of Ram Manohar Lohia and Jaya Prakash Narain will certainly challenge him. So Modi’s road is getting blocked everywhere except Gujrat,but how long Gujrat is going to be safe for Modi,that is also debatable because from 05/03/2014 Aap is starting its campaign in Gujrat,where Medha Patkar is already a big name due to her great movement of rehabilitating displaced and affected villagers of Gujrat.This is a fight of truth against lies,of honesty against corruption,of secularism against communalism,and in this fight Modi is a loser,it is only a matter of time.

Election dates are declared for the 2014 lok Sabha elections,which will be held in 9 phases and first phase of voting will start on 7th April 2014 and the other phases will stretch upto second week of May 2014. Counting of votes will start on 16/05/2014.Model code of conduct is applicable to all the political parties which are in the fray.I think the Election commission of India does not have sufficient resources to check all the parties whether they are conducting themselves as per the prescribed conduct,so with their limited capacity and staff this Commission is going to target the poorer parties more.Even the big national parties like Congress and Bjp with the connivance of media financed by their supporter buisinessmen are up in arms to destroy the parties like AAP.Election commission can not touch the big sharks,so naturally small fishes are the food on offer on some or other pretext given by these big parties.Public of India has to see through this game of big parties and Election commission of India,and exercise the vote using their mind,so that the poorer sections and poorer parties are empowered so that they can not be exploited by these big sharks in future.This is a wake up call for common people of India to snatch power from vips and rich parties.God also helps those persons who help themselves.

Today is 16/03/2014 and we Indians are celebrating the festival of colours,called Holi and i wish everybody a happy Holi.Coming back to political developments here,there is a lot to offer.Aam Admi party’s road shows and rallies in Gujrat,Mathura,Maharashtra and Karnataka were concluded successfully and it has definitely made an impact on the public, although media was in no mood to give it any credit so it has not covered most of the rallies and instead it was indulging in negative publicity of AAP,probably at the behest of their bosses who seem to have their buisiness interests in their mind,thereby covering the rallies of Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modiwho are the choise of media for purely financial reasons.Although one of them represents the party famous for so many scams, and the other represents a party famous for corruption as well as communalism.people are fed up and angry with these two parties, but the media who have this false illusion that they are the king makers,do not want to offer the public a decent and viable alternative,because of their petty,greedy economic motives as in all other buisinesses.BJP’s and Congress’s top leaders are feeling insecure which is showing in their announcement of seats.They are looking for a safe seat for Narendra Modi and finally they have declared Varanasi seat for him to contest and one more seat they will offer him from Gujrat.Sitting MP of Varanasi and a vetern leader of BJP Muri Manohar Joshi was eased out of his seat to make room for Modi inspite of Mr Joshi’s reluctance to do so and even after other senior leaders of the party voicing their concern for this undemocratic way of functioning by party president Rajnathsingh and Narendra Modi,the so called Prime Ministerial candidate.But nobody in the party wants to challenge Modi,because this party and its partner in Maharashtra,Shiv Sena do not believe in democracy.Bal Thackrey the Shiv Sena Supremo used to say that,’He does not believe in Lokshahi,but he believes in Thokshahi.’But India believes in democracy and it has worked here,so such fascist forces like BJP and Shivsena got to be challenged electorally,and thanks to AAP and Arvind Kejriwal who has declared today in his Banglore rally amidst thumping cheers and approval of the public present that,he is going to challenge Modi and contest from Varanasi seat.This declaration makes 2014 Loksabha election an interesting fight in which on one side is the Kaurava Sena of Narendra Modi,Rajnathsingh,Amit Shah and so on and on other side Bhagwan Shri Krishna and the Truth.Every body knows that ultimately truth shall prevail,non-violence,peace,love shall prevail but fight has to be there, in which,Lust,anger,greed,too much attachment to materialism and false pride will be defeated.So Indian electorate, get ready for an epic battle ahead.

It is 28/03/2014 today and swift political developments are occurring here specially in BJP cabal.It seems that the militant section of this party headed by Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi has become shameless advocate of extremism in its cadre.There is no respect for saner and senior members of the party and in the name of winnability,they can induct any militant or even terrorist in the party.Gunda elements of the party are prevailing everywhere,like they threw ink and egg on Arvind Kejriwal and other AAP members in varanasi when they were on their way to address their rally in which the cheering crowd approved the candidature of Arvind Kejriwal by raising hands and big applause.Narendra Modi definitely faces a stiff challenge in Varanasi in the form of Arvind Kejriwal.Perhaps he is in for a big shock like Sheila Dikshit in Delhi.Remember that she was also a three time chief Minister of Delhi and got defeated by a novice named Arvind Kejriwal.Some sort of history is in the making in Indian politics,that much is sure.Coming back to the wrong inductions in BJP,first they inducted Pramod Muthalik,that infamous Ram Sene chief who had misbehaved and beaten ladies during valentine days in Banglore,and when there was lot of hue and cry within the party,he was removed from the party.So now Mr Muthalik is a rebel and challenging BJP as an independent candidate.Now the latest news is that they have inducted a muslim militant named Sabir Ali,who is said to be the friend of famous terrorist Yasin Bhatkal.So it seems that the militant section of BJP has a soft corner for hindu and muslim militants of India and there is an internal war going on between these fanatics which include their parent organizations,RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal,their partner Shiv Sena on one side and on the other side there are senior members of the party who criticize talibanization of the party.Not only communalism but on corruption also party seems to be a divided house. Recently the senior member of the party Sushma Swaraj objected to the induction of Yedurappa and sriramulu in the party since they were ousted from the party and were jailed also because of their corrupt deals.But they did not care for her objections and gave tickets to these tainted persons to fight the elections,so it is clear that Duryodhana and Dushasan of the party want to win the war by any means,forgetting the truth that Lord Krishna is watching everything and ultimately only truth shall prevail.

‘Conflict Of Interest’ is a very interesting topic which has its political ramifications all over the world. For instance Sunny muslim world has problems with America and similarly America has problems with Sunny muslim world.Russia has problems with America and America has problems with Russia.In Hagel’s language it is called ‘Dialectic’ and in such situations the philosopher anticipated wars.China in such situations is clearly seen to the side of Russia and Shia Iran and in this part of the world America has become a laughing stuff for sure.Recently when crimea separated from Ukraine and merged with Russia,there was a lot of hue and cry by America and even it imposed economic sanctions on Russia.But Russia does not take these sanctions seriously and even jokularly remarked that America will be more affected by these sanctions since Americans and their president will not get Russian Vodka and red caviar for their lavish American party life.Even India thinks that these economic sanctions on Russia will hardly have any effect.Saudi Arab and its Sunny muslim friends also are not happy with America after its failure to oust syrian regime and its inability to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions.Saudi Arab is seriously considering to develop nuclear energy,if Iran becomes nuclear bomb capable in near future,because Iran was and is cosidered a permanant threat to Saudi regime.Coming back to India this conflict of interest is harming BJP and it has become a divided house openly even before the voting is started.The division is clearly visible between senior and saner elements of the party and militant and aggressive section of the party. Militant section of the party headed by Modi and his bosses in RSS want to induct hard core militant hindus and even muslims in the party,but there is stiff opposition from the senior and softer members of the party.Pramod Muthalik and Sabir Ali are two examples of conflict of interest within the party,first their induction and then their ouster shows the war within the party is out into the open. ‘Oaganizer’is the mouth piece of RSS exactly as ‘Samna’ is the mouth piece of Shiv Sena,which has disclosed today that it has taken an opinion poll in the country and found that 43% of people want Modi as India’s Prime Minister.Now first of all except RSS members or their sister concerns like Bajrang Dal,VHP, and their political representative BJP,rest of India does not read this ‘Organizer’and among these readers also only 43% want Modi,that means among the followers of these hindutva vadi groups also,a bigger percentage(57%)does not want to see him as PM.So the writing is clearly on the wall that no chance for Modi,even RSS admits that.

‘Manifesto’of a political party is the most important document,a vision document which explains the party’s view point on various policies,like economic,foreign affairs,agriculture,law and order and so many other policies.Now the biggest joke of this election 2014 of India is that the most favourite party of electronic media(or rather most favoured party of media,obviously because of reciprocatory economic favours,it is always give and take in buisiness)BJP has not released its manifesto till today 04/04/2014 and the first phase of voting takes place from 07/04/2014.So what are the policies of this so called national party,nobody knows,but all the TV channels in their opinion polls have declared this party led by Modi,the winner.What better example can be there about the rampant corruption perpetuated by the media of India.The failure of BJP to release its manifesto is once again due to serious divisions in the ranks of this party. On one side is the Modi brigade of militants and on the other side Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal brigade,and the bone of contention is said to be the Ram Mandir to be included in the manifesto.Just recently RSS in its mouthpiece ‘Organizer’published its own opinion poll in which it was claimed that Ram Mandir is no more an issue with the people of India,then who are these people inside BJP who want to make Ram Mandir again an issue.RSS will not reply this,or for that matter they don’t reply to anybody,they are the self appointed lords of India,who want everybody to listen to them,without questioning them.Election code of conduct says that 48 hours before the voting all political parties have to stop their campaign,and they can not publicize any poll related matter through electronic or print media.So on what basis people of India analyse BJP,or consider them for voting.In such situation only fanatics having blind faith can only vote for BJP,and there is no doubt that there is a vast section in India related to VHP,Bajrang Dal,Shiv Sena,RSS who will vote for this divided house.After all if they can go to Ayodhya and demolish a masjid illegally and then feel like a hero,going to a polling booth and voting blindly is rather an easier activity for them.They are ready to sacrifice violently even to make Modi their Prime Minister.But the problem here is that the other vaster,saner,secular section of India will never allow them to play with our mother India violently,to destroy the secular,democratic fabric of India.Bharat mata ki jai,Inquilab zindabad.

Election Commission of India is not coming out cleanly in this election 2014 Loksabha,it seems.I will try to prove it by giving some examples of recent incidents.One leader,ex MP named Rashid Massood stated in some rally in UP that if Modi will try to do in UP what he has done in Gujrat,he will be cut into pieces because UP has 44% muslims compared to Gujrat which has only 4% muslims.The fellow was immediately arrested.Now in response to that Vasundhara Raje the chief minister of Rajasthan said that we will see that who is cut into pieces after the election results are declared,which is an equally provocative statement in my view.But there is no action against Vasundhara Raje so far by election commission. So what is this going on?If you are a hindu and a powerful one at that,then nobody can touch you and you can dance naked on the road,but if you are a muslim even if powerful,law and order will not spare you if you provoke.What kind of signals election commission is sending to minorities communities.The good part of India is that still more hindus are good human beings and the percentage of fanatic hindus is less,but in future if this balance is disturbed for which efforts are going on in full swing,then what will happen?All minorities will be in grave danger as it is in Pakistan.So election commission of India should prove its credentials as a neutral body and should not be seen as taking sides of powerful hindu fanatic groups.Lately Amit Shah the right hand man of Narendra Modi also gave a provocative speech but he is not yet arrested,and election commission has asked this criminal to explain the contents of his speech.This fellow Amit Shah was barred from entering into Gujrat by Supreme court and he was in jail and out on bail.So the treatment of election commission towards hindus and muslims is biased and definitely muslims will be hurt with this.If there is free and fair election then this kind of treatment with muslims will unite them against BJP,although this may not be the thinking of election commission.There is a definite strategy to make India more communal but educated and intelligent Indians will not allow this and such nafarious designs will always fail as in the past.

Today is 14/04/2014 and voting for loksabha 2014 is going on in phases.Atmosphere is charged and provocative speeches are in vogue.Finally election commission has taken some action and banned Amit Shah of BJP and Azam Khan of SP from speeches in any rally.Amit Shah’s case was quite old and he was given too much time to explain his side whereas Azam Khan was not given any notice or time to explain,so here also election commission’s bias is clealy evident.This kind of favour to militant hindu leaders will make minorities of India further insecure.It is very clear that election commission is soft towards Congress and BJP,even in the case of election expences.Why there is no enquiry about Modi and Rahul Gandhi’s election expences which are far far more than the stipulated limits fixed by election commission.Entire public of India knows that hundreds of crores are being spent on Modi and Rahul Gandhi’s image make over through TV and other media sources.So why election commission is pretending as if it does not know any thing about it.EC can send notice to BJP and Congress to furnish details of expenditure on Modi and Rahul Gandhi’s campaign.Indian public is fed up and angry with the rampant corruption prevailing and EC has given one more reason to think that nothing is going to change in this country and a complete uprooting of the prevailing system only is the solution.

When JP started his revolution,then BJP was not existing.JP was confronting only one evil named Congress and he successfully combated this evil and defeated it.Now in 2014 the evil named Congress is not alone and it has got a partner in corruption and communalism in the name of BJP.So the problems of our great nation have increased multifold.Time to time various fronts were formed and a non Congress and non BJP government formation was tried but it was very difficult to keep these two evils at bay.So the politics in India was confined between Congress and BJP and regional parties although improved their clout in their respective states,but the government at the centre was not possible without the support of either Congress or BJP.The era of a single party forming a government with clear majority was over.It was possible to form government at centre only with the help of several parties called allies and such governments called coalition governments.One coalition was centred around Congress which was named as’United Progressive Alliance’(UPA) and another coalition was centred around BJP and was named’National Democratic Alliance’(NDA).Both of these coalitions have run the governments at centre,but unfortunately both these coalition governments have indulged in rampant corruption and communalism,and they have not focused on the improvement of public life and the day to day problems of average people.public was angry with these coalitions and were looking for an outlet to vent their anger and frustration.But how to challenge these two sharks Congress and BJP with the solid backing of Indian buisiness corporates.It looked almost impossible and India’s fate seemed sealed between these two corrupt and communal combinations.But remember that shlok from Gita’yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati Bharatey…’and really wonders have started happening.We saw movements taking place against corruption and communalism by various NGOs all over India and Indefinite fasts by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal for a powerful “Jan Lokpal Bill’ at the centre.UPA succumbed to immense pressure by Anna and Kejriwal and tried to finalise a Jan Lokpal Bill but everything proved futile because there was no agreement on CBI and ministers also to be under Jan Lok Pal was not agreeable to government.For India Against Corruption the purpose of Jan Lok Pal was to book so many corrupt of India and punish them but the Congress and BJP were not ready for that overhaul and cleaning of the administration, because many of their own ministers,MPs and MLAs were involved in so many scams and corrupt deals.So finally Arvind Kejriwal decided that if his team wants a corruption free and communalism free India then they will have to defeat the Congree and BJP politically.This was a big challenge,in fact bigger than Jai Prakash Narain took in his days,because BJP was not existing that time.BJP is a big force in India playing communal politics supported by militant hindu groups like RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena an anti muslim political party existing much before BJP. Anna Hazare due to his past RSS connections ditched Arvind Kejriwal,but several other social activists joined him and finally Arvind Kejriwal formed a party named “Aam Admi Party” which is a force to reckon with today and it has challenged both Congress and BJP which needs courage and conviction both.It is a great development in the history of Indian Politics and needs to be admired irrespective of the election results.Actually i wanted him to challenge Modi during assembly elections of Gujrat but they say it is never too late,and may be God wanted it this way.God bless AAP and i wish this party a huge success in Loksabha 2014,so that Indian Parliament is full with lots of honest,secular democratic MPs.

Today is 20/04/2014 and what i have written about election commission of India earlier,is proved convincingly with the day to day happenings here. The officials are soft on hindu corrupt and communal elements and harsh on similar muslim elements.There is no action against Vasundhara Raje and Amit Shah is also let off but Azam Khan was banned even before the dead line given to him for explaining his side.Now the latest salvo is from a prominent BJP leader from Bihar who said yesterday that the critics of Modi have no place in India,as if India is an ancestral property of Modi.Where is election commission now,perhaps they will examine the statement for some days,then they will issue a notice to this fanatic and he will be let off after due apology.Azam Khan is anti national and Giriraj Singh is a true patriot according to only true patriots of India like BJP,RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal,Shiv Sena,Ram Sene who have the exclusive rights of patriotism in India.Giriraj Singh further said that Modi baiters will be bundled out to Pakistan after the elections,assuming that Modi will be the prime minister of India.Although this is a highly wishful thinking,but the threat to muslims and other several critics of Modi is dangerous for the the freedom and secular,democratic nature of our society.People of this country should take note of this development and think before voting for fanatic political outfits sponsored by militant religious organizations.Election commission also is showing its bias against muslims,by not taking immediate action against hindu fanatic leaders like Giriraj Singh.The commission should not only be neutral while acting against provocative statements,but it also should be seen to be neutral by majority and minority communities,which is not the case.Muslims have started suspecting the intentions of election commission,which is not a healthy development,for the image of our country known as secular,democratic republic.

Another skelton has come out tumbling from Modi’s cupboard full with bloodthirsty fanatic minority baitors.This latest name is Pravin Togadia who’s slogan is’joh hindu hit ki baat karega,wohi desh par raaj karega’,remember this slogan from Ayodhya riots days.Now he is caught on camera to attack one muslim who has bought a property quite legally,but in a hindu dominated locality.Has this fellow commited a crime,if legally speaking,not really.But in state of Gujrat under the chiefminister ship of Mananiya Narendra Modiji,this muslim fellow has committed a henious crime for which he should be punished,so Pravin Togadia is instructing his followers to take over his property by force,by attacking him with stones,tometos etc.This is happening in Gujrat,one of the states of our secular democratic republic of India.Girirajsingh is still roaming scotfree after his provocative statement of packing all Modi baiters to Pakistan,and now this Pravin Togadia instructing hindu bhakts of VHP to attack a single muslim and this all is happening during election campaign,a free and fair election of 14th Loksabha of our great nation.Where is Election Commission Of India,nobody knows,perhaps it will wake up when a frustrated muslim will go mad after this treatment by Girirajsingh and Pravin Togadia,and give a provocative statement,then this commission will raise to take punitive action against this muslim militant who has dared to provoke the peaceloving hindus of this great nation.Where is the law and order?I pray to God to infuse sense in the biased atmosphere,so that a level playing field prevails so that all Indians can vote peacefully and freely,and elect an impartial secular democratic government.Bharat mata ki jai,Inquilab Zindabad.

Sixth phase of polling is over and voting of Indian voters is complete in 349 seats out of 545 total seats.I also exercised my vote in Mumbai on 24/04/2014.Still voting for 196 Loksabha seats is balance.One by one Modi’s militant brigade is getting exposed and people have started seeing through the real face of Narendra Modi and his lieutenants.Still Modi has not taken any action against Pravin Togadia after his poisonous statement against muslims a few days back.Modi is the chief minister of Gujrat and Amit Shah is Home Minister and both of them in their rallies are talking about justice to all in their socalled would be government at centre.But in their Gujrat state Togadia is threatning muslims of grabbing their legally purchased property,beating them,spitting on them and Gujrat government can’t touch this Togadia.I remember Atal Bihari Vajpayee telling Modi to fulfill his Rajdharma,which Modi failed to do in 2002 and he failed again now in 2014.When he can’t handle law and order in his state Gujrat,then how on earth India and Indians can rely on him for maintaining law and order in such a vast and diverse nation.It is simply impossible for a person from Sangh Parivar who is known for safeguarding the interests of a particular community.So the possibility of Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India can be completely ruled out.After Pravin Togadia,another militant person from Shiv Sena named Ramdas Kadam spoke provocatively against Muslims in Mumbai rally where Narendra Modi was present on stage when this Shiv Sainik Kadam was speaking.Another fanatic hindu named Subramanian Swami is in news from yesterday,since wiki leaks have found out from his past records that he was passing information about Indira Gandhi to America.So this Swami was in a way working as American agent and passing classified information,which is nothing less than an anti national activity.So much about these self proclaimed patriots of Sangh parivar,for whom those who do not toe their militant hindutva line of thinking,are traitors and not fit to live in India.Indians are sensible enough to understand these fanatic hindus and marginalise them as they have done so far,and save the nation from communal strife.All Indians should vote and vote sensibly.Bharat mata ki jai…

It seems that BJP is getting frustrated day by day which is evident from the statements of their supporters.The kind of language their followers use in various social networking sites is disgusting.Many of the followers of Modi are using abusive language,threatning on twitter.I have experienced this personally,so i can confidently say that the ground is slipping beneath the feet of Modi and his followers.Even the money power of thousands of crores is failing to sustain their confidence because they are on the wrong side.They know that this is their end game like that of Kaurav sena fighting the epic battle of Mahabharata.Bjp will exist but Modi hype will be over after this election.God has taken care of India and the world,and will always take care,Modis will come and go with their nafarious designs.Modi’s staunch supporter Baba Ramdev also is gone berserk nowadays and after his recent remarks about Dalits and Rahul Gandhi,Dalits are up against him and will not vote for BJP for sure.One by one BJP is getting set backs from its own supporters,not good signs for BJP.There are already talks of the formation of a secular front government after the provocative speeches of Girirajsingh,Pravin Togadia,Ramdas Kadam,Amit Shah,Subramanian Swami etc of BJP.All the Modi’s men.People should know that they are the real face of Modi,which he is hiding in his rallies managed and directed by crony capitalists.But they say’joh chup rahegi zubaney khanjar,toh lahu pukarega aastin ka…”sacchai chhup nahin sakti banawat ke usoolon se,ke khushboo aa nahin sakti kabhi kaagaz ke phoolon se…’.They can’t hide the truth for long,let them try,public is seeing through them already,that’s why frustration.

Two phases of voting of 105 Loksabha seats are still balance but Modi has already declared victory for himself and he is already acting like a fanatic hindu prime minister of India.There are killings of innocent muslims in Assam after his arrogant and communal statements and his partner in militant hinduism Amit Shah declares Azam Garh as the factory of Terrirism and BJP gives all out support to these two fanatics.Election Commission as i have already written earlier is surely pro militant hindutva this time,otherwise by now Modi and Amit Shah would have been in jail.But public in Bihar,UP and West Bengal is giving them a luke warm response,and is not fearing at all.So BJP is getting desparate and this desparation is showing in their campaign which is turning communal by hour.They are trying to polarise so that they can garner hindu votes but they are failing miserably.AAP has dented Congress and BJP vote bank and SP and BSP have their own sizable following of muslims and low caste hindus who are solidly behind them this time also.In Bihar RJD of Lalu Yadav has once again halted BJP’s march like he had earlier stopped Advani’s rath yatra and arrested him.Overall the picture is gloomy for BJP in Bihar and UP and these two states are going to be the cause of Modi’s waterloo.Because BJP is contemplating to come to power only if UP and Bihar give them sizable seats,and BJP tried to play dirty politics of communalism for achieving this and failed.North East,West,South of India do not care for BJP because they consider it a communal hindu party which is a fact.The literacy rate also in these parts of India is much higher than North which is actually the only part where BJP has its presence and due to which this party tries to spread fear through its militant outfits RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal etc.Mostly their followers are traders who are half literates,tax evaders and over ambitious.This time they have thought to exploit the centiments of hindus all over India in the name of developement and with the support of hindu media and hindu corporates,and initially they could fool around for a while,but Modi and his militant brigade of hard core sangh Parivar could not hide their true face of muslim haters from public for long,and the real Modi(Model Of Dividing India)now stands exposed and rejected in front of India.There is no wonder if Modi loses and Arvind Kejriwal wins the Varanasi seat of Loksabha,the polling for which will be held on 12thMay,in the 9th and final phase of this election.

9th and final phase of polling is on 12th may,but Modi and his lieutinants are already a frustrated lot,perhaps due to apprehension of a losing battle.Otherwise nobody has heard in the history of Indian politics about BJP or Shiv Sena going for a Dharna.Yesterday(08/05/2014)BJP’s famous faces Arun Jaitly.Ravi Shankar Prasad,Amit Shah sat on a Dharna and what was their demand?Varanasi returning officer Pranjal Yadav,a DM should be sacked from his post for not allowing Narandra Modi to hold a rally in BaniaBaugh.Modi on stage in a rally was shouting that Election Commission is not impartial and it is biased against him.Ridiculous.Seeing that all his supporters after giving highly provocative statements against muslims are still roaming freely,i had the impression that Election Commission is soft on militant hindutve and this attitude is helping Modi and his brand of fanatic hindutva.But fanatics are fanatics afterall,they can’t even recognize between friend and foe,thats why Modi considers Election Commission as his enemy.There is no difference between Duryodhana of Kaurav Sena and Modi of BJP.Mamta Banerji compared him to an “asshole” without losing any time.Now this Pranjal Yadav,District Magistrate whose dismissal BJP has demanded is a very respected figure in entire Varanasi due to his good deeds and good works of development allover.He is known to be an upright officer and Election Commission has rightly refused to respond to BJP’s unreasonable and vindictive demand.Now BJP is up against Election Commission also.Varanasi public knows these facts so BJP has an egg on its face certainly,and it will go against BJP on 12th May.Arvind Kejriwal has emerged as a serious challenger to Modi in all this hullaboo,and even offered Modi for a debate on various issues in front of the people of Varanasi,at a time and venue of Modi’s choice.But Modi known for his adamant nature,and his reluctance for participating any public debate,is unlikely to accept this challenge,and this will benefit nobody else but only Arvind Kejriwal,who is playing his cards like a clever politician.It will be no wonder if Arvind Kejriwal emerged as the winner on 16th may,and if that happens,he would have done a great service to the nation,comparable to a real hero.Bharat mata ki jai..

Today is 13/05/2014 and the 9th and final phase of polling was completed yesterday.The exit polls by media and the swords by BJP are out in the open.They do’nt want any thing else other than Modi as Prime Minister and a BJP government at the centre by hook or crook.Media is playing to their gallery since they are getting crores of rupees for that,so no wonder that some exit polls are giving NDA even 300 to 400 seats although counting will start on 16th May but victory is declared for BJP.I studied one of the exit polls by Times Now channel which has given NDA 249 seats out of which BJP is given 210+ seats which also seems a impossible figure since out of these BJP has 28 seats from Bihar,and 52 seats from UP which is highly unlikely.The reason is that in Bihar there is a resurgence of RJD and alongwith Congress they have given a good fight to BJP as per the reports.Bihar has total 40 seats so at the most it can be 50-50 between RJD and BJP and some seats can be expected by JDU also,so going by these trends BJP can expect not more than 15 seats.Same is the case in UP where it is caste politics totally and BJP and Congress which are parties of high caste people,have lost ground long back and they are 3rd and 4th parties and SP and BSP are the main parties in UP.So BJP can not expect more than 15-20 seats in UP,they should not be surprised if they get even lesser than that.So the total tally of BJP in UP and Bihar can not be more than 30-35 seats.So where does that leave BJP totally,when out of 210 we deduct 45-50 seats of UP and Bihar,the figure remains 160-165,and that is the more realistic figure BJP is likely to get.When we talk of allies,then we know that Modi has abused every regional leader of some importance,whether Mamta Banerjee,Jailalitha,Mayavati,Mulayamsingh,Navin Patnayak,Shard Pawar,he has not spared anybody,so nobody is going to rescue him from numbers crunch.Therefore the possibility of a secular front government with the outside support of Congress is very much there and can not be ruled out atall.Now the billion dollar question is how the BJiPans and Sanghis will react to this scenario once it becomes crystal clear,because violence is in their blood and once this paid media hype and euphoria created for the purpose of TRPs is over and reality is out,it will bite.Shiv Sainiks used to warn that if Bal Thackray was arrested they will burn the entire Bombay city.If similar situation arises and Modi Bhakts declare that if Modi is not made Prime Minister,they will burn entire India,then Indian Administration will have a tough job at hands because Modi is used to enjoy such scenarios as Bal Thackray enjoyed.He will say that he does not like such conduct by his followers but will not do anything else to stop them from this rampage.So after 16th May lot of fireworks can be expected once the actual results are out.These are really trying and testing times for India and Indians.Because Indian media has become a stooge in the hands of corporates who are supporting fanaticism and extremism.God save India.Bharat mata ki jai…..

They have already started abusing Sonia Gandhi’s family,and asking them to pack their bags and go to Italy.Critics of Modi and who have not voted for him are also warned to leave the country.Never in the history of elections in India,such anarchic and hostile behaviour was experienced by free Indians.I pray to God that at least Modi should not become the Prime Minister otherwise more than 50% of indians will be declared Pakistanis.Modi was chief minister of Gujrat when his supporters were on a killing spree in 2002,and he was not doing anything to stop the mob frenzy and similar scenes can be again expected throughout India in Modi led BJP government at centre.Modi can be compared with Bal Thackeray in this regard.Violence is in their blood.President of India has to be ultra careful because BJP will play all sorts of tricks to grab power,even will claim dubious support of allies and verification of such support thoroughly will be crucial in the situation.In the past Atal Behari Bajpayee was invited to form the government and he failed to muster the required number.Modi will definitely be short of numbers and in such situation he has hardly any friends to improve his tally.BJP could not get even 4 MLAs to form government in Delhi Assembly and similar situation is likely to arise for LokSabha also and President’s role and sincerety will be very crucial and keenly watched this time.I pray to God to save India from religious fundamentalism,and maintain our secular,democratic,republic of India as well known in the world.

So the most frightning and worst development has occured in the history of Indian politics,which is that Modi and his supportors have won the 16th loksabha elections getting absolute majority on their own.Media and Modi brigade at this moment is celebrating this dangerous development without caring for the repercussions.Sangh Parivar and its chief are going to remote control the Prime Minister Modi and his government.This jubilation and euphoria will remain for some days and then hard realities will emerge.Muslims are certainly going to feel the brunt of Modi supporters sooner than later.Togadias and Shiv Sainiks and Bajrangis are going to play havoc with the lives of muslims and muslims are going to react and therefore lot of fire works are in the offing.Let there raise a muslim voice from the valley of Kashmir.Gandhiji was ready to give up his life or even making Jinnah the Prime Minister of India to avoid the partition,but partition happened and even after that hindu-muslim problems remained till today.Kashmir is still the bone of contention between India and Pakistan and nobody hopes that Modi will solve this issue but even then he has got this overwhelming support because there is an under current of anti-muslim in hindu psyche which is successfully exploited this time by Sangh Parivar using Modi,Indian corporates and Indian Media.But this is a dangerous game they have played with everybody.Farukh Abdullah has alredy stated during the elections that if Modi becomes Prime Minister then he would not like to be the part of India.So would he approach Pakistan to help separate Kashmir from India,and would it be so easy,or another war between India and Pakistan is in the offing?Shiv Sainiks and Modi supporters are known for attacking Indian muslims and branding them as pro-pakistanis,now being in power they will feel more encouraged to misbehave with muslims and their female sections.who will be able to control them?In Pakistan hindus are in minority and they are suffering ill treatment from majority community and same situation can be expected in India also now.Because fundamentalism is not different from religion to religion,whether it is hindu fudamentalism or muslim fundamentalism,it is one and same.whether hindu Sangh Parivar or any muslim fundamentalist group,they are same,and they propagate their religion and hate other’s religion.Very soon focus is going to shift from Israel Palestinian to Kashmir and hindu-muslim and the new government is surely going to be biased towards hindus,and this is going to have serious consequences for sure.India is now a Hindu Rashtra ruled by Sangh Parivar,let us admit this bitter fact.The concept of a muslim prime minister was never acceptable to the hindu psyche and therefore India’s secularism remained a pseudo-secularism,mostly they preferred a hindu brahmin prime minister.That’s why Jawahar Lal Nehru,although an athiest,left of the centre thinker,used “Pandit” as prefix to his name.Not only that but he saw in Atal Bihari Bajpayee,another brahmin from north India,a future prime minister of India.So much for the secularism of India.So when the term pseudo-secularism was coined about Indian variety of secularism,it was instantly accepted.Now with the emergence of Modi brigade as the new power centre of India,that pseudo secularism also is gone and our country is no different from Pakistan,both are not secular democratic republic,but they are religious countries,one based on Islam and the other based on hindu religion.Both the countries could have lived peacefully with their religious identities,but for the bone of contention,that is called Kashmir.All along i was opposing Modi and fearing from the prospect of Modi and Sangh Parivar coming to power,but now i feel that this is a better development since they would not be able to drag the Kashmir issue any more,since both sides are militant in nature and they believe in action not diplomacy.Very soon we can see war clouds hovering over the sub-continent,and using ‘Sholay’s'dialogue we can say”Joh dar gaya,samjho mar gaya….”.Bharat mata ki jai..

About Kashmir India’s stated position is that Kashmir is an integral part of India.If so then why there is POK(Pakistan occupied Kashmir) and why India has never fought on this serious issue,I mean when India won the war against Pakistan and liberated Bangla Desh,then why this Pak occupied terriotory of Kashmir was not recaptured.Pakistan’s position on Kashmir is that Kashmir is a disputed territory and should be resolved by giving Kashmiris the choice of self determination.There are so many terroristic activities,and infiltration due to Kashmir so India and Pakistan have to solve this problem otherwise there can be no peace in the valley and India and Pakistan.The Government of India has to realise that the situation will become too dangerous to handle once American Army leaves Afghanistan at the end of 2014.Because there are so many new players neighboring Afghanistan,like Kazakastan,Kyrgistan,Turkmenistan,Tajikistan,Uzbekistan who after disintegrating from Soviet Union are available for fighting against India,and Pakistan with ISI can use them alongwith Taliban to settle the scores with India.Pakistani Taliban,many terror groups don’t care for Nawaz Sharif,the Prime Minister of Pakistan,like India’s Fanatic groups don’t care for Government here.Although Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif have won the elections in their countries but both of them are backed by militant religious organizations.So when Mahatma Gandhi and Jinnah could not avoid Partition because of hindu-muslim differences,it seems to be impossible to achieve any breakthrough by present hardline right wing regimes of both countries.Modi and Nawaz Sharif can not be compared with Gandhi and Jinnah,and there are 100% chances of militants of both sides taking over them and bringing the situation to flash point.That seems to be the only possibility in the circumstances.Writing is on the wall,and whoever will read first will be the beneficiary.Karmic cycle will catch with everybody,and God only will decide the fate of this sub-continent.Bharat mata ki jai…..

Voting percentage of BJP in the recently concluded 16th Loksabha elections was 31% and with this percentage the party has achieved the majority in the lower house of Indian parliament.That means 69% of valid Indian voters have not voted for BJP.Total Indian voters this time were 55crores out of which only 17crore voters have voted for BJP and 38 crores that is more than double have not voted for BJP.So if we consider voting percentage then more than 2/3rd of Indian voters are non-BJP.Among these voters about 35% do not vote at all.In western countries like Australia about which i know that if somebody does not vote then he or she has to pay a fine of 250 australian dollars that in Indian rupees amounts to about Rs.15000/-.So every citizen of Australia votes and voting percentage in that country is 100%.Why our country can not ensure 100% voting by taking tough measures like imposing fine for not voting.In the present conditions the parties forming the governments are not enjoying the support of majority of population and it is a farsical representation.Coming back to Nawaz Sharif’s visit to India,our BJP leaders reliance on Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan is foolish act because he has lost the presidential election there and a new president is to be sworn in.Hafiz Sayeed threatened Nawaz Sharif of consequences if he visited India and even after threats he dared to come and extended the hand of friendship but Modi failed to cash on that golden opportunity because of his and his partners RSS and Shiv Sena’s militant hindu nature.So one side is militant hindu and other side militant muslims of Pakistan Army and mujahidins like Hafiz Sayeed who is emitting venom like this is the final jehad against India to liberate their kashmiri brothers,so we would not have to wait much for a full fledged war between India and Pakistan.At the most by this year end,and both countries have nuclear weapons in their arsenal,so this time it is going to be quite a bloody war,which i think 17 crore Indians have opted themselves knowingly.I wish them all the luck which they need actually.

Now the government at centre has completed 30 days and people have started to realize the blunder of voting for this useless stuff.prices are rising more and more,ministers are involved in all sorts of controvercies like rape,false affidavits,corruption and the latest is that thousands of Indians are stranded,kidnaped in Iraq and no help is given to them and media which is completely hand in glove with government is presenting a false picture of everything.There is a vast difference between what the ministers are speaking and what there deeds are.Everywhere there is hue and cry but the ministers are not bothered at all.They are enjoying to the hilt,their newly acquired power.Corporates who have invested thousands of crores in campaign of Modi are now busy in recovering that money with profit,thats why the prices of everything have started soaring further.This was bound to happen but people of India were fools not to realise it beforehand.Majority must be fool has proved right instead of majority is the rule.And their miseries are not going to be shortlived because the image of present rulers is anti-muslim in muslim world and this can prove fatal in coming days and months for sure.The ISIS(Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) alongwith Al-Qaida have captured many cities in Iraq and it is now understood that many oil rich countries are giving moral and financial support to them.Indirectly we can say that entire sunni muslim world is united and their next target after Iraq can be India since ISIS has declared India its enemy and released some video also about instigating Kashmiris for Jehad and offering them help from Afghanistan side and this seems realistic also Since NATO forces and American army are leaving Afghanistan by the end of this year.So the situation will be exactly like Iraq after American forces left the scene.ISIS gathered force and attacked the American imposed government of Iraq and won over them.Afghanistan will be a repeat performance and once captured,India their enemy is going to be their sure sort target,and Pakistan in the circumstances,being a sunni stronghold,will only be a willing partner in this onslaught.So India should read the writing on the wall and should be well prepared for this attack,any time.

The first Railway budget of BJP led NDA government which was presented yesterday 08/07/2014,did not at all go well with the masses and people are already feeling cheated by the government.They made tall claims like Bullet trains to be brought,and so many other high speed trains,but how they will do it and where from so much money(9 lakh crores for bullet trains)will come,there was no clarity at all.A vague explanation was that PPP(public private partnership)and FDI(foreign direct investment)will bear the entire cost of these new projects.When Congress led UPA government proposed FDI in retail which was actually a profitable and workable idea and America’s Walmart was ready to invest in retail chains in India,then BJP and their Kirana traders agitated all over the country and opposed FDI tooth and nail.Now for Bullet trains the same BJP is inviting FDI,but which foreign country would like to invest in this risky buisiness.I will explain that why this is risky for them.What i have come to know is that separate barricaded tracks are required from one city to other city for proposed Bullet trains,without any level crossing to maintain such a high speed of minimum 300 km/hr.The cost of a Bullet train is calculated to be Indian rs.60000 crores and fares calculated on the basis of this cost for this train are minimum rs.7/- per km.So if we want to travel a distance of 1000 km,the fare we have to pay for this is rs.7000/-,which is more than the present air fare.So where from these passengers will come who can afford such a hefty sum for Bullet trains.And where from these spaces will come to construct the all new railway tracks.There is a rich class in the country which travels by air at present,which can be targetted for Bullet trains,but that percentage is quite miniscule and they also calculate the cost and may prefer air travel ultimately.Middle class of India is a miser class and quite well to do middle class families also prefer to travel in ordinary 2nd class without A/C compartments.So all this feasibility and profitability and social conditions about availability of spaces in congested by-lanes,will definitely be studied by would be foreign investers,and i think no foreign country will be interested to invest in such a losing proposition.Instead it would have been far better to improve the present Railway which is okey considering Indian living conditions,specially because millions of poors are travelling by Indian Railway and can at least afford the passenger class travel.Government should improve the facilities of poors in trains,which sadly were none in yesterday’s budget.Only very tall and hollow promises for rich,but rich also have started realizing that this fooling around will not work for long,the result was that the stock exchanges crashed after this railway budget by record 600 points.People have started realizing that there is a vast difference between the talking and the deeds of these BJP cabal.They said they will control the price rise,but prices are increased further in all essential commodities and railway fares were increased by 15% by this newly elected government just before the budget.They promised to bring back the Indian money in swiss banks,but now they are just fooling around on this subject.Corruption by UPA,no new cases against any UPA leader are taken up,on the contrary a very big ‘Vyapam’ scam by BJP leaders in MP is in the news.Many ministers in BJP government are having dubious credentials.So how long this government of double standards and false promises and claims,which BJP has mastered over during the election campaign,will survive is the top most matter of speculation,and very soon betting game may start about the period of survival of this government.

There is a very vast difference between the talks and deeds of this government which is becoming crystal clear to the public of our India.They talked so strongly against terrorism and said that immediately after coming to power they will bring Dawood Ibrahim and Hafiz Sayeed to India and punish them for their terror acts in India.Now what are their actions on this count,nothing,no talks.Modi has become a silent figure on all these serious issues.Now a very senior aide of Baba Ramdev is in news all over because he went to Pakistan and met none other than Hafiz Sayeed,the international terrorist,the accused in 26/11 attack on Mumbai,and the most hated person In India.This Indian named Ved Prakash Vaidic campaigned for BJP and is known to be very close to Sangh Parivar of which Modi and other leaders of BJP are the members.And see the temerity with which he is justifying his meeting with the terrorist,that he went to interview him as a journalist,and the said interview is not published anywhere even after 15 days since this interview took place.If this is not sedition then what it is,and why this man is not arrested so far?Because BJP thinks that any journalist can meet anybody and BJP is in no way concerned with this incident.BJP may not be concerned but the Government of India has to be concerned with this serious issue.The government has to come clean on this otherwise public will have doubts about this meeting that Mr Vaidik went on behalf of this government to do some secret deal,and the result of this all will be that the faith of public about the seriousness and force of this government to fight terrorism,will be shaken.And it was the faith of public in Modi’s promises about fighting terrorism,corruption,price rise,which gave him clear mandate to form the government and fulfill the promises.But sadly none of the promises are being initiated convincingly,leave aside fulfilling them.So the popularity of this government is fast eroding.The same public which has brought them up can bring them down also,they must use their mind and think about it.

So many controversies are raked up by the new government at centre about Pakistan,communal differences that there is a feeling of insecurity among the vast sections of non-hindus in India.Narendra Modi said that Pakistan is a gone case and has no strength left to combat with India therefore it is engaging in proxy terror war,but the ground reality is totally different from Modi’s rhetoric and the fact is that Pakistan is continuously provoking India by indiscriminately firing at the border from several days and it is not an act of terrorists but Pakistan Army is openly doing it at Kashmir border,which is an open declaration of war against India.Another example of Pakistan’s open challenge to Modi is calling for a meeting with separatists of Kashmir at Delhi by none other that Pakistan’s ambassador to India.Instead of responding to these open provocations, Modi,the lion of BJP,the current PM of India is looking for excuses which expose him and people can see through him and compare his attitude before elections and after elections as far as Pakistan is concerned. It is easier for BJP to engineer hindu-muslim riots and provoke hindus to attack muslim minorities and create a civil war like situation,but the party is finding it difficult to engage in a full fledged war with Pakistan fearing a fitting response,specially since Pakistan posseses nuclear weapons and it does not fear from Modi’s rhetorics.So Modi and BJP are caught in a big dilemma and hence they are taking the entire nation for a ride which may prove fatal for the party,and so they have no choice except to show the same guts against Pakistan which they showed during the campaign of elections 3 monthe back.Now the latest salvo is from RSS chief Mr Mohan Bhagwat,who has stated that India is a Hindu Rashtra,making it clear that he has problem with Indian,Hindustani culture existing from centuries.So what does he think about the vast sections of muslims,sikhs,christians,Buddhists,Jains,parsis etc.Does he call them Hinustani,Indian or Hindu and if they don’t want to be called as Hindus then what does he intend to do with them.Will he join Togadia,GirirajSingh,Ashok Singhal to kick them out of India.Mr Mohan Bhagwat has to clarify his stand on these questions.So i think that there is an atmosphere of insecurity in India.

By now Indian masses must have understood the dubious role of Narendra Modi,that is outwardly he talks of development and economy just to play the time,and inwardly he encourages hindu fanatics to achieve the goal of Sangh Parivar which is his mission also being a member of sangh parivar.Muslims and Pakistan are the enemy no 1 of Modi and sangh parivar,like jews were the enemy no 1 of Hitler.The latest hindu fanatic to be unleashed on India by Modi and sangh parivar,after Giriraj Singh,Pravin Togadia,Ashok Singhal,Swami Aseemanand,Varun Gandhi is Yogi Adityanath who is emitting venom against muslims,like muslims have hetched a conspiracy of”Love Jihad” to lure hindu girls and convert them in to Islam,as if hindu girls are idiots and can be trapped easily.Sangh Parivar is a Male and Brahmin dominated organization and it looks down at females of India and RSS can be compared with Taliban in this respect.Modi’s liking for Japan is exactly like Hitler who was also fond of Japan because all the super powers of that time,Britain,US,Soviet Union,France,Italy and China were out to finish Hitler who was inhuman,insane and anti-Christ.All the help of Japan could not save Hitler from his doom.The latest anti-muslim rant by yogi Adityanath,MP of Modi’s BJP is that muslims are the cause of all the riots in India and wherever muslims are in majority,only those places are affected by riots.He,like a bloody fool wants to say that although muslims are in minority but they want to be beaten and killed by hindus,the majority community.Anybody can understand that this is a communal statement but there will not be any action against him because the government at the centre headed by Narendra Modi is actually the patron of such elements,and a vast section of hindus are favouring this militant attitude of BJP and this communal and anti muslim approach is their main election plank on which they want to climb in UP.But fortunately people have started seeing through their game,the proof of which is the latest by-poll results of 18 seats in 4 states,Bihar,Karnataka,Punjab and MP where BJP lost many of its storgholds like Bellary in Karnataka,and specially in Bihar RJD-JDU alliance have defeated BJP in 6 out of 10 seats contested.So the writing is on the wall that Indians are rejecting communal and hate politics of BJP.Encouraged by these results all secular parties have started coming together to beat communal BJP,which is a good trend and i am sure that the forthcoming assembly elections in Maharashtra,UP,Haryana and Jharkhand will be quite upsetting for BJP after which this communal outfit will start counting its days for its exit from the national scene,like Nawaz Sharif government in Pakistan has already started counting its days.Corruption and communalism has no place in 21st century,let the dirty politicians of this sub-continent understand this pretty well.

So i was right that all the coming assembly elections will see the defeat of Modi brigade. The result of 33 assembly seats of UP,Rajasthan,Gujrat and West Bengal,Assam are no different from the earlier byelections of Bihar,Karnataka,MP n Punjab.BJP has lost many of its strongholds in these states and it is fast losing groung all over India.People are rejecting its communal politics and its hate campaign by fanatic leaders like Yogi Adityanath,Sakshi Maharaj, Menka Gandhi and so on and so forth.In UP by-elections BJP has won only two seats out of eleven and Samajwadi Party has won 8 seats which is almost three times of BJP which is actually a shameful defeat.In Rajasthan Congress has defeated BJP by winning 3 seats out of 4 and BJP could manage only one seat which is equally shameful.In Gujrat,which is Modi’s Nazi empire,Congress has made inroads again and won 3 seats defeating BJP.So secular forces have made a powerful come back,which is certainly a bad omen for communal BJP,its Sangh Parivar,Vishva Hindu Parishad,Bajrang Dal.All these fanatics are being marginalised,which is a good sign for peace loving nation like India.These fanatics want to make our country another Pakistan and this design of these militant outfits is being rejected by secular outfits which are ganging up and fighting unitedly against this menace called BJP.God bless them otherwise if BJP is allowed to flourish by allowing to harass muslims then more dangerous forces than BJP like ISIS and Al-Qaida can play havoc with India.So we have to marginalise these hindu fanatics to counter modern terror outfits like ISIS and Al-Qaida who in the name of protecting Islam and Muslims may harm violently to the innocent people of our nation. So we have to check fundamentalism,whether hindu or muslim,it is one and same.Communalism like terrorism,has no religion and they destroy all religions ultimately.

For once i am all praise for Udhav Thackeray that he has shown the mirror to Narendra Modi although it has costed him the 25 years ties with BJP. Udhav has asked for his name to be projected as chief minister of Maharashtra like they have projected the name of Modi as Prime Minister,and this was a just demand since Shiv Sena has stood behind Modi when nobody was supporting him.But power brings arrogance and BJP after forming central government with Modi as PM is intoxicated with power,thats why they do not care for their age old genuine ally. This split wide open between BJP and Shiv Sena is a God sent opportunity for secular forces in Maharashtra,who were demoralized due to the saffron wave engulfing the nation some time back but as Udhav rightly admitted that there is no more any wave in the country and now this split.It seems God is out to help the secular forces to regain power considering the great threat the militant forces pose to India.This threat to India is from many corners because militants can not solve any problem through peaceful means.Pakistan has already raised its voice about Kashmir after Modi and BJP coming to power and now China has increased its border incursions multifold and the latest is that Chinese President after visiting India and meeting Modi,has instructed his army to be war ready within a week.Several terrorist outfits are issuing threats to India in the name of protecting muslims in India,and that is also after Modi became the Prime Minister.The general perception is that Modi is anti-muslims and there is a historical back ground about it. Modi is associated with Sangh Parivar from childhood and there are several other extremist hindu organizations like VHP,Bajrang Dal etc which are at loggerheads with muslims and they do not understand the international repercussions of illtreating muslims.Modi never takes any action against the members of these militant outfits.Then Gujrat riots are still in the memory of Indian muslims and even now many individuals of BJP spit venom against muslims.So in this backdrop if Modi praises muslims once in a blue moon then it can only be considered a political move and muslims can also see through such kind of hollow statements and their bruised ego can not be healed with such rhetoric. So overall impression is that this central government is communal in nature and during sensitive issues it can take the side of hindus even at the cost of victimising muslims.So the sooner we get rid of it the better for our secular democratic republic.God is also helping us in this cause and we are definitely moving forward towards this goal.The victory of secular forces in Maharashtra and Haryana assembly polls will be a major step towards this goal.God bless us.

Ghar Vaapsi,that’s what they are calling to reconverting Muslims and Christians by luring them with money,liquor,BPL card,Aadhar card etc. The backbone of BJP,all the militant Hindu outfits like Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS, Hindu Jagran Manch etc are systematically polarising the Indian society for political gains. Their main target are Muslims of India and they propagete this falsehood about them that they were all originally Hindus and were forcibly converted to Islam by Muslim invaders. This ia a blatant lie and nothing else. Today Muslim population all over the world is more than Hindus and is only second to Christians.The fact is that there is history written by eminent historians and philosophers about all religions and their spread all over.India had been a problem ridden country and her geogrophical boundries also were drawn by foreigners and not Indians.India’s caste system was and is totally biased and looks down at low caste hindus as unequals by powerful and rich hindus and this was essentially the reason of Hindus attracted towards other religions. So Hindu caste system prevailing then and now is responsible for the large scale spread of Buddhism,Islam and Sikhism in India.Now very same caste Hindus who are responsible for oppression and torture of their own brotheren and not allowing them to enter in temples,are taking high moral ground and holding Muslims and Christians responsible for forcible conversion.Many of the followers of these militant hindu outfits are half literate or illiterates,but their leaders are certainly aware of these historical facts,and are even fooling their own followers. An altogether new religion named Sikhism came into existence only because of the Hindu-Muslim clashes in that era,some 600 years back.Millions of Hindus converted to Sikhism following the teachings of Guru Nanak and other Gurus,which were compiled in to Guru Granth Sahib, cosidered as the 11th and last Guru of Sikh Dharm.What do these Hindu outfits have to say about these conversions of Hindus into a new religion?Who forced these hindus to convert to Sikhism?Do they have any answer? No,absolutely no.So this bogey of forcible conversion is based on lies and unfortunately the Prime Minister of India,who is keeping mum on the issue of ‘Ghar Vaapsi’is supporting this fraudulent process and understandably so,because being a RSS card holder he does not have any other option except to toe the line of Sangh Parivar which is the Gangotri of all these militant outfits.

BJP is a communal party with communal agenda,irrespective of its rhetorics about developement and all that. Its survival depends upon polarising hindus and non hindus.Recently this real face of BJP was stark naked during Modi’s silence on conversion issue and several controversial statements of Sangh Parivar about their agenda of Hindu Rashtra.The results of Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections is a further proof where 33 candidates of BJP out of 34 lost their deposits in Kashmir valley and in Jammu region with hindu population BJP won 25 seats.This is a dangerous trend for India where hindus and muslims are totally polarized and BJP is solely responsible for this trend because it has never happened before. BJP goes on justifying these trends with foolish arguments but people of this country have to understand that such developements can create the conditions of a civil war between hindus and muslims like it has happened in 1947. Lust for power and money is the driving force of BJP and earstwhile Jana Sangh and they believe in Zamindari,Thakurs, Brahmans and oppression of low caste hindus and muslims from thousands of years.They do not believe in reforms of old feudal structures and want to continue with status quo and are deadly against any revolutionary movements.They did not even support the freedom movement by so many freedom fighters and majority of Indians.Like feudal lords they always want to eat the fruits of hard labour by toiling masses of India.Thats why BJP is the party of mostly traders and buisinessmen.

Election dates for Delhi Assembly are declared by election commission as 7th february and counting of votes on 10th february.BJP has started giving sops to poors just before the declaration of dates but the slum dwellers and poors by now know this game of central government and corrupt leadership.Modi has declared in an election rally in Delhi that Arvind Kejriwal is an anarchist and he should join the naxalites.This is a most shameful statement of the century by the Prime Minister of India and if the President of India had the guts then he should have removed the Prime Minister immediately from the post.How can the PM tell anybody to join naxalites,instead it is his duty to bring naxalites to the mainstream politics.Jai Praksh Narain during Janata Party rule in seventies has invited all extremist elements of society to surreder weapons and join the mainstream society,which was a correct move and Gandhiji also preached non violence and asked extremists to shun violence.Today we are ashamed of our central leadership of BJP who although displays photos of Gandhiji but believes in the ideology of Nathuram Godse.I remember a song from an old film which correctly explains the mindset of present BJP leaders and specially the PM ,

Sachhaee chhup nahin sakti,banavat ke usoolon se !
ke khushboo aa nahin sakti,kabhi kagaz ke phoolon se!!

Today is the 66th Republic Day of our mother India and i greet all my fellow Indians on this happy occassion.

A quick update of events all over the world is important i think.The most important developement of this time is the crash of oil prizes in the market which may go below 50$ per barrel in days to come.This is not a natural developement in the past also and now also.Two countries are being economically destroyed with ruthlessness which are Iran and Russia.Iran is already under economic sanctions and dependent on oil income completely which it is not getting in cash but somehow managing only if oil prizes are 120$ per barrel,but below this prize Iran may not survive even for months.Russia is also facing economic sanctions and Iran like situation exists for Russia also.So who is trying to ruin these two countries and why?It is not at all difficult to understand that this is none other than United States Of America.Now we have to analyze that why afterall America is doing that specially when we know that many prominent families of America have stakes in Saudi Oil Industry.This reason also is not difficult to understand,which is sheer failure of middle east policy of US.This starts from the blunders of George Bush senior and then junior in Iraq and that also for the greed of oil wealth in middle east.United States destroyed Iraq and Saddam Hussein and imposed a Shia regime in Iraq which proved totally incompetent and impotent in establishing a civilized government as publicized by America,and this proved that America was totally incapable to understand Iraqi society and its problems.The result was an upsurge of a revolt against America and its imposed Shia government,by powerful section of Sunni muslims who were getting silent hidden support from rich sunni muslims all over the middle east which culminated into ISIS which is considered today a more dangerous terror outfit than Al-Quaida.So whether Al-Quaida or ISIS,their creation is due to bunglings of America in middle east.Similarly America failed in Syria also where it was found joining hands with Al-Quaida to oust the government led by Assad,who was getting support from Russia and Iran.So the current manipulative tactics by America to bring down the oil prizes in internetional market are out of frustration due to its constant failure in middle east.Prizes are decided by demand and supply,so if the the supply is more than the demand the prize will come down,it is as simple as that and the countries having huge oil reserves like Saudi Arab and America can do that.Saudi Arab will not be affected by the current low prize of oil because of huge revenue already earned by selling oil in last many years and America can convince Saudi that hitting Iran economically is actually to Saudi’s advantage.Saudi Arab always considers Iran a threat because of their age old rivalry concerning the control of holy shrines of Mecca and Medina.So America is playing this dangerous game of taking advantage of Shia-Sunni divide in the muslim world.Once the muslim world realized that America is like that monkey who is eating the bread of two cats by making them fight,what will happen then?China is also watching all this.Crony Capitalism is infamous,just not for nothing.

Counting of votes for assembly elections of Delhi is over and the results are what i have expected,AAP has routed both BJP and Congress beyond repair. Out of 70 seats of Delhi assembly AAP has won 67 seats which is unbelievable for all psephologists and media persons,but i was expecting 70 out of 70 for AAP.BJP is completely wiped out in Delhi and has won only 3 seats which is most shameful for a party which is ruling at the centre and campaigned in Delhi with all its ministers and Modi the messiah of the party.leaving all their ministerial duties for which public is paying them with their hard earned money.The message is crystal clear that BJP’s communal agenda is not acceptable to the public of Delhi and they are interested in water,electricity,full statehood for Delhi which AAP can provide them and BJP can not.BJP is not accepting it but this election is clearly a referendum against Modi and Amit Shah,their hidden support to capitalists,their silence on several communal utterances by their communal leaders and ministers.BJP can not change because communalism is its major plank on the basis of which this party is formed by bringing together all communal outfits like RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal,Hindu Mahasabha.All the big talks of sabka vikas and all that is hugwash to cover their real goal and the public of Delhi knows it more than rest of India and full credit to AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal to exploit this knowledge of Delhites and to expose BJP’s real face in front of not only the entire nation but the whole world.Kudos to AAP and its brave leaders who so daringly confronted the might and money of central government which with full backing of Ambanis and Adanis attacked AAP left and right but failed in its misadventure because truth always triumps.BJP is a farce and the sooner India and Indians know this truth,the better for all of us Indians.Bharat mata ki jai…

A quick update of events all over the world and where do we stand in the world.Europe for sure is turning left,not due to the exploitation of labor,but actually it is anti-austerity section which is gaining momentum after leftists won the elections in Greece.Spain is next in line which may see a leftist government very soon.So leftists are actually anti-establishment sections who are opposing the austerity measures imposed by governments in Europe who are following the directions of world Bank,IMF to reduce the burden of billions of dollars debt.Leftists have found an easier way to get rid of their debt burden,that is win the elections,form the government, and write off the debt of your country.Greece has already done that,Spain is in the line of doing it,and next can be France and Italy.Where all this development will leave the Euro is a matter of serious concern and debate,but that is the age old fight between left and right.

Another development is in the middle east where currently fighting is going on between Shia and Sunni factions.This is no different from left and right.Saudi Arab and other Sunni factions including ISIS represent the right which includes Al-quaeda and other militant groups also,and against this powerful section is Iran which can be said to represent left because Iran wants the control of Mecca-Medinah and such movements put Iran to the left side and make it anti-establishment.What is the role of United States in all this.U.S stands totally exposed in all these developments.Currently Yemen is the centre of activity and Saudi Arab is bombing in that country and there are Houthis who are rebel shias who want to oust the present sultan and the sunni regime.Not long ago United states has destroyed Iraq and imposed a puppet shia regime after killing Saddam Hussein and his family members.On the other hand the same United states is protecting all the sunni shahs and sultans and emirs of middle east who are controlling the oil wealth of their countries.So America the super power and upholder of democracy,protecting the kingdoms of middle east and trying to crush Iran which is a republic and has a democratically elected government.So what is America upto and what does it want?I think America wants only power and money,and that also by hook or by crook.It is because of America’s wrong policies that firsr we saw the rise of Al-Quaeda and now the formation and rise of ISIS.America has bungled in Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria and now Yemen,everywhere in middle east,America has left its bloody stupid foot prints.

Now what is the current state of affairs in India?It is a total mess.Modi’s cabal has put the things in total doldrums.There are attacks on christians and churches are being damaged.Rapes are going on more than the usual.No punishment to culprits,on the contrary it seems that the perpitrators are being encouraged and promoted.Giriraj Singh was made minister when he threatened Modi opponents with dire consequences like sending them to Pakistan.Senior members of the party like L.K.Advani have become the moot spectators and are viewing the horrors of Modi and Shah like Dronacharya and Bhishma Pitamah of Mahabharata.

Modi government is not only anti minorities but it is anti-farmers and anti-poor,there should not be any doubt about it.”Narendra Modi,Kisaan Virodhi” is a good slogan coined by Sonia Gandhi which is quite appropriate.Narendra Modi is here to serve the interests of militant hindus and corporate sector and he will go to any extent,and all his outbursts of pro-vikaas and pro-poor are tactics to fool around for which he is rigorously and religiously trained from childhood in RSS camps.So he is an evil par excellence.He has taken a vast section of indians for a ride and this section was under the illusion that he is like some hindu deity and will remove all their miseries and will deposit lakhs of rupees in their accounts,which was never to happen.So slowly and gradually people under Modi’s influence are coming out of it after facing the realities of life and his false promises.

one year of this Modi cabal is complete and there is no sign of any”achhe din”,on the contrary poors and farmers of this country are facing very bad days of their life.Modi’s ministers are totally ignorant of the woes of people and are talking arrogantly in response to all the problems of people.Nothing good is happening right now in India.It is a total chaos.Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi,the joker minister of Modi said in a programme that those who can’t live without eating beef should go to Pakistan,then another minister of HRD,Smriti Irani has threatened IIT Madras students who were criticizing Modi,IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi Directors resigned due to high handedness of this HRD minister who is not at all qualified and educated for handling this ministry for matters related to education.

Just when this Modi led BJP government was boasting of a scam-free one year,a huge bomb shell has fallen over them in the form of Modi-Gate or Lalit-Gate,a multi crore scam in which many of the ministers are involved.External Affairs Minster in the Modi cabinet Ms Sushma Swaraj is said to have favoured Lalit Modi a fugitive,who is facing several charges of money laundering,dealing in black money.During the previous regime of UPA Lalit Modi’s passport was cancelled and a look out notice was issued against him,and the then external affairs minister Mr P.Chidambaram wrote to British Authorities to hand over this fugitive to Indian Government and not to help him in any immigration applictions otherwise the relations between the two countries will be strained.What Ms Sushma Swaraj,the new external affairs minister of NDA government led by Mr modi has done is,over ruled the decisions of previous government and issued a new passport to Mr Lalit Modi,helped him in getting visa from British authorities for travelling out of London.A conflict of interest is also clearly established against this senior minister because her daughter is fighting the cases of Lalit Modi as a lawyer in courts of India.Not only that but Ms Swaraj’s husband also is an associate of Lalit Modi in his shaddy dealings of money laundering,hawala dealings from more that 20 years.There is a huge public uproar in the country for the resignation of Ms Sushma Swaraj.Prime Minister is keeping mum from 5 days on this one of the biggest National Scandal,because of this his popularity his diminishing very badly every day.It seems that there is an internal war going inside BJP resulting in the leakage of all relevant documents which disclose very clearly the involvement of the minister in helping this criminal fugitive named Lalit Modi.

Ms Sushma Swaraj is definitely guilty of favouring a fugitive and her excuse that she helped an Indian because his wife was going through a surgery in Lisbon and Lalit Modi wanted to be at her side.This is all bull shit because the minister has not treated him as a criminal at all, otherwise she would have warned him to report Indian authorities once her wife’s treatment was over.But she allowed him to move freely all over the world and never bothered to bring him back.As if Lalit Modi was a respected citizen of India and all the previous ministers Of earlier UPA regime were criminals who charged him with several cases of money laundering and declared him a fugitive who was running away from Indian courts and evading to face law.When he was in India then Lalit Modi’s cases were being fought by that famous lawyer of criminals,murderers and smugglers named Ram Jethmalani who was just eating black money accumulated by Lalit Modi like Ms Sushma Swaraj’s husband and daughter were eating.Lalit Modi lately realised that his offences are so serious that no amount of black money or a horde of criminal lawyers could save him from going to jail,so one fine day he ran away from India and was declared a fugitive.Now BJP and Ms Sushma Swaraj are trying to present Lalit Modi as a decent man through media channels purchased by them.This itself is an act of sedetion but who will charge them,since they have occupied the central government by lying and false promises and unfortunately 31% of half literate and illiterate Indians have come into their trap.Lately these people have realised that they were fooled,but now they have to bear this fraud government for another 3 years and 10 months.But if they felt that they can no more bear this cheat,criminal,corrupt and communal government there can be a mass revolt in the country like it happened during JP’s total revolution.God only knows what is in store for India.

This Modi gate or Lalit gate is engulfing the entire BJP goverment and daily new disclosures are telecast in news channels.Now Rajasthan chief minister of BJP Ms Vasundhara Raje is said to have appeared as a witness in London for felicitating his immigration papers for stay in london,since he was declared a fugitive by Indian government. Ms Raje is said to have signed a document stating that she is favouring Lalit Modi on the condition that this fact should not be disclosed to Indian authorities.This also is a clear case of sedition and that time Ms Raje was leader of opposition in Rajasthan Assembly.Not only that but her son Mr Dushyant also was involved in cases of black money transactions.

Mr Prime Minister Narendra Modi is keeping mum from last 5 days,and so many jokes are going around about him,that he is on Lalitasan,since not a single tweet he has made about these disclosures.BJP is desparately trying to defend the indefencible trio of Ms Swaraj,Ms Raje and Mr Dushyant and in all this mess it is fast losing credibility,specially Narendra Modi is becoming a subject of jokes.May be they are in a dilemma as to what to do.Modi Gate seems to have the potential of rattling this communal government on corruption charges,a double whammy which may well be the beginning of their end.

It seems that the bad days of Modi led BJP government have started,because as if ModiGate and LalitGate were not enough,HRD minister Smriti Irani is charged with filing wrong affidavits in Election commission’s office and a Delhi court has accepted the cognizance of this offence and she will be tried in the court from next month.Pankaja Munde a minister in the BJP government of Maharashtra is in controversies for awarding contracts withour proper tendering process.Vinod Tawde education minister of Maharashtra is having a fake degree certificate from a college which is not recognized by Mumbai University.From last three days there are three murders of a young journalist of India Today group,a dean of Jabalpur Medical college and a trainee sub inspector of Police department,and all these killings are related to the biggest scam of all known as “Vyapam Scam”in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh and its Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is being compared to Yamraj becuse some 46+ persons have died in mysterious circumstances during last two years and all are said to have been related to Vyapam Scam in some way or other,some of them witnesses,some accused.2000 persons are arrested so far in this scam.Chief Minister’s conduct is highly suspicious but since Government at centre is run by BJP,therfore Mr Chauhan is not asked to resign so that a fair probe can be possible.So one after another scam in BJP ruled states and in centre also have completely demolished the myth created by BJP that there were no financial irregularities during the one year of BJP government.Not only that but the cases of bomb blasts by hindu terror groups,in Malegaon,Ajmer,Samjhauta express are not being persued after the Modi government has taken over.That proves that BJP is a far bigger evil of India than Indian National Congress because BJP is communal as well as Corrupt,whereas Congress if compared is involved only in corruption,but so far we have not read about Congress sponsoring any terror groups or defending and protecting them in the name of hindu nationalism.

Now it is more than one month and the prime minister of our country is still silent on important corruption scandals,even he is not talking inside the parliament house during the monsoon session which is on from last fortnight.Opposition is demanding the resignations of Ms Sushma Swaraj,Ms Vasundhara Rajr,Mr ShivrajSingh Chauhan who are facing corruption charges,otherwise they are not ready to listen to anything which seems quite fitting reply to BJP’s behaviour during UPA regime,no talks before the resignations of tainted ministers.

Another blot on the credibility of BJP government on 30th of july 2015,they have hanged Yakoob Memon,the brother of Tiger Memon,for master minding the 1993 serial Bomb blasts in Mumbai.After seeing the coverage of those blasts,it becomes clear that Yakoob was implicated in the case just because he was a family member of Tiger Memom.Nowhere in the case history of those Bomb blasts,Yakoob is mentioned as actively participating in the operation.All over it is Tiger Memon,whether hobnobbing with Pakistani agencies,or meetings in Mumbai,it is all Tiger Memon.I read in the news papers that he was charged with arranging finances for the team which was sent to Pakistan for training and then bringing arms and ammunition in Mumbai.Yakoob was a chartered accountant and was handling the finances of the family many years before the blasts.So this benefit of doubt definitely he deserved that how could he know about his brother Tiger’s activities just because he was arranging the finances,unless his brother tells him the truth and it is quite possible that Tiger was hiding the truth from his brother Yakoob.What has happened is a travesty of justice and there can be serious consequences of this,if Tiger and Dawood know for sure that Yakoob was not involved in this anti national operation.The bomb blasts were the result of 92-93 riots in which more than 900 persons were killed and as per Shri Krishna commission report,Shiv Sena and its Chief late Bal Thackeray were the main culprits who engineered these riots and targeted minorities selectively.Memon family also was target of Shiv Sena and their properties were destroyed and burnt by their goons.The report of Shri Krishna commission was rubbished by ShivSena-BJP state government of that time calling it anti-hindu and no action was taken on any of the militants of ShivSena or BJP.Shri Krishna the living retired judge stated yesterday that no zeal was displayed in implementing his report as it was shown for hanging Yakoob Memom.What further proof is required to prove communal bias of BJP or ShivSena,and these shameless parties specially BJP goes on telling the nation that they are not biased against anybody and all are listening this rubbish of BJP.Muslim organizations out of India are reacting sharply over the hanging of Yakoob Memon that it was wrong,even United Nations has critisized the capital punishment.God only knows what is going to happen,but the signals are not at all good for our nation.

Bihar elections are round the corner now and latest opinion polls are showing Nitish Kumar led JD(U) having an edge over BJP.BJP has still not dclared its chief ministrial candidate so far like they have done in Delhi assembly elections which proved a fatal mistake and BJP lost Delhi very badly.But surprisingly BJP has not learnt a lesson from Delhi assembly elections and this is clearly an advantage for Nitish Kumar who is acting chief minister of Bihar and quite popular leader in Bihar.BJP is totally depending on Narendra Modi and his famous rallies which now turning out to be item numbers having only entertainment value but not more than that.Narendra Modi had four rallies in Delhi in which he abused Arvind Kejriwal and called him an anarchist,but voters rejected Modi’s comments and elected Arvind Kejriwal with thumping majority.Now in Bihar Modi has done two rallies in which he has started abusing Nitish Kumar and questioned his DNA.This is going to be disastrous for Modi and BJP for sure.If BJP loses Bihar and chances are surely more about this possiblity,then it is going to be a big set back for this communal party,and certainly a big morale boaster for secular forces of our country who can then seriously attempt to defeat BJP nationally and Bihar will definitely get the credit of starting this movement.Due to rampant corruption in the country,communal parties like BJP are not disqualified here,otherwise in other secular democracies of west they will never allow such parties having backing of communal outfits like RSS,VHP,Bajrang Dal etc to contest elections.Similarly such muslim parties also like AIMM or Muslim League should be banned,but only a corruption free and truly secular governments can take such daring action.We Indians should strive for such truly secular,democratic,corruption free republic.Bharat mata ki jai…

Today is 17th September 2015,Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated all over Mumbai by installing lord Ganasha in pandals all over and dancing and music is going on everywhere.The dates for elections in Bihar are declared by election commission starting from 12th October 2015 and voting in 5 phases bifurcating in pre Dassehra and post Dassehra.Nitish Kumar seems to be surging ahead than Modi in popularity contest as far as Bihar is concerned.He has the advantage of being the chief minister therefore BJP tried everything in their book to oust him from chief ministership like luring Jitanram Manjhi originally NitishKumar man,in their fold.But BJP failed in that attempt for which now it has to pay.Another disadvantage of BJP is no credible face of a leader representing Bihar,so total dependence on Modi is harming the party,specially when after one and half years of governance at centre Modi wave has already started waning because of non-fulfilment of all the tall promises made during Loksabha elections.The situation is turning out to be exactly like Delhi assembly elections and NitishKumar in opinion polls is most favoured chief minister and even more popular leader than Modi in Bihar.This is a good developement for Indian National Congress because the party is in alliance with NitishKumar’s JD(U).Mulayam Singh Yadav is again confused this time and can not read the writing on wall,instead he has started abusing the grand alliance,declaring no future for Congress.MSY’s language is BJP’s language so now his secularism also is questionable,he seems to be on a self destructive path.He has forgotten that in UP he has a potential rival in the form of Mayavati led BSP which can align with Congress and can become a serious threat to SP in assembly elections.Communal agenda of BJP and SP has to be defeated at any cost in first Bihar and then UP,this has become the ultimate goal of secular forces of India and God is going to help them in their endeavour,i am damn sure about that,Bharat mata ki jai,Ganeshaya namah….

Voting in 5 phases in Bihar assembly is over today(05/11/2015) and they are showing exit polls in all TV channels.All exit polls are showing similar predictions and NitishKumar led Maha Gathbandhan seems to be securing the majority seats and set to form the next government in Bihar.This is going to be a big set back for Modi since he has done 26 rallies in Bihar spending 100s of crore rupees and leaving his prime ministerial duties aside.Adding to that the protests against intolerance of this government by intellectuals,writers,film makers,artists,historians,scientists,army men,students is a blot on the face of Modi and his government.It seems that this government is on a self destructive course and anybody who protests against them is branded as Pakistani and anti national.As if all the ministers including the prime minister are living in a fool’s paradise.Writers,scientists,historians are the conscience of the nation and if they are not respected then the nation is in for big trouble.We are now passing through such a face in our times and we all Indians have to collectively revolt against this regime if we want to save our nation from gallows.All the ministers and mps of BJP are talking non sense day in and day out against anybody who protests.Shah Rukh Khan the icon of film industry in an interview with a tv channel raised his concern about rising intolerance in the country,and there was a flurry of attacks on him by BJP’s Vijayvargiya,Sadhvi Prachi,Yogi Adityanath,Minaxi lekhi,branding him Pakistani,anti national compared him to terrorist Hafiz Saeed.This is the way it is going on and the finance minister of India says where is the intolerance.Show him as if intolerance is living specy which has to be caught and showed to him.Height of arrogance and foolishness is going on and Modi,the prime minister of India is keeping mum as usual.Talk man talk and stop this non sense other wise this wave against intolerance will engulf you sooner than later.

5th phase of Bihar polls are over on 5th of nov 2015,exit polls were out on same evening which were bungled by english channels more than hindi channels,which proved that english media is more pro-BJP than hindi media.Compared to english media hindi media seems to be more realistic more Indian and more down to earth.Specially ABP news,NewsNation and Live India showed RJD and JDU getting clear majority although with thin margin but english channels NDTV and IndiaToday showed BJP ahead of MahaGathbandhan which were clearly biased and examples of sycophancy of ruling regime.The counting of votes started on 8th nov 2015 and started with BJP getting more seats in the initial trends.This trend went on for two hours and some english channels like NDTV even declared that BJP is sweeping Bihar and going to form the next government in Bihar.For a while i was also confused although i had full confidance that secularism will win in Bihar and communalism will be defeated.Counting also was being done tactically to suppress the truth as long as possible.I started switching the channels and tried international channels like BBC and CNN but could not get anything there.I remembered the emergency days when after lifting the emergency elections were declared by Mrs Indira Gandhi and she was personally defeated in the elections by one RajNarain,not a very popular politician.The results of those elections were not declared for two days and we heard on BBC that Indira Gandhi had lost her personal seat also in the elections.This present regime is worse than Indira regime,so any thing can be expected from this regime.So BJP offices started holi and diwali in their offices and started celebrating BJP victory in Bihar.But in the afternoon BJP got a tight slap on their faces when trends reversed and showed RJD and JDU marching ahead of BJP.Then this trend never stopped and BJP was left far behind in trends to the extent that it became a number three party after RJD and JDU.Finally as per my expectations MahaGathBandhan headed for a two third majority.At the last count RJD,JDU and Congress combine got 178 seats out of 243.Actually I wanted them to win all the seats of Bihar and BJP zero,but that was not to happen.Anyways BJP was shrinked to only 53 seats and its partners,Paswan,Manjhi and Kushwaha could only garner 5 seats together.After this debacle of BJP actually Modi does not deserve to be the Prime Minister but these Sanghis are very thick skinned and shameless people.Actually Pandits of BJP and sangh pariwar are all fascists and they are using Modi as a cover for their design of making India a Fascist Hindu nation of brahminical order and Modi being over ambitious and foolish and sanghi from childhood is an easy scapgoat for these evil spirits.We all Indians can get rid of them collectively and our slogan should be now”RSS Mukt Bharat”,Bharat mata ki jai…

Finally Modi wave is clearly fading all over India,the signs of which are very much evident.Like,BJP is losing all by-elections whether in Punjab or Kerala to Congress.BJP supported student union ABVP has lost university elections wherever held to,Congress or Left affiliated student unions.Another positive developement for Congress led opposition is Rahul Gandhi’s successful address in American cities and rallies in Gujarat.He is no more a “Pappu” but is emerging as a serious challenger to Modi’s economically disastrous policies like Demonetisation and GST.Gujarat is warmly responding to Rahul Gandhi’s logical attacks on Modi’s economic failures.Modi’s failure to create jobs for youth and not fulfilling any of the promises made by him,has created a ripe atmosphere for Rahul Gandhi which he is cashing on with the able guidance of ManMohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi.Modi is clearly losing the plot and desparately resorting to tactics of polarisation.But to Modi’s disadvantage people have seen through his games so often that they will not come into his trap this time.So Congress is posing a serious challenge to BJP in Gujarat.Frightened BJP tried to delay the dates of polling in Gujatat through Election Commission,giving flimsy reasons like flood relief projects,which became laughing stuff for public and opposition parties.Finally dates were declared by EC as 9th and 14th December and counting and results on 18th December 2017.Youth leaders Alpesh Thakore,Hardik Patel and Jignesh Mevani are supporting Congress and so Congress with popular leaders like Ahmed Patel,Shaktisingh,Bharat Solaki etc should put up a good show and no wonder if it wins Gujarat.If that happens then Modi’s game may be over and the counting for his exit may start sooner than later.

Seeing the public responses,opinion polls,bettings in favour of a Congress win in Gujarat i am getting convinced and confident that Gujarat is going to play an important role in getting us rid of BJP and RSS who have played havoc with our lives during their regime.Main Stream media is not showing all recent developements which are against the Modi government but there are brave individuals who are exposing the misdeeds of central government like murky defence deals of French Rafale jets,judge Loya who was hearing the case of Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausar bi’s murder in which Amit Shah was arrested,died in mysterious circumstances and Hartosh singh Bal,has exposed this in his magazine ‘Caravan’establishing clearly that Loya’s death was not natural and raises doubts of murder and the case needs a thorough investigation.Journalists Ravish Kumar,Nidhi Razdan,Srinivasan Jain are doing good work through their channel NDTV to show the real picture in the country,like an anti-BJP atmosphere in Gujarat,the popularity of Hardik Patel and Rahul Gandhi,corrupt dealings of Amit Shah and his son Jay Shah,economic blunders and their murderous effect on people,all these are exposed by a handful of journalists,and the effects are visible in public and one can see the winds of change.personally i think Gujarat polls should be conducted with ballot papers since EVM machines are prone to hacking and rigging.Congress has already filed a case in court that Gujarat elections be done with ballot papers.Amit Shah has the reputaion of a mafia don who can resort to any dubious act,even murder,for his master.So Congress and opposition has to understand the seriousness of dangerous times we are living in and accordingly deal with the enemy.Once Gujarat is won by Congress and its allies,the atmosphere will change and people will come out openly against the current tyrant regime.Hopefully MSM will also get the message then and come out of tyrant’s lap and start seeing the vows of public and think of addressing them.Let us hope for the best.

Today is 10th December 2017 and yesterday first phase of polling for Gujarat Assembly was over and 70% of voting was reported.EVMs were used inspite of objections and again several complaints were reported about malfunctioning and rigging of EVMs.The polling was for 89 seats of Gujarat which covered Kachh Bhuj and Saurashtra region which was considered BJP’s stronghold,but all indications are that Congress is giving a tough fight and Hardik Patel went to the extent of declaring that he will quit his Patidar andolan if BJP secured 10 to 12 seats in this region and he has indicated his intentions of joining the Congress party.So this is good development for Congress party in Gujarat,the home state of Modi who talks of ‘Congress mukt’ Bharat.Rahul Gandhi is a popular leader in Gujarat today and he has turned the tables and youth is listening to him.Even if Congress gets 50% seats in this BJP stronghold,then it can win the election since remaining part for which polling is on 14th December 2017,Congress is better than BJP.BJP can lose this election even after polarising,that is my reading,and that will be the best moment for India and Indians,the beginning of the end of tyranny .

BJP won Gujarat but secured only 99 seats and Congress 80+seats,so it was a close contest and Amit Shah claimed that BJP will secure minimum 150 seats which proved wrong and he failed miserably as his tally came down to two digits.What happened after Gujarat is much more worrisome for BJP and Modi,as they have lost so many by-elections all over India and they failed to get majority in Karnataka even after 25 rallies of Modi and Modi claiming in the rallies that Modi wave has now turned into Modi Storm.Modi got only 104 seats out of 222,wich is 8 seats short of majority.Governor of Karnataka,Vaju Bhai Vala who is from Gujarat and was a minister in Gujarat Assembly when Modi was CM there,overlooked post poll alliance of Congress and JDS who submitted their claim to form the government with 117 members in their fold(Cong 78+JDS 37+IND 2 )headed by H.D.Kumaraswami,and invited Mr Yedurappa of BJP to form the government.This unethical move of governor created a furore all over the nation and on top of it he gave Yedurappa 15 days time to prove the majority in house.Without losing any time Congress and JDS knocked the door of Supreme Court in that evening itself and SC had to intervene and ordered Yedurappa to prove his majority next day itself which he failed and resigned from CM ship.Now after all this harakiri of Modi led BJP,H.D.Kumaraswami took the oath as Karnataka chief minister and his oath ceremony was attended by many leaders Deve Gowda, Sonia Gandhi,Sharad Pawar,Mamta Banerjee,Chandra Naidu,Mayavati,Sitaram Yechuri,Rahul Gandhi,Akhilesh Yadav,Tajasvi Yadav,Ajit Singh and so on.It was a solid show of unity by opposition leaders which is quite formidable to beat Modi led BJP in 2019.Modi started laughing at this opposition unity and declared them all corrupt ganging against him,but sooner than later Modi got the jolt of his life when this opposition unity showed its muscles in 14 by_elections held in various states which Modi lost miserably.Modi lost Kairana and Noorpur from UP after Gorakhpur and Phoolpur lost earlier,then in Bihar also Lalu Yadav’s RJD defeated Nitish Kumar’s JDU which has BJP’s support.Modi lost seats in Maharashtra,Punjab,Meghalaya,Jharkhand also where Congress and NCP candidates have won.Writing is on the wall,BJP is on its way out in 2019.

Modi government promised to provide a corruption free government to the nation but it is proving to be the most corrupt government of India in the history of post Independence India.The eminent senior leaders of BJP Arun Shouri and Yashwant Sinha declared the other day that the RAFALE Fighter planes deal beteween Modi government and French government is thousand times more sinister deal compared to Bofors scam which is the weapon of Modi and his stooges till today.Modi went to Paris and after some days this RAFALE deal was renegotiated and finalised costing three times more than the earlier deal almost finalised between ManMohan Singh government and French Government.The most corrupt part of the deal is awarding Anil Ambani’s newly floated fraudulent company named Reliance Defence,the offshoot contract of manufacturing fighter planes.Earlier this contract was given to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited(HAL),which has a vast experience of maufacturing planes from 30 years and an established plant in Banglore.To cancel the deal of HAL and give it to Anil Ambani who has no experience of manufacturing anything and who knows only brokering in share market,is the most corrupt act of Modi in the history of Indian parliament and the nation is not going to pardon him for this henious crime of him to play with sacred Air Force services of India.Privatisation of buisiness can not be done at the cost of the security of our nation.

It seems that reverse counting of Modi government has started with Supreme Court taking cognisance of RAFALE corrupt dealings done directly by Prime Minister himself.SCI has asked PMO to submit the details of price of RAFALE and the procedure for appointing Reliance Defence,a 12 days old company of Anil Ambani,with no experience as an offset partner of Dassault,the manufacturers of RAFALE.Earlier deal was done with Hindustan Aeronautical limited(HAL) which is owned by Government of India and has a big plant in Banglore and is manufacturing planes in India from many years.PM Modi has cancelled this deal between Dassault and HAL and entered into a new deal for purchasing 36 RAFALE Aircrafts in 59 thousand crores,amounting to about 1650 crores per aircraft and Anil Ambani is the offset partner in this new deal.Earlier deal by UPA government headed by ManMohan Singh,was for 126 RAFALE aircrafts out of which 18 aircrafts were to be supplied in ready to fly condition and rest were to be manufactured by HAL in India,the price per aircraft in this deal was almost one third of the new deal which is roughly about 540 crores Indian rupees.So clearly the new deal by Modi himself is a corrupt deal to accommodate Anil Ambani as the offset partner.The next hearing of this case in Supreme Court is 12th nov 2018.Another blunder made by Modi government is CBI mess,in which a duly appointed chief of CBI Mr ALOK VERMA was sent on long leave waking him in the midnight and forcing him to handover his charge.His appointment was done by a committee consisting of PM,CJI and leader of opposition in Loksabha.So without calling the committee PM has unilaterally decided to send him on leave which is illegal.So Mr Alok Verma has filed a pitition in SCI complaining about this uncalled for action by PM.The SCI has heard this case already and asked a retired SC judge to investigate the case in 15 days and next hearing is fixed for 12th nov 2018.Third upset for Modi government is 5 bye elections in Karnataka out of which four are won by Congress-JDS combine and only one is won by BJP.There are Assembly elections due in 5 states between this monthend and first week of next month,which are Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh,Chhattisgarh,Telangana and Mizoram.The pre poll opinion polls in these states are not in favour of BJP,and if BJP will lose these states then it can be confidently said that it is game up for the evil duo of Modi-Shah.

As i expected,BJP lost all the five assemblies,Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh,Chhattisgarh,Telangana and Mizoram which is a most discouraging developement for BJP.Congress won three states of Hindi heartland Madhya Pradesh,Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh which is the most encouraging news for Congress and Rahul Gandhi.We can say confidently now that the reverse counting of BJP has started.In Uttar Pradesh SP led by Akhilesh Yadav and BSP led by Mayavati have already declared a poll alliance which will badly damage the seat tally of BJP.The latest surveys of UP show BSP-SP alliance getting 58 seats and BJP getting only 18 seats,in coming loksabha elections which are due in May’19.That means BJP losing 55 loksabha seats in UP itself,so if we add Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh then BJP may lose at least 100 loksabha seats in these 4 states only.Present strength of BJP in loksabha is 273 seats which will be rdeuced to 173 seats after the losses in UP, MP.Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.There can be further losses for BJP in Gujarat and Maharashtra also and the final tally of BJP in loksabha may get reduced to 150 which makes it impossible for BJP to form government in 2019,so we can confidently say now that Modi-Shah era is over and this is the biggest relief for a vast section of India which believes in secular democratic values,independence and freedom of expression in India.On the eve of 70th Republic day of India,this is a very proud moment for all of us Indians,Jai Hind,Jai Bharat.

Loksabha elections dates are declared by Election Commission of India,which are in 7 phases,starting from 11th April 2019 and completing on 19th May 2019 .counting of votes will start on 23rd May 2019.In the meantime there was a terrorist attack in Pulwama Kashmir and 42 of our CRPF jawans were martyred in the attack and there was strong public outrage which Modi government wanted to use to its advantage.Our Air Force strongly reacted to the terrorist attack and bombed an area inside Pakistan border,named Balakot,but it seems the operation was not a success and our planes missed the target,which may be due to defective maps provided to them by Ajit Doval,the famous Internal Security Adviser of Modi,of RSS origin.The operation resulted in heavy losses for us because our two fighter planes were destroyed and 7 Airforce staff were killed and one of our wing commander Abhinandan Varthman was captured by Pakistan Army.Even after heavy losses on our side Modi tried to encash the situation electorally in the election season.For some days he succeeded in his design also and BJP which was shown fast losing popularity graph before Pulwama attack showed some sign of recovery but this proved to be a temporary phase because of the all out failure of Modi government on all fronts.Unemployment,Farmer distress,women safety,bad economy are proving to be the waterloo of Modi regime,and failure to fulfill the promises made during 2014 elections is another reason of public resentment which is again fast catching up.Congress in their Manifesto have promised to pay Rs 72000/per year to 5 crore poor families which are earning less than Rs 12000/per month.This scheme is fast catching up the imagination of poor and seems that Congress may do much better in the elections,which may harm more to BJP in the hindi heartland.

Today is 20-04-2019 and two phases of Loksabha polls are over,11th April and 18th April,total of 186 seats which is about one third of the total 543 seats.Andhra,Telangana,Tamilnadu and Karnataka states are completed and BJP may not get anything in these states.UP and Bihar also may slip from BJP because of strong alliances in these states specially SP-BSP-RLD alliance is giving a tough fight to BJP in UP.BJP may lose 50 seats from UP itself.The desperation of BJP is quite visible now and Modi and Shah are frustrated and have decided to polarise the masses between hindus and muslims,as they always do when all their fake agendas fail.So as a last weapon to polarise they have fielded Sadhvi Pragya who is a face of saffron terrorism and whose involvement in terror acts of bomb blasts in public places is under investigation,from Bhopal constituency against Digvijay Singh. Immediately after her nomination she has attacked Martyr Hemant Karkare who died in 26/11 terror attack while fighting with terrorists,and was awarded Ashok Chakra postmuthously.She said Karkare was anti national and had falsely implicated her,so she cursed him due to which he died.Sadhvi is possessed and thinks that her acts of terrorism are dharma and she is a devi.Her outbursts against Karkare will cost heavily to BJP in Maharashtra and Congress-NCP alliance may out perform BJP-Shiv Sena.So all the indications point out to a BJP defeat and the party may come down to two digits in these elections and we Indians may surely get rid of these satanic forces called BJP/RSS. Bharat mata ki jai…..

Today is 30-04-2019 and 4 phases of Loksabha polls are over and the feedback i am getting from sources is that BJP is losing at least 80 seats in these phases compared to what BJP won in 2014 Loksabha polls.BJP had 282 seats in Loksabha when it formed government in 2014.During the 5 years of its tenure BJP lost many bye elections due to which its total number was reduced to 271 and now in 2019 elections it seems to be reduced to 191 seats after the completion of 4 phases.Still 3 more phases of this election are due which will be completed by 23rd May 2019.The polling for 379 seats out of 543 seats is over which means 70% of the total is already over and 30% more polling is to be completed in the remaining three phases. So a seeming loss of seats to BJP in 70% polling already completed is 80 seats,and if the same trend continues then with extrapolation we can easily calculate that BJP will lose 35 seats more in the remaining 30% polling.So a total loss of 115 seats to BJP can be predicted in this election.So 271 minus 115,is equal to 156 seats is the number BJP is likely to get in this election.If allies of BJP like ShivSena,AkaliDal,AIADMK,RLD,JDU etc are all included then also the total number of NDA seats may reach 200 seats.So the picture is that BJP can not form government this time even after adding all the seats of NDA partners.So the game seems to be over for Modi and co……Bharat Mata ki jai

Election results were out on 23rd May 2019 and BJP formed the government but there is widespread feeling that this election is won with EVM fraud.There was a case filed in Gwaliar high court alleging that 2million EVMs are missing from Election commission’s stock and these EVMs were replaced with actual polling machines and the results were manipulated.The hearing of the case is over and the judgement is reserved and any time this judgement can be announced before the public. The Quint has given a report that there is a mismatch of numbers in phase 1 to phase 4 datas displayed by ECI and when the paper wrote to ECI about this and asked for explanation the ECI removed these datas from its website which is a most ridiculous response and makes us believe that ECI is hand in glove with BJP and they have played a fraud on the nation.Another report from Newsclick also indicates that there is definite wrongdoing in EVMs.This report states about 120 seats of UP and Bihar which show vast differences between votes registerd and actual vote count.So the election 2019 was a game of EVM manipulation by BJP which is now exposed.Mamta Banerjee has openly come out against this EVM fraud and declared that she will lead a movement throughout India against EVM and insist for elections with ballot papers.I think all opposition parties should rally behind Mamta Banerjee and make it a mass movement so that next elections are done using ballot papers only.

A lot has happened in Indian politics since i wrote my last para.I will try to chronologically update the current political scene.

BJP is losing all the states one by one,Delhi,Punjab,MadhyaPradesh,Rajasthan,Chhattisgarh,Telangana,AndhraPradesh,Maharashtra and the latest is Jhaarkhand where JMM+Congress+RJD combine have defeated BJP and secured a comfortable majority(47 o/o 81) as per the results declared on all TV channels,yesterday 23/12/2019.In the meanwhile there are large scale protests against the CAA(Citizens Amendment Act) and NRC(National Register for Citizenship),all over India by university students and general public because of their communal format.Police is brutally trying to crush this movement and the role of police is highly condemnable.People have a right to protest,specially when the CAA passed recently in both houses is discriminatory against one community and against our constitution which does not discriminate anybody on the basis of religion.This all started from Assam, where after a lengthy exercise of NCR it was found that hindus outnumbered muslims among those who were found living illegally in Assam.Amit Shah openly expressed his design to legalise hindus through a citizen amendment bill and leave muslims to suffer as infiltrators,in a rally in Bengal.Amit Shah did what he said,in the winter session of parliament,with brute majority of BJP,he introduced CAB(Citizens Amendment Bill),which clearly states that hindus,sikhs,parsis,christians,budhists and jains migrated from Pakistan,Bangladesh and Afghanistan will be granted citizenship even if they enter India illegally,but this provision will not be available to muslims.The bill was clearly communal in nature and against our constitution based on secularism.Several members critisized it in the house debate but Amit Shah did not care for genuine comments and forced the bill on both houses and got it passed and made it CAA.But the nation wide protests prove that Indians have outright rejected this act.All non BJP states have said that they will not implement this act in their states.

Election dates for Delhi Assembly are announced by the ECI,which are 8th February 2020 for voting in single phase in entire Delhi,and the counting and results on 11th February. This will be a cake walk for AAP since there are wide spread protests by students of all major universities of Delhi like,JNU,JAMIA,DU against CAA,and generally the public in Delhi is supporting these protesters,so the atmosphere is totally anti-BJP and they may lose those three seats also which they won last time,and Congress may win 3-4 seats out of this anti-BJP wave.Ladies and children of Shaheen Baugh are protesting in Delhi for last more than 40 days,but no minister of BJP has met these protesters and on the contrary representatives of BJP are commenting cheaply about these peaceful protesters.So BJP and Modi-Shah have clearly emerged as anti-muslim forces which are vastly disliked by Indian masses.

Two best developements have occured lately, one is the defeat of Donald Trump in American elections,which is good for the world and the other is Farmer’s protests which are good for India and which may lead to overthrow anti-farmer, anti-poor and anti-muslim Modi government sooner or later. Today is the 15th day of farmer’s protest in India, and farmers all over India are joining it and they successfully organised a Bharat Bandh on 08/12/2020. Their just demands are to repeal the recently passed three laws,and bring a new law to legalise MSP (minimum support price) for all farm products. The laws were passed by Modi government without discuussing with farmers and to help his corporate friends to loot farmers,like note ban was done to loot Indian public. Farmers have seen through this game and challenged this government by agitating on the Delhi borders.

Now the farmers agitation has completed 40 days, more than 50 farmers have died while agitating, some of them committed suicide while agitating and wrote a note ,criticising the government for its insensitivity and total apathy towards their demand of repealing the three black laws. We Indians salute to these bravehearts martyrs who sacrificed their life for the just cause of farmers. The approach of government towards this serious issue is totally casual. All the time this government is trying to divert the attention of public from this agitation, which is actually getting stronger day by day. Now the farmers have planned a huge rally of tractors in Delhi on Republic day, as a counter to the government parade. The government of India is solely responsible for this diabolic situation developing inside Delhi. As it is, already Delhi borders are sealed due to this agitation since millions of farmers are sitting on dharna on the outskirts of Delhi, with their families, eating and sleeping there from more than a month. Migrant labourers were tortured during the outbreak of Covid-19 and now these farmers are being tortured. It seems that Government is totally inactive and unable to handle such developements. Farmers have joined in 7 rounds of talks with government representatives without any credible outcome,which proves that government is not at all sensitive to the issues of these farmers and it is just playing the time so that the morale of farmers is broken due to day to day difficulties,which is a cruel strategy and can never succeed.

Republic Day parade of 2021 went off peacefully and so was Tractor parade of farmers on 7 routes of Delhi, but Modi government hatched a conspiracy on Ring Road Delhi by planting its moles inside farmer protesters and allowed them to go inside Red Fort, unfurl Nishan Sahib flag and announcing on all media channels that farmers have insulted Tricolour and they are traitors and cracked on them on all their Dharna sites. Soon farmers saw through this game of government and called all farmers to support the farmers cause by coming to protest side in more numbers. Farmers followed the call of farmer leader Rakesh Tikait and today the agitation stands stronger than earlier and Government failed in its attempt to defame the farmers in the eyes of the nation.

Farmers have completed 100 days of their agitation and they are attracting more and more crowds in Mahapanchayats being organised by farmer leaders in Punjab,Haryana and western Uttarpradesh . General public is also not happy with BJP government because of petrol prizes touching 100 rupees and gas cylinders 900 rupees. Everything is costly. election dates for five states,  West Bengal, Assam , Tamilnadu , Kerala and Pudduchery are declared by Election Commission starting from 27 March 2021 and completing by 29 April 2021 and the counting and results of all 5 states will be announced on 2nd May 2021. BJP may lose all the five states due to farmer agitation general public apathy towards BJP. After that the game of this liar government should be over. India is seeing an overall decline of standard during this regime. An International body named Freedom House has catagorized India as a ‘Partly Free’ nation instead of ‘Free Nation’ as we were known all along since 1947. This is so shameful but it has not affected the PM a bit. All institutions in India are compromised and are functioning with a vindictive attitude. Critics and opponents of the regime are called traitors and sedition charges are imposed on them shamelessly. More than 200 farmers have died on the sites of agitation but Ministers are calling them Naxalites, Khalistanis and terrorists. Government has gone too far this time due to arrogance and pride and their end seems to be imminent which is good for the world order.

Today is 26/04/2021 and there is polling in west Bengal for the 7th phase amid second wave of Covid-19, which is three times more lethal and dangerous than the first wave. Total cases reported during last 24 hours are 352000, which are almost half of the cases reported all over the world. There is shortage of oxygen, beds, Ventilators, everything ,but Modi government is in denial mode as usual. In west Bengal the reports are that 50% of the tests performed are positive, that means one person is positive among every two persons tested. PM, HM, BJP president Nadda, Yogi, Shivraj, almost all BJP big wigs have done rallies, road shows in Bengal without Covid precautions and Election Commission was silently watching all this without any action, resulting in rise of cases enormously in Bengal. This is a criminal act and murder of innocent people of Bengal, but where is the punishment. Hopefully the people will understand and kick BJP out from Bengal by their votes.

Today is 03/05/2021 and the results of  assembly elections of 5 states are out and Mamata Banerjee has emerged as the strongest opposition leader by winning Bengal with a thumping majority of 213 seats, 2 seats more than her tally in 2016 assembly elections. She will be the chief minister for third time now. All exit polls showed either a BJP government in Bengal or a neck to neck fight between TMC and BJP, but none of this happened and BJP got only 77 seats , a complete annihilation of BJP by TMC, which should have given a heart attack to many channels and pollsters. These all pollsters and channels are bought over by BJP, that’s why they could not see the ground realities. In Kerala BJP could not win a single seat and LDF won the elections with good majority. Similarly in Tamilnadu DMK won with thumping majority defeating AIDMK very badly. Assam was a disappointment because Congress could not snatch it from BJP. Congress should immediately go for its organizational elections which are overdue from long time. Currently the best option  for all opposition parties including Congress and left is to rally behind Mamta Banerjee, if they are serious to vote BJP out and save the nation from further downfall.

23/05/2021……Corona is continuing to play havoc with the lives of Indians and government as usual is not ready to accept any wrongdoing or mismanagement. Now a new development among Corona patients is seen which is called Black Fungus among 9000 patients all over India . The medicine for Black Fungus is fast vanishing from the medical stores and patients are dying as they were dying due to shortage of oxygen some days back. Black marketing is on for medicines, oxygen but government does not admit anything. Many reporters have visited  Prayagraj, Bijnaur, Unnav and hundreds of villages in UP and reported that thousands of dead bodies are seen being eaten by dogs and vultures and the sites are stinking like hell but this does not bother neither state government nor central government . They just pat themselves for ably handling and reducing the daily number of cases, whereas international as well as some local reporters say that deaths are ten times more than what is reported and no testing or treatment fascilities are available in villages of UP. A complete wrong picture is being presented in most of the Indian TV channels.

Modi’s popularity is declined by at least 20% in India due to mishandling of covid-19 second wave and Yodi Adityanath is more unpopular in UP due to the same reason, covid mishandling . The proof is panchayat elections in UP, which were held recently,the results of which went against BJP and SP led by Akhilesh Yadav defeated BJP very badly and due to which SP alongwith RLD led by by Jayant Chaudhri ( grand son of Chaudhri Charansingh and son of Ajitsingh) is confident that it will comfortably beat BJP and get 350 seats in assembly elections of UP ,which are due in first quarter of 2022. If that happens then the count down for the fall of Modi government at centre will start from there . which is the only way India can come out of all round decline she has suffered from last seven years during this current regime . I wish her best luck for that .

Pegasus spyware is a software developed by a firm in Israel which claims that this software is sold only to governments all over the world for spying on criminals and terrorists . Now there is a shocking news in all leading publications of the world that many Indian opposition leaders, Indian journalists who are critical to Modi governments , retired judges, Security officers were being spied upon by Pegasus . These include the names of Rahul Gandhi , Mamata Banerjee,  many journalists of The Wire . Naturally these names are not of criminals and spying on them is a criminal offence. Government of India is denying any wrongdoing as usual but the software owner’s claim that they sell it only to governments and nobody else,makes it very clear that Indian government has bought Pegasus from this Israel firm and it was being used against political opponents as if they were criminals. Supreme Court of India should take cognizance of this grave issue and order for a probe and punish the guilty howsoever big he may be . Opposition parties also should demand for a parliamentry probe by forming a JPC and interogate PM and HM because thic kind of offence is possible from them only considering their record in Gujrat when they were CM and HM of the state. Truth must come out as soon as possible because such offences weaken the democracy and are steps towards making our country a Fascist regime and a danger for world order.

Lakhimpur Kheri is a district in UP (INDIA ) where agitating sikh farmers were mowed down by the son of Minister of State (Home ) , Ajay Mishra , just because the farmers were hostile to BJP and its MLAs , this son of minister whose name is Ashish Mishra is also a MLA of BJP. Four farmers died on the spot . Logically the Minister concerned should resign since his son is a murderer and he can influence the criminal proceedings . But this is not the culture of BJP to ask for the resignation of ministers whose sons are involved in rapes and murders. Ashish Mishra is now arrested due to lot of hue and cry by Priyanka Gandhi and other opposition leaders, but the father minister is still continuing as minister.

Six weeks back Chief Justice Of India concluded hearing on 12 pititions filed to probe #PEGASUS spyware (a weapon grade software manufactured by an Israeli firm to be strictly used against criminals and terrorists, and to be sold only to governments of countries , to be stricly followed otherwise to be considered as human rights violations by the buyer governments ) being used by Indian Government against political opponents, journalists and activists ,which according to Rahul Gandhi is nothing less than TREASON. The concluding remarks by CJI were that Supreme Court Of India will pass an order within 2-3 days to form a committee by Supreme court which will investigate the wrongdoings . Now one and half months complete but no sign of any order or any committee by SCI . This is the state of affairs of judiciary in India . India being part of the world this affects the world order immensely . What to do ? We commoners are helpless and sufferers , who can help us ?

Finally a committee was formed by SCI after three months and now another three months have passed but nothing has come out of Pegasus . In the meantime Newyork Times has reported that Government Of India indeed bought Pegasus software from Israel in a deal worth 2 billion dollars . GOI as usual is in denial mode and SCI mum . It was told by CJI that the committee will report the SCI and there will be a hearing in 4 weeks and all investigated facts will be put during the hearing in front of the public . Indians are losing hopes on judiciary also but neither government nor SCI seem to be bothered about it .

Elections are going on in 5 states of India from 10th february 2022 , which are Uttar Pradesh , Uttarakhand , Goa , Punjab and Manipur . Today is 21st feb 2022 and polling in three phases of UP , Uttarakhand , Goa and Punjab is over and the feedback coming out is that there is anger among voters against BJP because of inflation , unemployment , and farmers are hell bent to defeat BJP due to sufferings during their agitation and their demand not being fulfilled even after committing , minister Ajay Mishta not been sacked and his son Ashish Mishra released on bail who mowed down farmers in Lakhimpur Khiri. Over all the atmosphere is anti BJP and UP seems to be going SP way in the first three phases and if it continues like this then BJP is losing UP which will be like game over for this party .

Buldozer vandalism by BJP is the new trend in India. First they organised Dharm Sansads and openly called for genocide of muslims  and then processions on Ram Navmi and Hanuman Jayanti brandishing swords and other weapons passing through from muslim localities , hindu hooligans openly provoking muslims by raising flags on gates of mosques , shouting slogans against muslims, totally backed by BJP governments , a slight objection by muslims resulted in buldozing the houses of muslims , in some cases those muslims who were in jail and one muslim whose both hands are amputed were named stone pelters and their shops and houses were buldozed in MP, GUJRAT and today 20/04/2022 in Delhi . There was an order from SCI to stop buldozing but they did not stop and continued . SC did not take cognizance of these illegal acts going on from a week , but woke up when Jamaut Al Hind filed a pitition while this illegal act was going on in Delhi with full support of HM, police, army all . It seems that Indian government has decided the destruction of life and property of muslims all over India.

Today, 03/05/2022, is Eid-ul-fitr and muslims are celebrating all over the world by offering namaz and greeting each other , but in India hindu muslim clashes are reported from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Hindus everywhere are instigating muslims and are out to kill them if there is reaction from muslims . In Maharashtra , Raj Thackeray who is a failed politician , now threatening muslims with the support of BJP. Muslims are an easy target for those militant hindus who are politically ambitious and are ready to take the help from BJP/RSS to beat muslims and encourage hindus to come forward . Prashant Kishor and Raj Thackery are two examples , one from Bihar and other from Maharashtra, both are failed politicians who want to cash on the new anti-muslim wave in India . BJP is ever ready to help such anti-muslim failed politicians .

Anti muslim wave is continued in India. There are reports of hindu muslim clashes from various states , Rajasthan , MP Gujrat, Karnataka and now a new drama is started in UP to fuel this current anti muslim atmosphere. A mosque in Varanasi is targeted now by hindu extremists to ignite muslim hate further . Varanasi court has ordered a survey of Gyanvapi mosque to be submitted to the court before 17/05/2022. After doing this survey hindus have claimed that they have found a Shivlinga inside the ablution area of the mosque , without submitting the report to the court, and muslim side is refuting this claim and saying that it is a fountain which is being labelled as Shivlinga. Most shocking part of this episode is the attitude of Supreme Court of India whose bench consisting of two judges Mr Chandrachood and Mr Narsimha have no objection to everything illegal going on in the premises of the mosque. SCI and lower court have accepted without any verification that a Shivlinga is found and both have ordered that the area concerned be sealed and to rub salt on the wounds of muslims SC said that muslims be allowed namaz . Are the judges so naive that they do not know that muslims offer namaz after washing their hands,mouth,feet in the ablution area and if that area is sealed then how can they perform this pre-namaz activity , so the whole thing looks as if judiciary is making a mockery of the muslim faith. Naturally muslims will not take it lightly and there can be more disturbances in coming days and the government is mum as usual as if nothing is happening. God also may not save this lawless country now.

And i proved so right , Islamophobia is costing India so heavily now. Nupur Sharma, a national spokesperson of BJP , while in a debate show talked derogatorily against Prophet Mohammed , terming him as characterless , and muslims objected all over India , but the PM kept mum as usual , no action against Nupur Sharma and Navin Jindal,BJP chief of Delhi. Suddenly there is strong protest from gulf countries and Qatar, Kuwait ,Oman , Saudi Arab have started boycotting Indian products and even started sacking hindus working in these countries. Now when indian ambassadors were called and asked to apologise and take action against those who talked against their prophet, Modi government has suspended Nupur Sharma and sacked Navin Jindal terming them as “fringe Elements” . This is too little too late and may not satisfy the hurt muslims of India. Nupur Sharma is not even arrested till today 11/06/2022 , 15 days after the incident . There is clear cut bias against Muslims in India which will cost us heavily .

Agnipath , this is a new scheme announced by Armed Forces by India under which youth of India aged between 17.5 to 21 years will be employed in Defense forces of India contractually. Contract period is 4 years after which 75% of the newly employed youth will be relieved from service. Suddenly there is a strong protest violently by Indian youth against this flawed scheme and several trains , vehicles are burnt all over India . The anger is understandable , because hundreds of thousands of these youth were alredy selected physically and medically for permenant jobs in armed forces , two years back , and now they are told that these are temporary jobs. There were no recruitments in armed forces from last two years giving flimsy excuses of  corona and now this bombshell that the jobs will be for four years. The youth of India is completely shattered today , They have been ditched by the government and armed forces both. Modi promised them 2 crore jobs yearly since 2014, now they are told that there are no jobs. A heart break for them . They are not going to keep mum since they voted Modi for job, and now they have realised that they were just taken for a ride. Now the anger is on the roads. How will it stop , no body knows.

Today is 01/07/2022 and the latest political development is that Udhav Thackeray has resigned as the chief minister of Maharashtra and Eknath Shinde , who rebelled from Shiv Sena some days back with 39 MLAs of shiv Sena took an oath yesterday as the new Chief Minister of Maharashtra and most surprising part of this saga is that Devendra Fadanvis took an oath for Deputy chief minister. Two and half years back Udhav Thackeray asked for a Shiv Sena chief minister for half term and BJP bluntly refused him resulting in a new group formation of SS+NCP+Cong called MVA which formed government headed by Udhav Thackeray. Now accepting a rebel from SS as CM BJP is clearly giving a signal that it wants to finish Udhav Thackeray who is a legal heir of Bala Saheb Thackeray,the founder father of Shiv Sena. BJP has played a dirty game .

Silly Souls Restaurant & Bar , this is the name of a resto bar owned by cabinet minister of present Modi government , Smriti Irani and her daughter Zoash Irani , located in Goa . There is a big controversy arisen about this resto bar that the liquor license of this bar is obtained illegally in the name of a dead person named Mr Anthony with same address in Goa as of this bar . This information has come out in public domain through an RTI enquiry by a Goan citizen Mr Rodrigues , which also states that Iranis are served a notice to appear in court regarding this illegality in obtaining license. Mrs Irani is furious that her daughter is dragged in all this but she herself is responsible for the events because she had been praising her daughter for the smooth and successful running of the bar when her daughter owned the bar in an interview to one Mr Kunal Vijaykar. All these relevant videos were on you tube and everybody saw these videos. Now they are removing the videos and instagram posts , which will only reveal their guilt and nothing else. As usual TV media is keeping mum on this torrid affair and helping government to divert the public attention to some non issues, usual tactic. Actually Mrs Irani should immediately resign to save Modi government from further embrassement , but nothing of this sort is happening. She will not go alone it seems. Let us see, how the things unfold in this horrible development.

MVA government of Maharashtra is fighting in Supreme Court now, as Shinde , the rebel in Shiv Sena is claiming that he represents the real sena , and gone to Election Commission now asking that the bow and arrow symbol of SS be allotted to him for which SC had to interfere and order EC to not to proceed and do something because the case of disqualification of rebels including Mr Shinde is still being heard in SC. So the government formed by rebel Mr Shinde is not yet recognized legally, but expansion of this illegal government is going on. In the meanwhile a very surprising development occurred on Tues day 09/08/2022, that is yesterday , that is Mr. Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar has submitted his resignation to the governor and hours later claimed the support of 164 MLAS to the governor ,which include the MLAS of RJD, JDU, CONG, LEFT and independents, and hence formation of a new government with himself as CM and Tejasvi Yadav as deputy CM. Secular and democratic factions of India are jubilant over this development . This definitely gives a boost to the opposition in India.

Supreme Court now has appointed a five judge constitutional bench on 23/08/2022 to hear the issues regarding Maharashtra assembly which was headed by Udhav Thackeray earlier and then rebel Eknath Shinde was invited to form the government by the governor. Mr shinde claims that he is in Shivsena but the Shivsena chief Udhav Thackeray has expelled him from Sena , but now Mister Shinde claims that he is the real sena and has claimed bow and arrow symbol from Election Commission. Supreme Court has taken a grim view of Shinde’s rebellious acts and handed over the matter to higher constitutional bench, which will start hearing from 25/08/2022. Mr Shinde has actually rebelled with other MLAs and stayed in a Gowhati Hotel for weeks and was disqualified with 16 other MLAs for anti-party activities and this matter is also pending with SCI. Now his claim that he is still in Sena is not convincing at all , since Udhav is the legal heir of Sena still , so Shinde was bound to follow the instructions of Udhav which he has not done so Udhav was correct in punishing him and SCI will have to take note of this.

Today is 09/09/2022 and the political situation in India is fast changing and is becoming favorable to opposition parties like Congress, TMC,SP, RJD, JDU,DMK , CPM, CPI, Shiv Sena ,Akali Dal so on and so forth. Nitish Kumar has already made the initiative to unite the opposition by meeting Rahul Gandhi, Sharad Pawar, Mamta Banerjee, Omprakash Chauthala, Lalu Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Akhilesh Yadav etc. Mamta Banarjee has also declared that opposition will give a big jolt of about 100 seats to BJP in UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Jharkhand by allying together.

Another development is ‘ Bharat Jodo’ yatra flagged off by Congress party on 07/09/2022, which will cover 3500 KMs from Kanyakumari to Kashmir by foot like Gandhiji used to do. Several young enthusiasts are part of this yatra which includes Rahul Gandhi, Kanhaiya Kumar, Pawan Khera, Supriya Shrinate, Jairam Ramesh, Imran Pratapgadhi, K Venugopal and so on. Politically this yatra can give dividends in South region and even if Congress can add 10-15 lok sabha seats more to its present tally of 52 totaling 75 to 80 seats then the job is done . Because the opposition if garners at least 40-50 seats in total ,more than the present tally then BJP will lose the election because presently BJP has 300 seats and if 50 less then 250 seats which is 22 short of the majority of 272 seats. Today BJP does not have a single regional party as its ally, so if it is short of even 5 seats it will lose the power. So it is not a very difficult task for opposition. They can make it and they will make it.

Congress is going for the election of its national president and this time they have made it clear that the president will be elected and no one from Gandhi family will contest this election. So several names are taking the rounds like Shashi Tharoor, Ashok Gehlot , Digvijay Singh, Mukul Wasnik, Mallikarjun Khadge etc. lately Ashok Gehlot has opted out of the race because of his affiliation for his current chief ministership of Rajasthan and ‘One man One Post’ resolution passed by Congress leadership. last date for nomination form to be submitted is today, that is 30/09/2022. Let us see who occupies the chair. At least Congress is electing their president democratically which no other party does in India except Communist parties. Bharat Jodo yatra also is getting good response in Tamilnadu and Kerala and today it is entering Karnataka. They have covered 400+ kilometeres so far. Ultimately things are going good for congress which is good for India and democratic and secular values of India.

Finally the contest is between Mallikarjun Khadge and Shashi Tharoor and Khadge seems to be the front runner but Gandhis have made it clear that there is no official candidate and it is an open contest. if majority of congressmen are opting for Khadge then it can not be the fault of Gandhis , because they are clearly impartial. The voting will take place on 17th of October. Khadge said that he wanted a consensus but Shashi Tharoor wanted a contest, so let it be.

Bharat Jodo Yatra has now entered in Karnataka with rousing reception with about 500000 people joining the yatra, which shows that the Yatra is a huge success in South. politically it can be beneficial for congress since there are assembly elections in Karnataka soon.

Election Commission of India swiftly acted once SCI gave it the green signal about proceeding on the party symbol of ShivSena after Shinde group claiming that they are ShivSena and should be given the bow and arrow symbol.Now ECI has frozen the bow and arrow symbol and Udhav is given the name ShivSena Udhav Balasaheb Thackeray name and burning Torch its symbol whereas Shinde group is given the name Balasahibanchi Shiv Sena and no symbol so far . Actually Udhav Thackeray’s party is the real ShivSena , because Balasaheb handed over the Sena to him. Shinde group is creating problem with the help of BJP and now ECI also is exposing itself by joining the fraudulent forces in disturbing the real sena. The case of disqualification of Shinde and his partner MLAS is pending in SC and ECI should not have interfered in it before the judgement is delivered. Actually Shinde has switched over to BJP with two third of the Sena MLAS who should now merge their new party with BJP, but instead of doing that legal process they want to destroy the original Sena with the help of BJP which is a criminal and illegal act. Supreme Court of India should interfere in this act of hooliganism and punish Shinde and his group. What is this going on in the name of politics ?

Bumper voting of about 77% in Himachal Pradesh is an indication that change of government is on the cards and congress is coming back to power in the state. Results will be declared on 8 Dec 2022 and the voting took place on 12th Nov 20022. ECI is acting at the behest of central government and delaying the results so that they don’t affect the voting pattern in Gujrat assembly where the voting is due on first and fifth Dec 2022.

Congress won Himachal Pradesh but lost Gujrat to BJP very badly. Partly AAP is also responsible for this huge defeat because secular vote was divided between Congress and AAP. Opposition if not united then BJP benefits out of it. Wherever there is a direct contest between Congress and BJP, the other opposition parties should keep off from there, AAP has to understand this specially, if they are really serious about voting BJP out in 2024.

There is a big scandal currently on in India concerning Adani Group of companies. It is said Gautam Adani has several shell companies in other countries through which he buys his own shares and inflates the share prices and gets huge loans from Indian banks on the basis of inflated price of his shares. Share prices of Adani group companies have come down heavily during last two weeks, after these exposures in foreign press. Adani total assets have fallen by almost 50% and the number 2 person of the world is not even among top 20 now. Dow Jones, the American Stock Exchange ,has delisted Adani shares from its list, many International Banks like Citi Group, Standard Chartered etc have stopped accepting Adani Bonds, Several countries have either cancelled the deals done with Adani or they are reviewing it. Even after all these happenings the Prime Minister of india refuses to respond. Mr Rahul Gandhi, the leader of opposition and MP of Congress party has asked some pointed questions from Mr Modi in parliament house, like his relationship with Adani, how many times he took Adani with him during his foreign trips, how many countries gave contracts to Adani during his foreign trips. But during his speech in the house Modi did not answer any of the questions raised by the opposition about Adani. Mr Modi during his long speech only abused the Congress party. This only showed his false pride and arrogance, which is being rightly criticized by citizens all over India. Mr Rahul Gandhi has clearly emerged as a matured politician and Modi as a loser in all these Adani related happenings during last fortnight.

Adani shares continue to fall in third week of feb 2023, after the Hindenberg report published in 24 jan 2023. The market cap of Adani shares has fallen by 65% and Adani is now 30th rich person whereas one month back he was the 2nd rich in the world. His shares have lost about 10 lakh crore Indian rupees in last one month. This is historical loss and PM of India is still silent about it. The entire world knows about his closeness to Adani and the money his party got from Adani and how he used to buy MPs and MLAs of non BJP parties is well known. Now with Adani going bankrupt at least Modi will find it impossible to buy Congress MPs and throwing money in rallies. Adani end can signal the end of Modi era.

Today is 28/03/2023 and lot of happenings in the meanwhile which are a turning point in Indian politics, like a court in Surat( Gujrat) has pronounced a judgement on 23/03/2023 that Rahul Gandhi is guilty in a defamation case filed by some BJP MLA in 2019, and 2years jail term is his punishment. Next he was disqualified from Loksabha, citing that 2year jail term is the criteria for disqualifying an elected member of parliament. This is clearly a planned design of BJP , since the party was constantly talking of disqualifying Mister Gandhi from the day he spoke in the lower house about the dubious deals of Gautam Adani who is said to be closest to the PM Mister modi, that was 7th February 2023. This sinister move of BJP seems to have proved a blessing in disguise for the opposition of India. Because suddenly the unity of opposition has become a reality, which was looking like an impossible task some days back. All the opposition parties of India are now meeting together from two days to chalk out strategy to combat BJP, including the parties TMC, SP, AAP and BRS of Telangana , which were out to form a third front till the other day. If this unity continues then it is game up for Modi government now. BJP should start counting its remaining days which are hardly 300, Borders should be on constant check , since top leadership and top traders might decide to flee India.

Karnataka assembly elections are announced by Election commission, which are to be held on 10th May 2023 and results to be announced on 13th May 2023. All opinion polls are showing a clear cut majority for Congress party and a convincing defeat for BJP. Sensing the swing in opposition favour BJP has started its sinister plan of communal divide on RamNavmi festivities by organizing riots in many states and Hindus in danger slogans with brandishing swords and rifles, but it may not work now, since the public has realized this now that BJP has always this game plan to communalise the atmosphere to win the elections. More than 6 states saw Hindu Muslim riots, killings on 30th March 2023, all BJP handiwork. Everybody knows it.


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